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Wisdom Hospital started functioning in the year 2002. The hospital is a unit of Savitha Charitable Trust, which is working with a vision to lend a helping hand to the suffering addicts. This rehabilitation hospital has achieved remarkable success in treating drug addicted patients. The hospital offers detoxification program and rehabilitation program to relieve patients from the clutches of addiction. Addiction is a chronic but treatable brain disorder. Once addicted to a drug, the individual cannot control his need for the drug even when he faces health problems or social / legal consequences. The rehabilitation centre also includes a customized drug treatment regimen addressing all aspects of the individual’s life and maintaining a drug free lifestyle. The Treatment of addiction provided by us is handled by a team of dedicated professionals. The ultimate goal of addiction treatment is to enable the individual to achieve a lasting self-discipline. Total number of patients who got benefited through Wisdom Hospital has crossed the 1000 mark. Organizational structure of the hospital comprises of • Founder & Managing Trustee : Mr K.Muralitharan • Executive Trustee : Mr S. A Nambi • Psychiatrist • General Physician • Counselors/Psychologists • Social Workers • Yoga Master • Administrative Staff • Coordinators • Peer educators • Housekeeping staff • Cooks and Helpers • Security and Gate keeper Our Founder Our hospital was established by Mr. K.Muralitharan. He is a businessman settled in New York who started this hospital in for a noble cause to help drug addicted patients. He was deeply hurt by the helplessness of some of his friends who were addicted to alcohol and other drugs. His dedication enabled the hospital to reach success in treating patients and help the suffering addicts seeking recovery. Our Associates: Wisdom Hospital associates with the following organizations to improve the quality & clarity in treatment:- • Narcotic Anonymous • Alcoholic Anonymous • Hoper’s Foundation • Sahai Trust • World Vision / New Hope ADD • Institute of mental health • Other Rehabilitation centres in the country • Rotary club – Chennai North West • NIB Tamil Nadu • NCB India • Tamil Nadu Police

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