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The world leading dealer and distributor, Best Metal, offers unbeatable Aluminium and other metals, which are obtained from highly renowned manufacturers and suppliers. We offer a comprehensive range of metals including Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Bronze, Gun Metal and Stainless Steel, Aluminum Sheet, Brass Plate, Copper Tube, Bronze Sculptures, Aluminium Bronze, Stainless Steel Sheet, etc. We established our company in the year 2005, but in a very short span of time, we achieved a respectable position by dealing and distributing international quality standards of Polished Brass at nominal prices. Apart from dealing, distributing, wholesaling and trading, we are also raw materials stockist and agent. We always deliver Copper Tubes within stipulated time frame without any delay. Our company always maintains sufficient buffer stocks of standard products at our godowns and shops. Best Metal undertakes all the ferrous and non-ferrous metal scraps for recycling of raw-materials and provides metal castings for appropriate sizes and shapes according to pattern and demands of the markets. We started our business under the supervision of our brother Mr. Pascal Subaraj I J. What Drive Us ? Our burning desire is to maintain international quality standards. In order to achieve this, we send all procured industrial Steel Sheets and other metals for testing quality of products before distributing to customers. Our quality oriented attitude makes us highly reliable dealer and distributor of Brass Plate in and around India . Where We Store ? For maintaining superiority and excellence of Gun Metal & Stainless Steel, we store these products in highly sophisticated warehouse, which is supervised by experienced storehouse in charge. Our well organized warehouse is segregated into various sections, which assists us in easy accessing and retrieval of Aluminium products. Why We Are Best ? Unmatched Quality Products, Highly Advanced Warehouse, Qualified and Experienced Personnel, Timely Delivery, Nominal Prices, Customers' Satisfaction....more

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Stainless Steel & Stainless Steel Products, Copper & Copper Products, Bronze & Bronze Products, Brass & Brass Product, Aluminium & Aluminium Products

Gun Metal and Stainless Steel

Our company, Best Metal offers the finest Gun Metal & Stainless Steel. These Gun Metal Bands are obtained from leading manufacturers and suppliers that use refined raw materials to engineer Industrial Gun Metal. Our highly reliable and durable Stainless Steel Bands is available at very affordable prices to ensure complete satisfaction. Gun Metal Gunmetal is a kind of Bronze, an Alloy of Copper, Tin, and some Zinc, which is originally used for making guns. It is also known as red rass in America . Gun Metals are produced for various applications that vary slightly in composition. In some cases, the alloy may be composed only from copper and tin, or copper, tin and lead. It has multiple uses in industry and is also applied for statues and various small objects, e.g. Gears, Bushes. Gunmetal can also mean steel treated to simulate Gunmetal Bronze. Gunmetal is also a name for a shade of grey colour. Specifications G is a Gun Metal composed of 88% copper, 10% tin, and 2% zinc. H is composed of 83% copper, 14% tin, 3% zinc, and 0.8% phosphorus. Gun Metals will be available in type of Rods, Bushes, Squares, etc. Stainless Steel We offer Stainless Steels, which also have very high ductilities, so are in fact capable of being very heavily cold formed, despite their high strengths and high work hardening rates, into items such as deep drawn laundry troughs. Few other metals are capable of achieving this degree of deformation without splitting. Advantages Principle advantage of the Stainless Steels and Austenitic Grades in particular, is their ability to be fabricated by all the standard fabrication techniques, in some cases more severely than more well-known carbon steels. The free-machining grades have significantly lower corrosion resistances than their non-free machining equivalents because of the presence of these non-metallic inclusions. These grades are particularly prone to pitting corrosion attack and must not be used in aggressive environments such as for marine exposure. Types & Grades Sheets, Plates, Coils, Tubes, Pipes, Rods, Wires, Flats, Structural, Flanges, Welding Electrodes, Filler Wires. Confirming to 202, 304, 304L, 309, 310, 310S 316, 316L, 316TI, 321, 410, 430, 904L & decorative Stainless Steel Sheets Plastic Coated. ...> more details


Our world recognized company has been dealing and distributing the most excellent Pure Coppers, which are soft but can be hardened somewhat by being worked. Alloys of Copper are far harder and stronger than the pure metal, have higher resistance and so cannot be used for electrical purposes. Our Copper Plates are procured from leading manufacturers and suppliers to ensure quality of products. These do, however, have corrosion resistance almost as good as that of pure copper and are very easily worked in machine shops. The two most important Alloys are Brass, a Zinc Alloy, and Bronze and Tin Alloy. Both Tin and Zinc are sometimes added to the same Alloy, and no sharp dividing line can be drawn between Brass and Bronze. Both are used in enormous quantities. Copper is available in type of Rods, Flats, Sheets, Squares, Hexagon (Across Flat), Pipes and Foils in cut pieces and full lengths in EC grade and commercial. These Coppers are applied various industries for different purposes. ...> more details


We deal and distribute various kinds of Bronze Statues. These Bronze Sculptures are procured from quality oriented manufacturers and suppliers of Bronze Figurines. Our beautiful and durable Bronze Statues offered by us are available at minimal prices. Following are the types of Bronze offered by us: Phosphorous Bronze (P. B.): Neither ancient nor modern Bronzes consist of these two metals. Zinc, lead, and silver were added to Bronze Alloys use in tools, weapons, coins, and objects of art. Zinc, lead, and other metals are occasionally available in modern Bronze. The constituent of Bronze varies when it contains at least 10 percent tin. The alloy is hard and has a low melting point. Bronze is stronger and harder than any other common Alloy except Steel. Modern Bronze is applied for bearings, fittings, and other machine parts. Phosphorous Bronze available in type of Rods, Bushes, Squares, and Foils. Aluminim Bronze: Copper-Aluminium Alloys are generally known as Aluminium Bronzes. These Alloys cover a range of copper-based alloys in which the primary alloying element is up to 14% Aluminium. Corrosion resistance is considered to be excellent in most environments. Single phase alloys contain less than 8% Aluminium and two phase or duplex alloys contain 8 to 11% Aluminium. These alloys also frequently have additions of iron and nickel to increase strength. This group contains casting alloys AB1 and AB2. ...> more details


We are pioneer dealers and distributors of Brass Wire. Our company offers Brass ( A lloy), A lloy of C opper and Z inc, which is harder than C opper, D uctile, and can generally be hammered into thin leaves. Formerly any A lloy of C opper, especially one with tin was called B rass, and it is probable that the “brass” of ancient times was copper and tin. These finest Brasses are available in different types - Rods, Flats, Sheets, Squares, Hexagon (Across Flat), Pipes, and Foils in cut pieces and full lengths. Our range of Brass finishes is highly reliable, durable and available at minimal prices. ...> more details


A leading company, Best Metal is consistently engaged in dealing and distributing excellent Aluminum Sheets and Aluminum Extrusion. These unmatched Aluminum Tubes are used in various industries. Our comprehensive range of Aluminium Rods is available in and around Bangalore . Unique properties of our Aluminium makes it the most preferred metal right from hygienic food packaging applications, electrical applications to telecommunication industry. This world-class Aluminium is available in the following types - Rods, Flats, Sheets, Blocks, Pipes, Chekered Sheets, Perforated Sheets and Foils in cut pieces and full lengths. These are also available in particular grade like commercial 2024, HE30, LM6, 7075, 6065 Alloys, etc. ...> more details

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Reviews :1

Rohanlal 03 Feb, 2014

Because of my past transaction we would definitely recommend them and will certainly go there again if we have any aluminium needs.

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Reviews :2

Anulekha 27 Nov, 2013

This is one of the best shop for patch fitting they are famous for their work. I rely on them completely at anytime I am in need of any product.

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Reviews :3

Rathpati 27 Nov, 2013

They have huge experience in this business. They manage Corporate Gifts which are composed sublimely and are adored by my administration group as well.

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Reviews :4

Padamaksha 13 Nov, 2013

They are the very good in the facility of the iron and Brass merchants facility.. come here and get the facility from here they are the awesome in this fields..

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Reviews :5

Okaarnath 13 Nov, 2013

We needed our elevator cab refinished and before I even knew it, their service support staff had it done and for a great price! It was a perfectionist’s job done!

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Reviews :6

Jaidratha 11 Nov, 2013

Its great stainless steel cooking ware I bought it from this dealer, this product as it brings out the chef in you. Teflon coating is great for non stick cooking.

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Reviews :7

Nandika 25 Oct, 2013

My brother and cousin and I had a great time goofing off through the various designs and varieties of aluminium products they have with them while our mothers browsed more practical wares. I highly recommend shopping here!

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Reviews :8

Azeeza 06 Aug, 2013

They try to provide you the products which fit in all your expectations.

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Reviews :9

ATM ENTRIPES 17 Mar, 2012

u have any items about copper wirealuminium please in form me

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