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With years of experience in our field, we Rockwood High School play an integral part in making the bright future of children. We are a learning institution that focuses all its efforts towards maintaining the high standards of education and other activities. Our school premises have a vast and well-equipped science laboratory that helps in providing the practical training to the students. A library is also developed by us in the school. This has all the latest and educational books & magazines for enhancing the reading skills of the students. Moreover, we not only pay attention on the studies but also make sure to have extra curricular activities for their overall personality enhancement of the children. Properly constructed with all the basic amenities, our school is known for its education, discipline and other curricular activities. All the teaching staff in our prestigious school is highly educated and possess years of experience in the profession of teaching. The classrooms are properly maintained with systematic sitting arrangements.There is also a school canteen that provides hygienic and nutritious food to the students. With our sound amenities and facilities, our school authorities have managed to meet the expectations of the students, parents and education standards. Facilities The infrastructure of our well-renowned school has been developed keeping in mind the basic facilities that may be required by the students. We have developed properly maintained and clean classrooms.in the school. These classrooms have tables and chairs that are in perfect condition for providing proper sitting arrangements. Moreover, there are various other facilities like sports room, science laboratory, computer room and canteen included in our school premises. Why Us? Over the years, we have managed to attain a prominent name as a premium educational institution. Assisted by our excellent facilities and highly educative teaching staff, we have been able to impart high level education among a number of students. The rockwood high school plays an important part in making and enhancing the future of the children. Listed below are some of the factors that make us a preferable choice in comparison to our counterparts: • Higher level education • 100% pass result • Availability of basic amenities • Cooperative teaching staff • Clean environment • Regular participation in extra curricular activities....more

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Primary, Secondary & Sr. Sec. Schools

Science Laboratory

We have constructed a Science Laboratory in our school premises. This lab has been equipped with latest equipment and tools that help the students in undertaking various practicals assignments given to them. We have appointed some experienced lab assistants, who possess complete knowledge regarding the technical handling of these practical laboratories. We also make sure that these laboratories are well-maintained with clean atmosphere. With our excellent facilities, we have been able to enhance the knowledge of the students studying in our school. ...> more details


A well-maintained library has also been constructed in our school premises. This library has a large number of books and magazines. We have kept various course, story and competitive books in the library. Besides this, newspapers and magazines are also available for reading purposes. Students can come and study in the noise free environment of the library. A proper sitting arrangement has been organized by the school authorities. A qualified librarian having complete knowledege regarding the books and library management has been hired by us. ...> more details

Extra Curricular Activities

Our school has been always believed in giving equal importance to the extra curricular activities. At our school, we provide training sessions in various activities like sports, dancing, singing, painting and more. Students are free to choose the co-curriculum activity of their own interest. Highly skilled and experienced trainers have been appointed by us to impart excellent qualities in the students. We also organize competitions that help in boosting up the moral and talent of the children. All the necessary amenities have been installed by us so as to undertake these curricular training sessions. ...> more details

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Reviews :1

Mangal 31 Jan, 2014

Being a student of this school I can say that the campus has an ambience that motivates students to grow and evolve as enlightened humans. They are among top leading schools of India.

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Reviews :2

Arun 06 Jan, 2014

Our 3 year old son prefers Learning in this Preschool and so do we. The pre-school is clean, well-maintained, and has enough for the kids to play

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Reviews :3

Abdul-Raheem 29 Nov, 2013

I have made some friends here that will last a life time. Here the classes are big and offer students a chance to actually learn and know their professors and teaches everyone that attends the importance of unity and cultural acceptance.

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Reviews :4

Amrinder 19 Nov, 2013

It's dynamic, interesting, and fun learning at this school.  Unlike last year at the public school, both of our children LOVE going to school and ASK to stay in the after school programs.  I would never have guessed that could happen, but it did.  The teachers are very caring and helpful and provide a remarkable environment where the students feel safe and cared for.

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Reviews :5

Devendar 08 Nov, 2013

Our kids have learned how to interact with their community (i.e. classmates, other students, and teachers).  They learn the importance of being thoughtful, when to lead and when to follow, etc.  Further, while the school has a very real world feels to it in terms of diversity and down-to-earth-ness.

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Reviews :6

Surya 20 Oct, 2013

This is the best school in the local region with high class educational infrastructure ,here best teaching faculty is present for teaching the students ,they encourage their students to participates in curricular activities

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Reviews :7

Bhajan 21 Aug, 2013

The classes are competitive and the hard work they do to make your child comprehend everything is noteworthy.

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Reviews :8

Girija 21 Jul, 2013

helps in developing talent in various fields

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