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Surgery for Snoring

We do have the surgery for snoring. This is a common disease in one or the other person. The people take it lightly. We do have the surgery which can help you to get rid of this fatal disease. We have the specialized doctors available for this purpose. ...> more details

Skull Base Surgery

We are also specialized in all kinds of skull base surgery. These surgery are very delicate and complicated surgery so we have deployed the specialist in this field to provide better output. We have tie ups with the other hospital also. These tie ups helps the patient and doctors in case of emergency at hospitals. ...> more details

ENT Surgery

We do provide the advanced facilities for ear, nose and throat which include lasers for ear, nose & throat surgery. We do have micro ear surgery for deafness, discharging Ear, facial nerve paralysis and vertigo. Then we have functional endoscopic sinus Surgery which includes Sinusitis, Nasal Polyposis, and Advanced Techniques using Microdebrider, CSF Rhinorrhoea and Pituitary Tumour. ...> more details

Diagnosis andTreatment of Speech Disorders

Our hospital also provide the treatment for the speech disorders. The patient who is suffering from these kinds of speech disorders has to go through a certain kind of treatment which yields better output. We have the specialized doctors to treat this kind of patients. ...> more details

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Reviews :1

Asmita 26 Sep, 2013

The drug provided to me were highly effective and the doctor make sure that he thoroughly check my medical history before providing me with medicine

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Reviews :2

Farkus 26 Sep, 2013

this doctor is very experienced in his area of work and excelles in this field,he also charges less with respect to others!

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Reviews :3

Hajira  18 Nov, 2012


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Reviews :4

DS Prasanna 29 Aug, 2012

best ENT

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