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Ground Floor Municipal Marathi School No 1 , Vikhroli East
Mumbai,  Maharashtra,  India


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The National Association of Disabled's Enterprises is a Non-Governmental Charitable Trust which was established in the year 1987 in Mumbai. Since disabled people are the most sufferers in the society they seek others assistance. Having realized such fact we The National Association of Disabled's Enterprises carry one several activities just to give them a piece of relief and enable them to have a meaningful life in the society. Because there is a belief that disabled people can do nothing and are useless. But we believe such notion can be wiped out from the society by showing the reality through various activities. Though disabled people are incapable one way but have valuable potentials in another way. If their potential can be utilized many good things can be accomplished. Keeping this fact in mind we carry on meaningful activities like giving them training on printing and book-binding, tailoring, assembly of mechanical, electrical, electronic & plastic components, packing, ...

Our Products

Training Centre-cum-Workshop
Training Centre-cum-Workshop Since have committed ourselves to provide authentic services to disabled people in the society, we The National Association of Disabled's Enterprises carry on Training Centre-cum-Workshop such peop...

Music Training
Music Training Apart from training-cum work shop, we The National Association of Disabled's Enterprises also provide music training to disabled people. In this programme we especially train to Blind persons on Vo...

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