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Best Air Coolers in India – 2019 [Reviews and Buyer’s Guide]

Best Air Coolers in India

Most of the parts of India are considered as hot tropical areas. Extreme weather conditions, particularly summers in some regions, are hard to bear. Air coolers provide the easiest and cheapest method of cooling in Indian conditions.

However, with a large number of national and multi-national air cooler manufacturers looking to exploit the market needs, it is essential to choose the best. The criteria to select the best air cooler in India should depend on your requirements.

The size of the room you are attempting to cool and the environmental conditions in which you are installing the cooler is a significant factor. Air coolers have cooling pads that need regular cleaning.
There are two major types of coolers when you look for the perfect air cooler for you. The broad categories are desert cooler and room cooler. Desert coolers are required in extreme heat conditions, whereas room coolers are intended for smaller rooms in need of moderate cooling.

Top 10 Best Air Coolers in India 2019 – Reviews

1. Symphony Hicooli 31 Litre Air Cooler (White) – with Remote Control and i-Pure Technology

Symphony Hicool i 31 Litre Air Cooler (White) - with Remote Control and i-Pure Technology
  • HiCool i is a Personal Air Cooler suitable for spot cooling or cooling of smaller spaces within a room. It gives you maximum comfort and company.
  • i-Pure Technology in HiCool i provides multistage air purification. Comprising of 5 stage filter against dust, smell, allergy, bacteria and wash, HiCool i becomes your health guru.
  • Model: Hicooli
  • Power: 185W
  • Capacity: 31 Litres
  • Material: Thermoplastic
  • Warranty: 1 year

This air cooler by Symphony is compact and perfect for smaller rooms. It has a 5-stage air filter system that gets rid of dust, smell, allergy, bacteria. The exclusive Dura Pump technology extends the life of the pump. Voltage fluctuations are managed by SMPS technology.

The system restores feature enables you to restore previous settings so that time is not wasted in setting up the cooler again. The Empty Water Tank Alarm beeps for 5 seconds to let the user know when it is time to refill the tank. In this way, the tank never runs out of the water while you use the cooler.

It has a 7-hour timer and an Air Throw Distance of 37 ft. It comes in with an internal built-in remote dock. All the features can be controlled using a Full Function Intelligent Remote. This cooler has an additional ice inlet too along with the regular water inlet. Ice helps in maintaining a much lower temperature and keeps the cooling process going without any interruption.

There is an Overflow Outlet as well, which makes it easier to collect the left out water, probably in a bucket, and avoid spillage. It is completely eco-friendly. Hicooli does not release any harmful CFC gas like air conditioners, although, the cooling effect might be similar.

It can work on inverter power too. Honeycomb Pad takes care of remaining dust particles from the filter. This provides a clean airflow. The attached castor wheels make the cooler portable. You can place it outdoors as well as indoors. Open windows or doors enable cross ventilation.

The fan material is aerodynamic plastic. Auto Louver movement and Humidity control are some other features that increase the convenience of a consumer. It can deflect air in two directions with a maximum motor speed of 1400 rpm.

  • Large tank capacity
  • Advanced i-Pure technology
  • Good brand value
  • Remote control system
  • One year warranty

  • Very high power consumption
  • Thermoplastic body

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2. Bajaj Frio 23 Ltrs Personal Air Cooler (White)

Bajaj Frio 23 Ltrs Personal Air Cooler (White)
  • Capacity: 23 Litres; Ideal for room size of upto 150 Sq Ft. Suitable for all climates and costal regions
  • Product dimensions (LxBxH): 44.5 cm x 34.0 cm x 78.0 cm
  • Model: Frio
  • Power: 140 W
  • Capacity: 23 liters
  • Material: Plastic
  • Warranty: 1 year

The Frio air cooler by Bajaj comes with a tank capacity of 23 liters and is ideal for all kinds of weather in India. It comes under the category of a personal cooler. The cooler operates at a voltage of 230V and can consume power up to 140W.

The system works on Chill Trap technology, which ensures low pressure and speedy evaporation. The cooling pads are made up of Honeycomb, which provides excellent airflow. Besides, these pads are three-sided. You can even remove the pads easily to do regular cleaning of hard water and other debris.
The cooler is equipped with a separate ice chamber to cool further the water poured into it. Colder water will release colder air and hence keep the room cooler.

The air can be deflected in four directions and the speed of the blower can be controlled in a three-way mechanism. This enables even distribution of air. The blower has a 7-inch blade that blows out air at high speed through louvers, which run on a motor. The louvers are automated.

An empty water tank alarm ensures the convenience of the consumer. The automatic indicator that tells the level of water still left in the tank also helps in monitoring the water level. Overflow valve can be used to drain out excess water and a drain plug is provided to get rid of the misty water.

Castor wheels ensure the mobility of the cooler. The cooler does not produce much noise and works smoothly. It can also run on inverter power. The product comes with a 1 year warranty period. The position of the cooler should be such that cross ventilation is allowed to deliver the best results.

  • Has a trustworthy brand name
    Advanced Chill Trap technology
    Automatic water level indicator
    Low power consumption
    1-year warranty

  • Low tank capacity
    Plastic body

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3. Mother Glory Dual Bladeless Mini Fan Air Conditioner Water Air Cooler (Multi-Coloured)

  • Model: Dual Bladeless Mini Fan
  • Power: USB Powered
  • Capacity: Not available
  • Material: Plastic
  • Warranty: 10 days

The Mother Glory Dual Bladeless Mini Fan Air Conditioner Water Air Cooler is entirely different from conventional coolers. It is effortless to carry around from one room to another as per your requirements because this air cooler from Mother Glory is very light in weight compared to other air coolers. Unlike conventional air coolers, it does not have a massive structure that has to be wheeled around.

You can use this cooler both for indoor and outdoor purposes. It is especially suited for tiny spaces with minimal cooling requirements. It is more of a light and portable mini fan. These properties of the air cooler make it a perfect choice for students and working men and women living in small single rooms of flats, hostels or dorms. Since it does not take much space, it is quite popular a choice among such people. The pitch angle can be adjusted upwards or downwards as required.

Scent beads can be added into the box and the air cooler shall perform the next task. It will spread fragrant air all around your room which would be a refreshing experience. You can put in ice as well for enhanced cooling experience. Adding scent beads or ice does not affect the performance of the cooler.

This air cooler is USB powered. You can rely on this mini cooler if you have to face frequent power cuts. It can work on the saved power of a power bank as well.

  • USB powered
  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoors
  • Light in weight
  • Adjustable pitch angle
  • Scent bead and ice inlet

  • Short warranty period
  • Can cool only a very small area

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4. Orient Electric CD5003H 50-Litre Desert Air Cooler (Grey/Orange)

Orient Electric CD5003H 50-Litre Desert Air Cooler (Grey/Orange)
  • Dense nest honeycomb pads, 25 percent more cooling and 45 percent more water retention
  • Air delivery: 3650m3/hr, air throw: 60 ft, wattage: 190w, capacity: 50 litres
  • Model: CD5003H
  • Power: 190W
  • Capacity: 50 liters
  • Material: ABS
  • Warranty: 1 year

Orient Electric has been the market leader in manufacturing electrical appliances for years. Orient products come with top-class customer services and years of trust. This air cooler is a desert cooler. It is suitable for extreme conditions and consumes 190W power, can store 50 liters of water with ease.

This cooler is equipped with dense honeycomb pads netted together to provide 45% more water retention and 25% better cooling. Honeycomb pads distribute the water evenly and thus cool effectively. It is capable of throwing air up to a distance of 60 feet at a speed of 3650 cubic meters per hour. This strong air throw is due to the aero fan technology implemented in this setup.

The fan blade is of 16-inch size. The motor speed can be adjusted in three degrees, low, medium and high. The louvers are fully collapsible. The horizontal louver has to be controlled manually, whereas the vertical louver is motorized.

The body of the cooler is made of ABS, making it glossy as well as durable. All these factors enhance the longevity of this air cooler.

The refill process is automated, which ensures uninterrupted cooling. Also, the concept reduces the worries of the consumer to check and refill every time in extreme conditions. It can run on inverter power as well. The 50-liter tank has anti-bacterial properties, hinders the growth of any microbes or mosquitos in collected water. A cord winder and castor wheels enable quick and easy mobility.

  • Age-old reliability of Orient Electric
  • Aero fan technology
  • Anti-bacterial tank
  • Durable body structure
  • Warranty services of 1 year

  • Low tank capacity
  • Manual controller system

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5. Symphony Diet 22i 22 Litre Air Cooler (White) – with Remote Control and i-Pure Technology

  • Model: Diet 22i
  • Power: 170W
  • Capacity: 22 liters
  • Material: Thermoplastic
  • Warranty: 1 year

Symphony’s Diet 22i air cooler comes with the exclusive i-Pure technology that provides a five-stage filtration process. It is capable of getting rid of bacteria, dust, smell, allergy and wash. The Mosquito Net prevents the breeding of mosquitoes in stored water by not allowing them to accumulate in the tank. Dust-free filter does not allow any dust particles to pass through and ensures sanitized airflow.
It can cover an area of up to 150 square ft.

It is more suitable for smaller rooms with a size of 42 cubic meters. Considering the huge 22 liters of tank capacity, the power consumption is quite low. It will surely save on electricity bills. This is a smart cooler with a System Restore Function for a quick retreat to your previous settings, without doing the process over again. The honeycomb pads provide more efficient cooling and also remove any leftover dust particles.

Full Function Remote with Remote Placing Dock accounts for a seamless automated experience. The setup is user-friendly and easy. The 7-hour remote timer adds to the advanced features of the air cooler. Empty Water Tank Alarm alerts the user when the water level goes below a minimum bar. This enables the consumer to refill the cooler immediately.

Dura Pump technology helps the motor function better and longer. It has an enormous air throwing distance of 30 feet. This infers that the cooler can influence a large area and provide a cooling effect. A blower and not a regular fan, which results in efficient cooling, run the cooler. Water Level Indicator shows the current level of water and thus helps the user know when it is time for a refill.

The water inlet can take in both normal water and ice-cold water. Depending upon how cold the water is, the cooler decreases the temperature of the air that it throws out. The cooler works on inverter power and should ideally be installed in a place that allows cross ventilation, for better performance.

  • High tank capacity
  • Advanced i-Pure technology
  • Full Function Remote
  • Fully Function Remote for automatic control
  • Advanced i-Pure technology

  • Body made of thermoplastic
  • No water alarm, only indicator

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6. Bajaj PCF 25DLX 24 Ltrs Room Air Cooler (White) – for Medium Room

Bajaj PCF 25DLX 24 Ltrs Room Air Cooler (White) - for Medium Room
  • Capacity: 80 Litres; Ideal for room size of upto 150 Sq Ft. Suitable for all climates and costal regions
  • Product dimensions (LxBxH): 36.5 cm x 33.0 cm x 70.5 cm
  • Model: PCF 25DLX
  • Power: 80 Watts
  • Capacity: 24liters
  • Material: Plastic
  • Warranty: 1 year

The Bajaj PCF cooler is capable of cooling a medium-sized room, of a surface area about 150 square feet efficiently, in all types of climate. However, cross ventilation is necessary for this product to work properly because the mechanism largely depends on airflow.

The Honeycomb pads provide better cooling and last longer than pads made of other material. Also, the pads are removable so they can be easily cleaned for dirt or hard water accumulations. The cooling pads are three-sided.

It has a manual speed control system. You can use the knob to adjust the speed to high, low and medium. The cooler works quietly and seamlessly do not disturb the surroundings. The louver movement is automatic and the air can be deflected in four different directions.

It operates at 230 V standard electricity supply and can also run on inverter power. The user is given an alert whenever there is time for a refill of the tank. The air delivery occurs at a speed of 1700 cubic meters per hour. It can throw air up to a maximum distance of 18 feet. Good air thrust lowers the temperature of the room considerably.

The exterior looks very modern, and the air cooler is overall compact. Attached castor wheels ensure quick mobility. It has a power rating of only 80 Watts, which is very low in comparison to other coolers with similar tank capacity and specifications. This cooler will not increase your electricity bills steeply.

  • Low power consumption
    Suitable for all types of climate
    Large tank capacity
    Removable honeycomb pads
    Effective noise cancellation

  • No automatic remote support
    Plastic body structure

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7. Maharaja Whiteline Blizzard 20 CO-119 20 L Air Cooler (White and Grey)

Maharaja Whiteline Blizzard 20 CO-119 20 L Air Cooler (White and Grey)
  • Capacity: 20 Litres; Ideal for room size of 160 sq. ft
  • Product Dimensions: 36 cm X 37 cm X 97 cm
  • Model: Whiteline Blizzard 20 CO-119
  • Power: 150 Watts
  • Capacity: 20 liters
  • Material: Plastic
  • Warranty: 1 year

This product of the Blizzard 20 series from the Maharaja Whiteline segment has a tank capacity of 20 liters and can cool a room of surface area about 160 square feet. This cooler has an air delivery speed of 1000 cubic meters per hour and can throw air up to a distance of 33 feet.

It can deflect the air in four different directions. Speed can be adjusted at three levels, low, medium and high. The louver movement is motorized in the vertical direction, whereas it has to be manually controlled in the horizontal direction.

It has a submersible pump. The tank has anti-bacterial properties that prevent any contamination. There is a mosquito net to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes in collected water. Honeycomb pads provide overall cooling of the cooler from all sides.

The water level indicator shows the current level of water, and thus, the user knows when to refill the tank, in advance. There are inlets on the back and top along with a special ice chamber to pour in ice or chilled water. Colder water ensures the supply of cooler air.

Castor wheels enable the user to move the cooler around to the desired location. The body of the air cooler is shockproof to prevent any accident. Cross ventilation is an essential requirement for the cooler to function effectively.

The cooler runs at 230-240 V normally and is also capable of running on inverter power. However, there is no dedicated aroma chamber. It operates at minimal noise. The gross weight of the entire appliance is approximately 11 kg.

  • Separate ice chamber
  • Anti-bacterial tank
  • Multiple inlets and ice chamber
  • Good airspeed and throw
  • Anti-bacterial tank

  • Low tank capacity
  • Not fully automated controls

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8. Havells Freddo i 70-Litre Cooler (Brown/White)

Havells Freddo i 70-Litre Cooler (Brown/White)
  • Capacity:- 70 LTR
  • Product Dimensions:- 66 x 49.7 x 117 cm
  • Model: Freddo i
  • Power:200 Watts
  • Capacity: 70 liters
  • Material: ABS
  • Warranty: 1 year

The Freddo i cooler by Havells is one of the first-ever innovative air cooler range in India. It has a vast 70-liter tank capacity. An astonishing air delivery speed of 3500 cubic meters per hour is bound to cool any room effectively. Typically, it is well suited for air circulation in larger areas. An aluminum-based motor powers it.

Fully functional remote allows the user to control the temperature and other features of the cooler on a single click of the remote. It has a digital temperature display. A low water level warning is also displayed when the tank is near to the refill requirement.

The timer can be set in three modes, 1 hour, 2 hours, or 4 hours. The louvers are fully collapsible and thus restrict the entry of any insects or large dust particles. The upper part of the cooler can be separated from the lower section for easy cleaning. In addition, there is an encased knob on the top to drain out excess water.

There are three-sided honeycomb pads for cooling. Other special features include a dedicated ice chamber and a separate humidity controller. It comes with thermal overload protection and dry run protection to ensure the complete safety of the consumer. The auto-drain mechanism eases the process of draining out murky water.

Havells offers free warranty service for one year on this product. The warranty covers manufacturing defects and faulty control functions. The price range is slightly on the higher side and power consumption is also going to cost you a lot extra.

The caster wheels on this air cooler have special brakes to offer a seamless moving experience. It can be installed almost everywhere and the cooler will adapt accordingly.

  • ABS body
  • Remote controlled
  • Fully collapsible louvers
  • Trusted brand value
  • Fully automated

  • High power consumption
  • Not easily affordable

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9. Bajaj DC2016 67 Ltrs Room Air Cooler (White) – For Large Room

Bajaj DC2016 67 Ltrs Room Air Cooler (White) - For Large Room
  • Capacity: 67 Litres; Ideal for room size of upto 750 Sq Ft. Suitable for all climates and costal regions
  • Product dimensions (LxBxH): 64.0 cm x 55.0 cm x 111.0 cm
  • Model: Glacier DC2016
  • Power: 200 W
  • Capacity: 67 liters
  • Body: Thermoplastic
  • Warranty: 1 year

This air cooler can cool a room of surface area up to 750 square feet. It is suitable and effective in every type of climatic condition. It can regulate humidity and provide cooling in the coastal areas as well. The peak air delivery speed is 6500 cubic meters per hour, and the average rate is 3500 cubic meters per hour. It can throw air up to a distance of 90 feet, which is remarkable.

It has a wood wool cooling media which are attached on three sides of the cooler to improve the performance. The pads can be easily removed, cleaned and then replaced into their position.

The speed can be controlled manually with the help of a knob that switches to the air velocity to three degrees, high, medium and low. The swing or the deflection of air can be done in four different ways.

The water inlet is located on the front, back and top portions of the cooler. An auto water level indicator informs the consumer to refill the tank on time. There is a separate ice chamber for enhanced cooling purposes. In this manner, it caters to the demand at all atmospheric temperatures.

The styling of the cooler is at par with international standards and its size of the mega range. The sufficient cord length is 1.5 meters. Cross ventilation is crucial for the cooler to function correctly. Castor wheels help in easy mobility. It is rated to be operated at 230V/ 50Hz. The power consumption is, however, on the higher side.

  • High tank capacity
  • Multiple water inlets
  • Automatic water level indicator
  • High air delivery speed
  • Multiple water inlets

  • Wood wool cooling pads
  • No automation mechanism for controlling the speed

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10. Symphony Siesta 70 Ltrs Air Cooler (White)

Symphony Siesta 70 Ltrs Air Cooler (White)
  • Capacity: 70 Litres; Ideal for room size of upto 370 Sq Ft.
  • Product dimensions (LxBxH): 61.8 cm x 50.5 cm x 111.5 cm
  • Model: Siesta
  • Power: 160 Watts
  • Capacity: 70 liters
  • Material: ABS
  • Warranty: 1 year

The Symphony Siesta air cooler can hold a maximum of 70 liters of water when the tank is filled up to the brim. Cross ventilation is an essential requirement for the cooler to work correctly since its working mechanism mainly depends on the exchange of airflow.

The design is of a typical Vent air cooler. The air cooler is suited explicitly for desert conditions, in areas where a larger amount of cooling is required due to the prevalent, high temperatures.

It has an exclusive grill design to facilitate better air throw. The fan is of 16-inch size. It operates at 230 V. Cooling is done by implying the mechanism of Aspen cooling. The speed can be controlled manually by using a knob that regulates the airspeed at three stages, high, low and medium. The louver movement is automatic.

The cooler is equipped with a mosquito net that prevents the breeding of mosquitoes in the closed tank space. Dust filters ensure that the air entering the cooler is free from dust and thus maintains the air-quality. Other features include a cooling flow dispenser system.

The pump is powered by the Dura Pump technology, which elongates the life of the pump. Also, the pump works more fluently due to this particular technology. There are firmly attached wheels to move the cooler around the place. The noise level produced is not regulated. The structure of the cooler is overall, compact. Symphony is a specialist brand when it comes to air coolers.

  • ABS body
  • Dura Pump technology
  • Large tank capacity
  • Mosquito net
  • Trusted the brand that specializes in manufacturing air coolers

  • Non- automated speed controller mechanism
  • Noise level is not regulated

Check Price & Reviews on Amazon

Buyer’s guide to buy the Best Air Coolers

It is imperative to consider some significant factors while buying an air cooler. The air cooler should be picked according to your requirements. Some of the crucial elements are:

Category of cooler

To be extremely specific, air coolers can be classified into four categories:

  • Desert coolers- You can opt for a desert cooler if you reside in an area with hot weather conditions. Desert coolers have a tank capacity of above 30 liters at least. The maximum tank capacity is usually 50 liters. They are capable of efficiently cooling larger rooms and should be installed in an outdoor space with plenty of ventilation. Desert coolers should be purchased in cases of extreme cooling requirements for an ample area.
  • Personal coolers- These coolers are suitable for small rooms and the tank capacity is in the range of 20 to 30 liters. If you live in a humid region, it is best to buy a personal cooler. These coolers have blowers that provide better air throw, instead of fans.
  • Tower coolers- If you want all the perks of a personal cooler but do not have that much space to install one, tower coolers are something you should go for. Their specifications are similar to their cooler, but they require lesser space. In addition, the maintenance of tower coolers is a factor you will never have to worry much about. However, tower coolers are noisier than desert coolers.
  • Window coolers- Their design is such that they can be easily fitted into windows just like air conditioners. They save you a lot of floor space.

Size of the room

The dimensions of the place you want to cool play an essential role in choosing the cooler for that room. Small rooms with up to 15 square meters would require a cooler with a tank capacity of 15 liters. Rooms that are a little larger, with the surface area around 28 square meters can be cooled using air coolers with a tank capacity of 25 liters.

Large rooms with a surface area of 57 square meters require an air cooler of at least 40 liters to cool them completely. Huge spaces, of the surface area up to 80 square meters, need a cooler with a tank capacity of 55 liters or higher.

Cooling Pads

The cooling pads present in the air cooler are essential. They are responsible for most of the cooling operations.

Honeycomb cooling pads are made of cellulose material, shaped into a honeycomb. They must be preferred since they are easy to clean and also distribute the water flow across the surface evenly. They last longer as well.

Wood wool cooling pads or Aspen cooling pads are made of wood shavings. They require high maintenance and do not last much longer. They have to be changed periodically. Also, they are not very efficient.

Power Consumption

An air cooler of 130 W rating consumes around 0.2 units of electricity. More the power rating, more electricity units will be consumed and thus higher expenses will be incurred. So, the power consumption of any air cooler is essential to note before purchasing it. Make sure your air cooler consumes as less power as possible because summers require you to use the air cooler for a long duration. This can increase your bills further.


With the growing number of diseases and new viruses, bacteria being discovered each day, it is crucial in today’s times to ensure that your cooler has an efficient filtering system. Air coolers work on the mechanism of exchange of airflow, so it is important to be sure that the air going into the cooler is free from any bacteria or dust.

Also, the tanks should be preferably anti-bacterial. Air coolers require water to be stored in them. Mosquitoes and other microbes can multiply in collected or stagnant water. Also, the water you put in the cooler is not that clean or pure. This favors the growth of bacteria and can cause a variety of diseases that may harm you. Be sure that the cooler you purchase has some defense mechanism. Mosquito nets are also useful in restricting mosquitoes.

Advanced Features

In the era of automation and digital technologies, it is an added advantage to have special advanced features in your air cooler. They save you time and prevent any interruptions in the operation of the air cooler.

The Empty Water tank alarm, present in many air coolers nowadays has emerged as a requirement, rather than leisure. It allows you to refill the tank immediately. Next time when you switch your cooler on, you do not have to worry about the low water level.

In some coolers, the pump switches off automatically if there is no water. Note that the pump should not be used if there is no water in the tank. By chance, if you forget to turn off the pump in case of no water, a short circuit may occur, which can damage the pump permanently. Replacing a pump is costly. To avoid this situation, the automatic mechanism makes it easier for you to control the cooler.

This guide is specially curated to assist you in selecting the best air cooler in India 2019. Purchase an air cooler that suits your requirements, based on the above factors to ensure a better product experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding Air Coolers

1. Which type of body material is better for coolers?

If the cooler you are eyeing, has an ABS plastic body, it would be the best choice as far as body material is concerned. ABS bodies resist dust to an extent, which standard plastic air coolers are unable to do.

2. Which type of cooling pads should be preferred?

Honeycomb cooling pads are the best choice for pads. The mechanism on which they work ensures more cooling and less maintenance. Also, they are made of cellulose that lasts longer.

3. What is the ideal tank capacity for a cooler?

Considering a medium-sized room, an air cooler with a tank capacity of around 25-30 liters should be sufficient. However, for larger rooms, prefer tanks with a 57-liter capacity.

4. What is the ideal power consumption of an air cooler?

The power consumption incurred by a cooler depends on its tank capacity. To cool a medium-sized room, you should not use an air cooler with more than 150 Watt rating.

5. What is the Empty Tank alarm?

The Empty Tank alarm is a feature in air coolers that alerts the consumer when it is time to refill the tank by producing a beep sound for a certain amount of time. In some coolers, there is only a water level indicator. In such a scenario, you have to judge yourself when to refill the tank.

6. Why is an ice chamber required?

In areas with extreme heat, the ice chamber is a necessity. When you pour ice into the cooler, the water becomes colder. Due to the evaporation mechanism, the resultant air thrust outwards is also cooler than usual.

7. What is the advantage of a remote facility?

The remote function in the air cooler allows you to control the temperature and speed of the blower/fan even when you are not close to it. In manual systems, you have to walk up to the cooler to place the knob at the required speed level.

8. What is the most important feature of an air cooler?

The tank capacity of an air cooler is a feature that it cannot function without. Even if you have all the other advanced controlling features, there will be no result if there is nothing to control. The tank capacity should be according to the size of your room.


Follow the buyer’s guide to purchasing the best air cooler for yourself. These are some of the best air coolers in India in 2019. The Havells Freddo i air cooler stands out from the pack due to its innovative technology. Digital display and automatic controls make it a top-class product. Also, it has a 70-liter tank capacity. So, it can quickly cool large spaces efficiently. However, everyone might not be able to afford such a lavish product. Also, it consumes more power.

If you are on a very tight budget and looking for something to clear just a very small space, the mini cooler by Mother Glory is a good option. It has an entirely different mechanism than the market owner products in India. It runs on battery so it can be useful if your area has frequent power cuts.

The Symphony Hicooli air cooler will prove to be a perfect choice for you if you require cooling for medium-sized rooms. It has all the advanced features along with a 31-liter water tank capacity. It is lower in price than the Havells Freddo i cooler but the features are similar. The Hicooli product can be treated as a more affordable option for comparatively smaller spaces.

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