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2/3/4 Netaji Subhash Marg , Darya Ganj
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Hindustan refrigeration is one of the renowned companies. We are rendering in this field since many decades and able to achieve towering success. We are certified by ISO 9001:2000. We do have our cold storages for north India. We do have important ventures in abroad. Our companies do have developed ice-cream manufacturing and dispensing equipment. Now with our hard work and determination we have excelled our company in refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment manufacturing. Then we do have Process CHILLERS and other innovative cooling equipment. Our company also got expertise in the handling of industrial gases, including Ammonia, Sulphur-dioxide. Our company believes in establishing a prolong relationship with the clients by providing them the qualitative work. We do have some core values related to our business to which we stick to it and this makes us different from other companies. Our companies do have competent staff to deal with upcoming challenges of business. W...

Our Products

Referigation We do have all kinds of referigation which includes air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machines, glass and hard top deep freezers. We deal in all kinds of brand referigation. We do have the aft...

Cold drink dispenser
Cold drink dispenser We do have the cold drink dispenser machines for our clients. These machines can dispense five litre to ten litre of juice or cold drink in 10 minutes. These machines are highly qualitative and dur...

Ice - Cream Parllor
Ice - Cream Parllor We are the manufacture ice cream parlor machines for the commercial purpose. The machine gives a proper output. The machine can lay out as much ice cream as required. These ice cream machines are m...

Glass and hard top deep freezers
Glass and hard top deep freezers We do have the glass and hard top deep freezers for our clients. These cellfrost deep freezers keep the temperature below the normal. It is mainly used in to preserve the materials for a longer per...

Water cooler
Water cooler We got expertise in the manufacture of water cooler. We do have various kinds of water cooler as per the requirement. The water cooler manufactured by us is of high standard. The water cooler is ma...

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