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Ruby Hall Clinic in Pune was commenced in the year 1959, in a small bungalow with only 2 beds. Dr. K.B Grant, chairman of the clinic converted a private institution to a public charitable trust – Poona Medical Foundation in 1966. Later, it was converted to the Grant Medical Foundation in 2000. Ruby Clinic is having 550 inpatient beds including 130 intensive care beds, with staff of 150 consultants, 500 panel doctors, and 1400 paramedical staff. Pune’s first test tube baby and kidney transplant were executed in Ruby hospital. Last year, our hospital has brought the most advanced Imaging Technology – Positron Emission Tomography in Pune. Our hospital in Pune is currently having three Cardiac Cath Labs and two Linear Accelerators. For the excellent services and performance, our hospital is honored with so many awards and recognized by top organization and publications. With our patients and associates feedback, we are the most trusted and reliable hospital in Pune. We provide Clinical health Services, Diagnostic Services, and auxiliary services. Quality Assurance: In Ruby Hall Clinic, our staff is committed to provide quality in our all operations with the objective of achieving clinical excellence. For the patient safety and quality of care, we are accredited by NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers). We are continuously improving our capability to identify, develop and provide services that are appreciated by our patients. Our hi-tech medicinal facilities give us the potential to serve the mankind in case of critical diseases. Panel of Doctors: At Ruby Clinic, We are having expert panel of Doctors who are well experienced and bear in-depth knowledge in their specialized field. The doctors of our hospital are recruited from top of the medical institutes and industries. Our doctors are specialist and expertise in their respective field. At Ruby Hospital, we have constituted various departments like Cardiac, Dental, ENT, Dermatology, General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Physician, Spine Clinic, Endocrinology, Hematology, Neonatology, Clinical Psychologist, Acupressure and many more....more

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Reviews :1

Vishal 07 Nov, 2013

This hospital is Awesome ! The nurses and doctors are very helpful and hard working. They are Available every time we call them, are dedicated and fast...

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Reviews :2

Hardial 17 Oct, 2013

I was initially very scared of dental treatment but this private hospital has completely changed that, I like the use of a rubber sheet for isolation of tooth during treatment. Staff was all very friendly and gave great service.

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Reviews :3

Kamalesh 10 Oct, 2013

This is the popular allergy center in the city. They have all types of tools available for covering medical needs here and this is the good clinic for all categories of people. I m glad that I got my treatment from Ruby Hall Clinic.

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Reviews :4

Kalpana 26 Sep, 2013

Doctors at Ruby Hall Clinic, the algologist I met few days back is really a genuine doctor.  They have given the best therapy for curing my mother's elbow pain.

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Reviews :5

Aradhana 26 Sep, 2013

I got my tooth implantation done from here, and the results were awesome. Bless my dentist.

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Reviews :6

Dharmesh 05 Sep, 2013

Among many hospitals I have seen that they offer the best medical testing solution to their patients.

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Reviews :7

ankita 24 Dec, 2012


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Reviews :8

sagar p modh 14 Oct, 2012

high charges

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Reviews :9

renuka 08 Oct, 2012


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Reviews :10

Prachi Bhole 03 Oct, 2012

This is very Good Hospital

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