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We, Peninsular Traders are an eminent firm dealing with the manufacture and supply of Industrial chemicals. Peninsular Traders was set up in 1953 and we are situated in Ernakulam, Kerala. Our products and services are available under the brand name Blue Bird Premium Quality in the market. Our products include Tech Grade, Food Grade, VMI services, etc. We deal with Industrial and commercial demands for chemicals. Our plants are strategically located all across the globe and it helps us cater to both national and international demand. We are also known as the most distinguished consultants in this field of Industrial chemicals owing to our vast experience of about six decades. We guarantee purity in every mole of our chemicals. All our products undergo strict quality control measures to ensure that they meet international quality standards. Our key policy is customer satisfaction. Hence, we provide customized solutions to our clients. We can arrange necessary certifications and inspection tests before the delivery of our products. We offer premium quality chemicals at leading market prices and this has helped us expand and reach the top spot in our business. Our Team We have an extremely qualified and efficient team of professionals who help us deliver our products and services on time. Our technicians and engineers ensure that the work at plants functions smoothly. We have quality analysts and inspection agents who can pre-inspect the products before the customer places the order. We select only top quality chemicals from our vendors. Our distributing network makes sure that we meet the deadlines in delivering our products. Why Us? With nearly sixty years of experience in the Industrial chemical field, we have become the pioneers in providing premium quality products and services at leading market prices. We have a customer-centric approach and work in close association with the client. Blue Bird Premium Quality chemicals are the most selling products in the market. We follow excellent levels of business ethics, transparent dealing and punctuality in all our ventures....more

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Chemicals- Multi Range, Chemicals- Cleaning, Acids- Inorganic, Compounds- Inorganic


Product: TETRA SODIUM PYRO PHOSPHATE(Tech Grade)/ SODIUM PYRO PHOSPHATE Chemical Formula Na4P2O7 HS Code: 28353900 ANALYSIS STANDARD: HG/T2968-1999 Packings 25 Kg HDPE Bags (with inner poly bag.) Shelf Life Two years. Application: As dispersant in Ceramic, Clay & Paint industries. Also used in detergents and for metal treatment. Properties: White powder, soluble in water but insoluble in ethanol, relative density is 2.45g/cm3and melting point 890? and deliquescent in the open air. Its aqueous solution shows weak alkalinity and is stable at 70 ? but will be hydrolyzed into di-sodium phosphate when boiled . Chemical Properties Description Specification Assay (as Na4P2O7 ) 96.5% Phosphorous Pentoxide (as P2O5) 51 % Min. Water Insolubles (as P2O5) 0.2% pH 9.9-10.7 Moisture 0.3% Max. ...> more details


TRISODIUM PHOSPHATE (Tech Grade) Chemical Formula Na3HPO4.nH2O (n=0,12) HS Code: 28352910 ANALYSIS STANDARD: HG/T2517-93 Packings 25 Kg HDPE Bags (with inner poly bag.) Shelf Life Two years. Storage Keep under cover in a cool, dry place and stacking not exceeding 15 layers. Application: Used as a water softening agent, buffering agent, cleaning agent in electroplating, color fixer in fabric dyeing etc. Also used to avoid re-precipitation of Fe in Kaolin Clay processing after bleach. Properties: White free flowing crystals, easily soluble in water but not in organic solution. Its water solution is alkaline with a PH value (1% solution) of 12.1 , relative density at 1.62g/cm3, and melting point is 73.4 ?. Chemical Properties Description Specification Na3PO4, 12H2O 98 % Min. P2O5 18% Min. Moisture 0.1% Max? Water Insolubles 0.1 % Max. Sulphite (as SO4 ) 0.5% Max. Chloride (as CI ) 0.3 % Max. Iron (as Fe) 0.01 % Max. Alkalinty of methyl orange (by Na2O)% 16.0-19.0 pH Value 11 - 12 Note: The above data does not represent a Specification, but are indicative in nature only. ...> more details


Product: SODIUM TRIPOLY PHOSPHATE (Tech Grade) Chemical Formula Na5P3O10 HS Code: 28353100 ANALYSIS STANDARD: GB/T9983-2004 Packings 25 Kg HDPE Bags (with inner poly bag.) Shelf Life Two years. Storage Keep under cover in a cool, dry place and stacking not exceeding 15 layers. Application: Used as one of the main auxiliaries for synthetic detergent, synergist for soap, water softener, tanning agent for leather making, auxiliary for dyeing etc. As an effective dispersion agent for suspension solutions of coatings, kaolin, magnesium oxide, calcium carbonate and drilling mud etc. As an oil contamination resistance agent in paper production. Properties: White powder; Melting point 622°C; Easily soluble in water, exceptional chelating capacity to ions of Ca and Mg etc. It can soften hard water and help in settling suspended particles to make the solution clear. It has got weak alkalinity but is not corrosive. It is a surfactant, and has got outstanding emulsification to lubricants and fat. It has different bulk density, i.e. low density 0.35-0.5g/cm3, medium density 0.51-0.65g/cm3 and high density 0.66-0.9g/cm3. It has two crystalline forms, namely Type I (high temperature type) and Type II (low temperature type). The chemical properties of the two types are the same, and the difference between them lies in the thermo stability, hygroscopicity, solubility and hydration heat when dissolved. Chemical Properties Description Specification Purity 94.0% Min. P2O5 57.0% Min. Iron (Fe) 0.01% Max. pH (1% Solution) 9.2 - 10 Particle size Fine Powder/Granular. ...> more details

Food Grade

Peninsular Traders provides premium quality food grade chemicals which include Trisodim Phospate (TSP), Sodium Tripoly Phosphate (STPP) and Tetrasodium Pyro Phosphate (TSPP). TSP is widely used in the food processing industry as emulsifying agent and in manufacture of toothpastes. STPP is used in canned foods and fruit juices as a softener and quality enhancer. TSPP works as a buffering agent, emulsifier and for quality improvement. We provide Kosher certificates and other such documents on the customer’s request. All our products meet the international quality standards. ...> more details

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