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Incepted in 2004 in Kolkata, Spectrum Impex commenced its operations as importer, supplier, distributor, and exporter of different types of scientific educational and teaching aids. And we have gradually and comprehensively extended our products range by adding advanced and several products. Our offered plethora of products comprises of Anatomical Model, Community Health Bag, CPR Training Manikin, Educational Chart, Human Torso Model, Maternity Model, Medical Model, Nursing Manikin, and Skeleton Model. We, Spectrum Impex, are an ISO 9001:2008 approved and certified company, and we follow high and excellent quality control parameters throughout our processes and product selection/procurement process. With our dedication and commitment, we have gained the position of pioneering importer, exporter and supplier of scientific educational and teaching aids of large assortment. Products’ Attributes: In such a short duration, Spectrum Impex has established a benchmark within the trading world and become a one-stop destination for all scientific educational and teaching aids. Our range of products is recognized for following reasons: Scientific Soundness Durability Accuracy Clarity of Different Human Body Features in Models Application Area Our offered range of products is utilized for teaching/educational purposes within different institutions such as: Colleges Schools Medical Colleges Nursing Training Institute Quality Assurance Spectrum Impex understands that any company’s success depends heavily upon the quality approach adhered to while carrying out operations. We are associated with various esteemed and pioneering vendors whose special endeavor lies upon meeting the set international standards throughout the products manufacturing process. All the products have been tested and inspected for flawlessness and precision at the manufacturers’ end. Even, we also check the products range at our premises ensuring that only perfect finish and accurate products are forwarded for the institutions. Our provided Community Health Bags, Anatomical Models, Educational Charts, CPR Training Manikins, Human Torso Models, Medical Models, Maternity Models, Skeleton Models, and Nursing Manikins are known for premium quality and perfect finish. Our Team Having acquired an unbeatable position within the domain, Spectrum Impex is backed by the zealous and committed team members. Our skilled management propels our status within the market-place and always remains geared up for tracking the latest advancements. Why Us? Spectrum Impex has gained an edge over the competitors within the market of aids for education and teaching of medical sciences, due to following reasons: Expert & Skilled Managerial Force Robust Quality Management Large Distribution Network Cost-effective Products Ethical Business Practices...more

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Model Makers, Bags- Speciality

Skeleton Model

We provide skeleton models in sizes similar to realities. These skeleton models are fabricated using PVC plastic. Comparing a model of male pelvis with a female one, the differences between the two can be listed as following View more Technical Specification Available Skeleton Models: SK-160 Life Size Skeleton With Stand XC-101-Life-Size Skeleton 170cm tall XC-126-Life Size Vertebral With Pelvis And Femur Heads XC-102B-Medium Skeleton With Nerves And Blood Vessels SK-046- 46cm (18")-Mini-Skeleton with Stand XC-130 Disarticulated Skeleton Model XC-123 Adult Male Pelvis With Stand XC-124 Adult Female Pelvis With Stand XC - 125 Female Pelvic Muscles And Organs XC - 127 Birth Demonstration Model XC-109 Life-Size Shoulder Joint XC-110 Life-Size Hip Joint XC-111 Life-Size Knee Joint XC-112 Life-Size Elbow Joint XC-113A-Life-Size Foot Joint with Ligaments XC-114 Life Size hand Joint XC-114A-Life - Size Hand Joint with Ligaments XC-104-Life Size Skull GD/A 11115 Infant Skull XC-104C - Life-Size Colored Skull ...> more details

Features :

Model Type : Molding & Casting

Nursing Manikin

Spectrum Impex is pioneering company in providing the clients with finest array of Nursing Manikins. These manikins are manufactured utilizing superior quality material, and are largely applicable for Educational, Training, and various medical allied purposes. Available in different shapes and sizes, our offered Nursing Manikins can even be designed exclusively as per clients’ requisites. Full Body Manikin Advanced Nursing Baby Nursing & Wound Care Manikin (Unisex) Multi-Functional Nursing Manikin Advanced Multi-functional Child Nursing Manikin Nursing Skill: Head care: hair washing, face washing; Irrigation of the eyes and the ears; Oral cavity care; Oral cavity and nasal cavity intubation; Oxygen inhalation; Oral and nasal feeding; Lavage; Oragns structure of thorax ; Venipuncture and injection, transfusion; Deltoid injection; Puncture of thorax, abdominal cavity, liver, medulla and lumber Enema; Urethral Catheterization for male and female; Irrigation of bladder for male and feamle; Ostomy irrigation; Gluteus injection; Organs structure of abdominal cavity; General care, bed baths, dressing and undressing; Wound care: disinfection, dressing, change, binding, hemostasia; Trauma parts; Features: The suturing care for the wound on the chest wall The suturing care for the wound on the abdomen The suturing care for the wound on the thigh The care for the bruise of the skin of thigh The care for the infectious ulceration The care for the foot gangrene Wound of the forearm amputation ...> more details

Features :

Model Type : Molding & Casting

Medical Model

Spectrum Impex imparts high grade medical models for teaching and educational purposes in institutions, hospitals, laboratories, etc. These models have been fabricated using superior quality material and precision designed. Available Models Multi Functional IV Training Arm GD/F55 Advanced Delivery and Maternal and Neonatal Emergency Simulator GD/CPR 280S Advanced CPR Training Manikin GD/CPR 160 Advanced Child CPR Training Manikin GD/CPR 150 Advanced Infant CPR Training Manikin GD/ACLS800 ACLS Training Manikin GD/H100S Advanced Nursing Manikin GD/H130 Advanced Nursing Baby GD/H2 Multi - Functional Nursing Manikin GD/H128 Advanced Nursing Manikin GD/L63 Prostate Inspection Model GD/L64 Peritonel Dialysis Simulator GD/F7A Inspection and Palpation of Breast Cancer Training Model GD/H120 A Advanced Nursing & Wound Care Manikin (Male) GD/J140 Baby Obstruction Model GD/A42008 Fetus with Viscus and Palcenta GD/FW2 Advanced Maternity Model GD/F30S Gynecological Training Model GD/F3B Episiotomy Suturing Simulators GD/F20G Models of Variation of Prenatal Cervix and Birth Canal GD/F8 Midwifery Training Simulator D/F6 Child Birth Model GD/HS2 Adult Venipuncture and injection Training Arm GD/LV2 Advanced Suturing Leg GD/LV1 Advanced Suturing Arm XC-409-A New style New Born Model (Baby Model) XC-409 Newborn model (Baby Model) XC-414-The Development Process For Fetus. ...> more details

Features :

Model Type : Molding & Casting

Maternity Model

We provide our clients with an excellent plethora of Maternity Models, fabricated using premium grade material. Our assortment of products is exclusively designed for aiding professional training and is extremely environment friendly and durable. Further, these maternity models have been developed according to the customized requisites mentioned by clients. Available Models: Leopold Maneuvers Simulator Vacuum Delivery Model Maternity Examination Model Gynecological Examination Model Labour Delivery Model ...> more details

Features :

Model Type : Molding & Casting

Human Torso Model

The Human Torso Model range is known as best Medical Torso Model and Teaching Torso Model. Also we are renowned Female Torso Model importer Female Torso Model supplier,and impart Advanced PVC Human Torso Model for hospitals, institutions, etc. The Human Torso Anatomy Model shows structures of head, neck, torso, upper and lower limbs, muscles, muculartendon, ligaments, viscus, blood vessels, brain, etc. Available Models XC-204 85 cm Unisex Torso 23 Parts MK-050 Human Torso GD-A 11301 Full Size Human Body MK-064 56cm (22") visible Expectant Mother Antony kit ...> more details

Features :

Model Type : Molding & Casting

Educational Chart

We provide Nursing Charts, Hygiene and Sanitation Charts, Child health Nursing Charts, Food & Nutrition Chart, Human Physiology Chart, Health Care Series Chart, Chart on Aids, First Aid Charts, Anatomical Charts: Muscular System, Skeleton System, Weight and Diet, Heart and Circulatory System, Nervous System, and Prevent the Diseases Chart. Midwifery & Child Health Nursing Charts: Rigid lamination, aluminium frame with markable surfaces; Size 51 x 66 cm; Set of 19 Charts. Imported Anatomical Charts: laminated 7 fitted with best quality plastic rollers or rigid lamination, beautiful framer with markable surface. Charts on Food & Nutrition: Rigid lamination, Aluminium Frame with Markable Surface; Size 70 x 100 cm; Set of 10 Charts. Human Physiology Charts: Printed on Synthetic in Original colours. Everything required for thorough understanding of Human Physiology in its broad outline included; Each size 70 x 100 cms; Set of 30 Charts. Prevent the Diseases: Rigid lamination, Aluminium frame with markable surface; Size 50 x 75 cm; Set of 20 Charts. Health Care Series Rigid lamination, Aluminium frame with markable surface; Size 50 x 75 cm; Set of 10 Charts. Charts on AIDS Rigid lamination, Aluminium frame with markable surface; Printed on Polyart Synthetic Paper; Size 70 x 100 cm; Set of 8 Charts. First Aid Charts Rigid lamination, Aluminium frame with markable surface; Size 50 x 75 cm; Set of 15 Charts. ...> more details

Features :

Model Type : Scale Models

CPR Training Manikin

The CPR Training Manikin has been designed as per the International CPR standard. In CRP Manikin, light indicator displays have been provided for correct and incorrect artificial respiration (mouth-to-mouth); and for correct compression position display, digital counter, and wrong compression position display. The Advanced CPR Training Manikin model simulates patient revival during first aid by measures of Mouth-to-Mouth respiration and Heart Pressure. It even shows through a Light Indicator, Grade Printing and Audio Prompting that whether operation is correct or not. The CPR Training Manikin is an ideal model for usage in Medical College, Hospital, and Nursing Training Institute. Models: Advanced CPR Training Manikin With Monitor & Printer Advanced Child CPR Training Manikin With Monitor Advanced Infant CPR Training Manikin with Monitor ...> more details

Community Health Bag

Spectrum Impex is a leading Community Health kit importer, Community Health kit supplier, and Community Health bag distributor in India. Our range of Community Health kit includes Waterproof Community Health Bag and Unbreakable Community Health Bag. Community Health Bag (Unbreakable & Waterproof) consists of the following items: Spirit Lamp Face Mask Surgical Spirit Mucus Sucker Gloves Test Tube Holder Dettol Test Tube Kidney Trays Syringe Ounce Glass Apron Feotoscope Stethoscope Steripad Small Scissor Cord Clamp Big Scissor Non Toothed Forcep Toothed Forcep Rectical Thermometer Surgical Blades Clinical Thermometer B. P. Handle Curve Artery Forcep Straight Artery Forcep Enema Can With Tubing Empty Plastic Bottles For Solution Leukoplast Empty Plastic Bottles For Cotton Swap Cotton Towel Writing pad Bandage Pen ...> more details

Anatomical Model

We are Anatomical Model importer and Anatomical Model distributors providing Anatomical Heart Model, Anatomical Skeleton Model, Human Anatomical Models, etc. These models help students in understanding the internal structures and external features of human body parts, and their relation blood vessels, veins, etc. Thus, a cleaner conception of the systemic processes of different human body parts can be obtained. Available Models: XC-306 Stomach Model XC-307 Jumbo Heart Model PD-002 Heart Model XC-301 Magnified Human Larynx Model XC-303C New Style Giant Ear Model XC-308 Brain With Arteries XC-313 Enlarged Skin Model XC-316 Giant Eye Model XC-302 Magnified Pulmonary Alveoli Model XC-330 Model Of the Transparent Lung Segment XC-320 Larynx, Heart And Lungs Model TH-001 Giant Dental Care Model With Toothbrush TH-002 Dental Model XC-309 Model Of The Anatomy Nasal Cavity XC-311 Liver, Pancreas and Duodenum Model XC-310-3 Human Kidney With Adrenal Gland XC-331 Male Urogenital System XC-332 Female Urogenital System GD/A15102 Male Genital Organs GD/A15105 Female Genital Organs XC-332B Human female pelvis section (4 parts) MK-019 Pumping Heart GD/A16001 Circulatory System GD/A16011 Lymphatic System GD/A18101 Nervous System GD/A18102 Spinal Cord in the Spinal Canal GD/A18110 Sympathetic Nervous System GD/A12001 Digestive System XC-315 Digestive System GD/A 18001 Neuron GD/A 12006 Appendix and Caecum GD/A41003 Ovary Model GD/A42010/1 Human Placenta GD/A42004 Embryo VT021 Frog Dissection Kit ...> more details

Features :

Model Type : Molding & Casting

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