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We, Salon Aarthi are recognised as one of the well-established Hair Care and Skin Care Centres offering Hair Care Treatment, Skin Care Treatment, Home & Day Spa, Hair Color services, Hair Style, Skin Care, Face Care, Hair Design Courses, Bridal & SFX. Salon Aarthi is modern age chain of beauty experts in bringing together the most advanced beauty and hair care therapies from across the globe. These types of treatment go beyond mere cosmetic considerations and rather work at a deeper therapeutic level nourishing and pampering skin and hair from inside. Aarthi Amarendra, a Beauty Guru and popular Therapist incepted Salon Aarthi way back in 1989. The chain consists of the flagship unisex salon at Kottivakkam, Chennai and the branch at R.A.Puram, Chennai that posseses separate facilities for both the sexes. Salon Aarthi offers world-class beauty care services to the customers and is part of the global L’Oreal club salons. The well-decorated interiors, state-of-the-art equipment and modern facilities bring the latest in trends and styles for clients. Our highly skilled and experienced beauticians carefully select the beauty care products to apply for different types of beauty treatments. Salon Aarthi gives a comprehensive array of hair and beauty therapies under the one roof. Since the salon is unisex, this allows the whole family to accesses the services here, which is a boon in today’s bust and fast paced days. Our Strength Competitive Edge The team at Salon Aarthi consists of highly skilled beauty therapists and stylists hand-picked by Aarthi for their skills. The founder heeself personally train them and help them to learn various international beauty techniques and technologies to fulfill the demand and requirement of customers with international touch. They also train them with top brands like L’Oreal, Wella and Schwarzkopff and specially trained skin and body spa treatments by Jansens, Germany. They regularly attend workshops to upgrade their skills and to stay in tune with trends. This focus on ongoing training with a global outlook keeps the salon ahead. Customers' Satisfaction Salon Aarthi specializes in hairstyling and keeps abreast of the latest trends followed in the beauty sector. Their services include layering, graduation, rebounding and trendy colours to creative winsome looks. Each and every person's skin is completely different like his or her fingerprint, which needs individual treatment. Salon Aarthi is highly individualized and based on skin analysis and sensitivity tests to offer best treatment and satisfy the customers that is our main objective. The luxury facials include Gold facials, Bio-fruit Skin Whitening Facials, Glycolic Scar treatments and so on. This apart, anti-aging treatments like Collagen treatments and others formulated for specific skin conditions are available. Quality Policy We, Salon Aarthi never compromise with quality products and customer's satisfaction as a result they provide a Spa suite that recreates the luxurious experience of exotic Oriental Spas and rejuvenate body, mind and soul. The signature spa services at Aarthi’s have a collection of exclusivity yet are an affordable luxury. Clients can choose from traditional Ayurvedic Massages, Swedish Massages to Indonesian Massages. The beauty therapies comprise the entire array of services that revitalize one’s look and rejuvenate from inside and outside In era of modernization where glamorous careers like modeling and theatre demand gorgeous look that is why highly qualified beautician of Salon Aarthi treating efficiently and providing complete satisfaction to clients. Salon Aarthi Achievement Salon Aarthi was founded by Aarthi Amarendra who has had a great deal of exposure in leading beauty schools in India and abroad. Her initial beauty training was from the Kimare International School, Singapore. Later, she underwent the Cosmo prof Make-up in Bridal Artistry & Special Effects at Singapore. Her interest in hair styling inspired her to qualify in Advanced Ladies Sculpting & Creative Cuts at Pivot Point and Toni & Guys classic cutting at Singapore. She topped this with a Diploma in City & Guilds at UK. Aarthi, the founder of Salon Aarthi also runs Salon Aarthi Academy (School of Hair Dressing & Beauty Therapy) to train top-notch beautician and hair professionals This offers Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Courses in beauty therapy with an international syllabus and certification from City & Guilds, UK. Students who pass out get placed in lucrative jobs ...more

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Beauty Parlors & Salons- Unisex

Skin Care & Treatments

Beautiful skin speaks a million languages! In the era of globalization, every one has dream of fresh, glowing skin to speaks about your confidence, style and youthful look. If you want flattering with glowing skin, then just switched to Salon Aarthi to glow with the endless array of luxury facials and unique skin pampering treatments because we offer various ranges of kin Care & Treatments. Indulge In Luxury Facials Our luxury facials are a fine blend of technology, sophisticated techniques and fine ingredients that pamper your skin and give it the glow it deserves. Our facials cleanse, exfoliate, texturise, rehydrate and leave skin looking fresher, radiant and younger. Bio-fruit Skin Whitening Facial Be the fair and lovely beauty of your dreams! Natural fruit extracts rich in Alpha Hydroxy Acids are gently massaged into the skin to lighten the skin tone and make it shine. Gold facial Feel like a princess by indulging in a 24-carat gold facial. Gold is a natural radiance booster and brings a rich glow to the tone of your skin. Marine & Algae Facial Potent potions from under the sea to intensely nourish your skin and hydrate it, Make it softer, smoother and lovelier. Ultimate Skin Care Treatments Each person’s skin is as unique as his or her fingerprint. We analyze each client’s skin using modern techniques and suggest appropriate treatments for a wide range of skin concerns like wrinkle control, skin whitening, face lifts, scars, under-eye treatment and so on. Collagen Treatment Collagen is a natural protein that makes up 75% of your skin and keeps it in shape. As you grow older, collagen diminishes and skin gets tired. Our rejuvenating Collagen Facial features collagen-based creams and serums to plump up and boost your skin. It also works as an anti-wrinkle treatment that nourishes, balances and restores skin elasticity. Making your skin look younger and fresher. Enzyme Peeling Facial Stop feeling conscious about uneven skin tone or acne scarring. The Enzyme Peel Facial contains fruit acids or Alpha Hydroxy Acids that gently remove layers of dead cells and blemishes leaving behind fresh and glowing skin Oxygen Facial Indulge in this detoxifying treatment that gets rid of fine lines wrinkles and revives dull skin. High pressure jets of oxygen deliver valuable serums with vitamins and minerals to rejuvenate skin. Aroma Facial Aromatic oils are massaged on skin focusing on pressure points to relieve stress and relax you. A sensual treatment that includes not just a facial but neck and back massage as well. Leaves skin feeling smooth. Based on specific skin concerns, treatments are varied. Lactic & Glycolic Scar Treatment Set your skin free from acne scars, pigmentation and melasma with this treatment. It brightens the complexion, tightens pores, lightens scars and evens out skin tone. After Care Each treatment comes with Home Care advice that helps you make the most of your skin and maintain its youthfulness and beauty. Step in to discover a radiant new look! ...> more details

Salon Aarthi Academy

In era of modernization and globalization, looking good and staying well-groomed is everybody concern. To make their dream most of the people rush to salon and as a result there is an explosion in the beauty industry in India and across the globe. The demand for beauty professionals is not restricted to just beauty salons. The modeling world, small screen and big screen need specialized make-up artists and hair stylists. Cruise liners, hotels, resorts and other areas also call for beauty consultants. Salon Aarthi Academy Salon Aarthi Academy was founded in 1990 by Aarthi Amarendra to train beauty professionals of the highest caliber in hair and beauty therapy. She has been trained from the Kimare International School and the Cosmoprof Make-up in Bridal Artistry & Special Effects at Singapore. She also qualified in Advanced Ladies Sculpting & Creative Cuts at Pivot Point and Toni & Guys classic cutting at Singapore. She topped this with a Diploma in City & Guilds at UK. International Certification & Facilities Students who successfully qualify from Salon Aarthi Academy receive their certified degree from City & Guilds, UK. It has also tied up with CII for Government recognition. Our Academy has highly updated syllabus in accordance to international standard to train students. Students are given practical hands-on training and individual attention. Hostel facilities are arranged on request. Full Time Courses ( 2 months) Beauty Therapy Hair Dressing Short Term Courses (5-15 Days) Hair Cuts Colouring Hair Chemical Treatments Advanced Skin Treatment Electrical Equipment Special Effects in Make-up Body Spa Treatments Placement Assistance All students from past batches who have successfully passed have been placed and many have secured lucrative jobs in the UK. 100% placement assistance will be provided for students. Fly high on the wings of success with Salon Aarthi Academy! Get in touch now! ...> more details

Home & Day Spa

Get the Look You Want in Minutes! Looking good and feeling good was very difficult task! Salon Aarthi is a modern age unisex beauty salon, which brings the best of pampering beauty and grooming treatments in an international ambiance. Sensational Skin Watch our world class skin care therapies work intensely on your skin and make it radiant, soft and beautiful. We also offer state-of-art treatments like peels and scrubs to treat acne scars, melasma, pigmentation and so on. Lustrous Locks Select best from hundreds of stylish and foxy hairstyles and hair enhancing services like fashion colours, highlighting, straightening and so on. We also have therapeutic treatments for conditions like hair loss and dandruff. We are a Club L’Oreal Salon. Dazzling Day Spa Rejuvenate, revitalize and restore balance to your body and mind with our highly exotic and advance Spa Treatments. We offer various treatments ranging from royal Balinese Treatments, Ayurvedic Massages, Egyptian Treatments to Swedish Treatments. Magic of Make-up Dazzle on special occasions. We offer specific custom make-up for bridal, fashion, special effects, stage make-up to silver screen make-up. These services are by qualified internationally certified make-up professionals. Get swept away by an exotic spa experience! Escape from everyday's stress and pamper yourself in exotic wraps and spa treatments that unveil a lovely new you. These modern age therapies bring together the health and beauty philosophy of the Orient as well as the West. Exotic ingredients are applied to rejuvenate, revitalize and harmonies body and mind. Select best from the wide range of massages, body wraps, body polish , facials and other treatments from India and across the globe. An Elegant Spa We have a spacious well-designed Spa with highly advance facilities featuring separate areas for men and women, jacuzzi, sauna, steam bath, rooms for facials and other treatments besides a chill out space. Massages We offer various types of fruitful massages ranging from traditional Ayurvedic Massages, Swedish Massages to Indonesian Massages. These stimulate the pressure points in your body and relax you. Balinese Massage Feel like royalty with this rich massage with the thumb and palm. The Ratu Massage uses exotic ylang-ylang, lemon grass, coconut and so on. Check with us for other exotic choices. Ayurvedic Massage Ayurvedic massages rejuvenate health and wellness by tapping ancient Indian knowledge and skill. We always apply a custom blend of medicated oils and massage treatment based on individual needs. Swedish Massage The Swedish massage is a popular European body massage style where fine oils and lotions are massaged on the body to relieve stress. Aroma Massage Aromatherapy massage is a divine experience that integrates a variety of massage techniques and offers a choice of 4 essential oil blends. Japanese Luluv Scrub We bring you this royal treatment straight from the palaces of Java to leave skin soft, supple and bright. The Balinese Boreh Scrub A traditional beauty ritual for Balinese women and is a grain based scrub that ex-foliates and revitalizes the body and relieves body aches. Hair Spa The hair spa consists of intensive treatments designed to deeply nourish the hair, take care of any specific problems like damaged hair and make the hair super silky. Body Spa The Body Spa offers body wraps where the body is cocooned in a shell of rare herbs and minerals to draw out the toxins from the body and leave it fresh and healthy. Foot Spa The foot spa offers rare relaxing treatments like Thai Foot Reflexoloy that balances the energy levels in the body. Want More? These are just a few of the wonderful offerings we have for you. Step in to discover a whole new rejuvenating experience. ...> more details

Hair Studio

Turn heads with a trendy new hairstyle! Salon Aarthi offers alluring colour, the snazziest styles and the funkiest cuts, which attracts budding generation of today's world. Our professionals are highly acquainted with comprehensive, trendy and traditional that rocks the customers. Experience our cool Layering, Graduation, Texturising and Creative Looks which are the most popular right now. Our Salon also gives various professional hair care treatments, which keep your hair shiny and healthy. Recognized By The World’s Biggest Haircare Brands We, Salon Aarthi are very selective for applying only the best recognized and international hair colour brands like L’Oreal Wella and Schwarzkopff Professional. Colour Splash In the present atmosphere you do not have to stick on plain black or brown. There are a number of beautiful hair colours like burgundy, flaming red, sensuous blonde and many more adventurous fashion shades to choose. You can also get your hair highlighted or get striking special effects to look different. Smooth, Silky & Straight Bored of curly or wavy hair? Try our state-of-the-art Rebonding, Smoothening and Optibonding services that straighten your hair bring out its latent beauty by improving texture and shine. Hot Hairdos If you want to looks gorgeous at the next party or your cousin’s wedding. We have an attractive choice of opulent styles and traditional chic hairdos that are sure to get you noticed. We also have sophisticated hairdos especially for weddings. Therapeutic Hair Treatments In the present context in which pollution, stress and lack of proper nutrition you’re your highly prone to hair loss and dandruff. Our therapeutic line that includes intensive scalp massages to restores health to your hair and promotes hair growth. Making hair look and feel good from inside and outside. Home Care Each of these treatments comes with home care recommendation for hair maintenance, so you can have foxy hair looks everyday and give a farewell to your bad hair days forever. ...> more details

Bridal & SFX

Salon Aarthi specializes in a make-up suite for specific purposes varying from Bridal Makeup, Fashion Make-up to special effects. Trained professionals qualified with international certification provide these services. Bridal Makeup A successful step to make your wedding the most beautiful and unforgettable day in your life. Bridal packages of Salon Arti pampers you with exotic treatments from head to toe. Our highly qualified beauty professionals study your skin, hair and design a special custom regime based on this. On your wedding day, we create your special look using professional make-up from the world’s finest brands to make you look drop dead gorgeous. Make-up specialists trained from Cosmoprof, Singapore will do the honours. Stage & Drama Makeup We have various technique to make your impact on the audience . Salon Aarthi offers large portfolio of stage and drama makeup that helps you achieve just that. We use a combination of various techniques and textures to create the effect you need for the role and make you the talk of the town. Special Effects Makeup (SFX) Appearing before the silver screen or special occasions calls for a glamorous look that transforms your dream into reality. The effects range from gorgeous to dramatic and will take the viewer’s breath away. An outstanding range of products and complex make-up artistry from our experts will create these glamorous looks. Step in, you’ll not recognize yourself when you step out. Fashion Make-up When you want to look hot and trendy on the catwalk, this is the ideal choice. We use a palette of colours and styles that are in vogue to help you make a striking fashion statement. Portfolio Preparation If you are an aspiring model or actor, your portfolio is the first step to achieving the career of your dreams. Our highly skilled beauticians and their intense make-up session transforms your photogenic and best for the camera. ...> more details

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Reviews :1

Chintan 20 Jan, 2014

They have hygenic atmosphere, tools that they use are very clean. You can trust them any time, they make your skin glow. We feel good after visiting their parlor.

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Reviews :2

Alka 13 Dec, 2013

They fixed my hair and even stayed almost an hour past closing time to make sure the cut was good (and I was less embarrassed) by the time I left. The hair cut I ended up with is super funky, but also super me. I will definitely be going back!

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Reviews :3

Ashni 02 Dec, 2013

This parlor is incredible, lovely, and kind.  The place had a very nurturing air.  My face looks amazing, I have been going to them from past year and by far for me they are the best.

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Reviews :4

Bhavini 14 Nov, 2013

I could not stop smiling looking at the new style they gave me,Thank you,now my husband has yet another reason to love me all the more

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Reviews :5

Mayur 29 Oct, 2013

I went on Saturday, Sept 28, 2013 for a 75 min facial. It was a really good experience. The area of the spa with the rooms for facials and massages is much more calm and quiet than the waiting and hair stylist area.

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Reviews :6

Cheran 10 Oct, 2013

As per recommendation by a friend I came here. I was surely impressed. Skin felt smoother and lighter. The experience was relaxing as well.Thank you.

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Reviews :7

Chhaya 21 Aug, 2013

Loved their service. One should definitely have a look over at it.

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Reviews :8

Mohinder 23 Jul, 2013

Beauty products are of excellent quality.

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