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Mumbai,  Maharashtra,  India


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Karunya Trust is a Non-Governmental Organization which was established in the year 1998 in Mumbai. We complete dedicate ourselves to work for the well being of vulnerable children in the area where we work. Because, children are the most sufferers in the society who can’t claim their due rights and enjoy rather undergo whatever comes on their way. Especially in the rural areas due to economic inequality most of the parents don’t provide necessary care to their children. Meanwhile children from the backward sections and children who either have lost their parents or deserted undergo trauma. Due to underprivileged they are deprived of most of social facilities which are available for them. As a result they don’t achieve full potential growth in life. In order to eliminate such inequality that exists in our society, we take several initiatives like education programme, vocational training and health care and enable vulnerable children develop their potential. To bring overall success in our mission and vision we karunya trust have a team of volunteers who also want to share same interest with us and dedicate their service for the well being of vulnerable children. Through our team spirit and dedication we bring overall success in our project.

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