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14/1 Vinayagampet Street , Saidapet
Chennai,  Tamilnadu,  India
24323130, Mob- 9841738977


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Wisdom Hospital is licensed under institute of mental health and start functioning in the year 2002 with a vision to lend helping hands to the suffering peoples and psychiatric patients. Through our best services of Psychologist – Doctors and other centers such as Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres, Rehabilitation Centres, Drug De-Addiction Centres and De Addiction Centres, more than 3000 patients have got benefited. The main activities of our hospital are psychiatric management, detoxification, rehabilitation and relapse prevention of individuals addicted to various drugs like alcohol, tobacco, narcotic drugs & various other drugs that are addictive in nature. We are an ISO 9001: 2008 certified hospital and have also received many awards from recognized medical institutions for our quality services. Through unveiling efforts of our founder Mr.K. Muralitharan, our hospital has achieved a new height of success in this field. Awards and Achievements: Today, Wisdom Hospital is noted as a foremost health care center in Chennai, engaged in offering various psychiatric management, detoxification, rehabilitation and relapse prevention services to the individual addicts. For our reliable and effective services and treatments we have received various awards such as ? Award received from NACEN National Academy of Customs, Exercise and Narcotics (2014) ? Award from NCB/ NIB(2014) ? Mother Teresa Sadbavana Award (2013) ? Award Received from Women's Christian College(2013) ? Award from NCB/ NIB(2013) ? Award from NCB/ NIB CID (2012) ? Certification received from Indian Psychiatric society(2011) ? Award from NCB/ NIB(2010) ? Award from NCB/ NIB(2009) ? Award from NCB/ NIB(2008) ? Award from NCB/ NIB(2007) ? Award from Sahai Trust (2007) ? Award from Help Age India.(2006) ? Award from NCB/ NIB(2006) ? Award from NCB/ NIB(2005) Our Staff: Panel of staff members at our hospital is highly experienced and well qualified in their respective area. Our experienced doctors are committed to provide quality in all services with objective of achieving clinical excellence. Recruitment process in our hospital is very strict and we hire doctors from the top most medical universities and institutes. Our hospital is supported by ? Founder & Managing Trustee: Mr K.Muralitharan ? Executive Trustee: Mr S. Arivudainambi ? Psychiatrist: Dr.C.Anbudurai ? General Physician: Dr.N.Vinodh Enose ? Clinical Psychologist: Mr.Sunilkumar ? Counselors/Psychologists ? Social Workers ? Yoga Master ? Administrative Staff ? Coordinators ? Peer educators ? Housekeeping staff ? Cooks and Helpers ? Security and Gate keepers

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