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History :- • Started from one bed and two doctors. • At present 4 bed and good number of staff. • Number of OPD increase day by day. • Treatment given to risky patient with successful hard. • It is converted from “Kota Physiotherapy and obesity centre” to “Kota Aerobics & Physiotherapy Centre”. • Successfully run y Dr. RahilIqbal, Dr. Pallavi Sharma & Dr. Mateen. Specialty : - • Perfect & heron less treatment y Physiotherapist • Friendly & Prompt attention & behavior. • Aerobics only by physics. • Separate batches for ladies. • Physiotherapy for Lyaneic Patient. • Special care and attention to the demanding individual for fat loss eq. post CABG, Asthama. • Forget oriented result to the client for fat loss. • Special diet chart to the individual according to their need. Special Cases :- Case : 1 PIVD (Slip disc) :- The patient of slip disc is advise for operation from almost all ortho&Neuro surgeon. Before operation he come to us for consultation. We examine patient & he is treated under our supervision from recovery to rehabilitation & recovered completely. Now he perform all his adials perfectly. Case : 2 Neuro muscular dystrophy :- A typical case of neuro muscular dystrophy who s hopeless about his treatment is treated y us with sincerely & utter care and attention. We motivate him to fight against his hopelessness for muscular dystrophy by exercise. Case : 3 AVN :- Proper exercise and guidance is given to AVN patient to get ride of operation of young age. Case : 4 Frozen Shoulder :- With special techniques & new exercise and modalities, frozen shoulder’s cases was solved in a pan of short duration with comfort. Case : 5 Bell’s Palsy :- Full recovery in 15 days. Case : 6 Hemophilia :- Our careful & special physiotherapy made life easy for homeopathic patient. Case : 7 Knee Fracture :- Full & complete treatment to those patient who get hopeless from all doctors. Case : 8 O.A. Knee :- Complete recovery of O.A. Knee patient in short duration. Specialty in Aerobics :- • Workout on an individual areas of body part like on teeppy abdomen, heavy thighs, buttocks, fatty waist, chest & unturned physique. • Various no. of fat loss program. • Uniqueness in pattern of Aerobics (Remix patter) • Time saving but strong & effective protocol. Our Team: For great success and popularity in the market, we want to give credit to our team who is persistently working with us in order to cater to the patient’s needs and problems. We have appointed highly experienced and trained staff at our centre, which holds rich experience and expertise in the respective field. Our team comprises aerobics trainer, physiotherapist, and other allied professionals who are putting their meticulous efforts in their particular work. We would like to mention some of our team members which include: .Dr. RahilIqbal .Dr. Pallavi Sharma .Dr. Deepak Yadav, Dr. Mateen, Dr. Sweta, Dr. ...more

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Physiotherapy, Gymnasium Equipments, Aerobics Training Centres, Nursing Homes & Clinics

Physiotherapy Treatment

Being a famous Physiotherapy centre in Kota, our entire endeavors lay towards proffering complete and effective physiotherapy treatment to the patients. We have with us highly experienced team of physiotherapists who are proffering Physiotherapy treatment to the patients who are suffering from any orthopedic ailments. With an objective to provide healthy life to the patients, we strive to confer effective Physiotherapy treatments to them so that we can lessen their suffering and make them free from their trouble. ...> more details

Kota Aerobics & Physiotherapy Centre Team

Kota Aerobics & Physiotherapy Centre Team ...> more details

Floor Exercise

If you are looking to join best health club in Kota, then, Kota Aerobics & Physiotherapy Centre is the perfect name to say. At our premises, we are giving training for floor exercise to the learners so that they will be in the perfect shape. After learning these floor exercises, you can easily do them at your home. The classes for floor exercise which we are providing are very economical so every person can easily join our centre. ...> more details


Backed by proficient and trained trainers, we have emerged as one of the renowned aerobics club in Kota. Here, we provide best aerobics training to the learners so that they can shape their body and foster healthy life. Aerobics trainers which we have appointed in our club are giving proper training and focusing on every individual. These aerobic exercises help clients in maintaining their health and keeping them fit all the time. ...> more details

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