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Best Gas Geysers in India – 2019 [Reviews and Buyer’s Guide]

Best Gas Geysers in India

Is it so cold outside? Is the water so chilly that you wish to stay miles away from it? Of course, it’s the most challenging task to take those morning showers with the cold, chilled water. Not only this but throughout the winters, you feel so sluggish to step out of your cozy quilts and get a bath in that early morning freezing water.

This is where you realize a desperate need of a geyser. Certainly, geysers have become a crucial part of everyone’s life and hence, all desire to have an efficient geyser to enjoy the warm water and have those refreshing showers.

Now the primary question is – which geyser to buy? Investing in the right geyser is necessary to procure the best out of it. The market is flooded with numerous geysers with distinct features that might leave you tangled in dicey thoughts. Of course, everyone wants the best out of the investments they make and when it comes to a geyser, people look for efficiency in performance too.

Top 10 Best Gas Geysers in India 2019 – Reviews

Here, we present to you an elaborate list of the best gas geysers in India in 2019 from which you can choose. We have also listed out their features, advantages, and disadvantages to help to make a better decision.

1. Bajaj New Shakti GL

Bajaj New Shakti Storage 15 Ltr Vertical Water Heater, White, 4 Star
  • 2 KW Heating Element
  • Fire Retardant cable with 3 pin plug.
  • Wattage: 2KW heating
  • Capacity: 10L, 15L, and 25L
  • ISI Mark: Yes
  • Warranty: 2-Year

The Bajaj New Shakti GL is an ultimate solution to all the cold water troubles. It is available in all the desired capacities – 10L, 15L, and 25L variants. This model is a 2000 watts model and is highly suitable for high rise buildings. It has a powder-coated metallic body and comes with an adjustable thermostat.
Moreover, it has a magnesium anode for better protection from any unexpected corrosion or leakage. It has a unique temperature indicator dial which helps you determine the right temperature and adjust it at your convenience.

It has a fire retardant cable with a 3-pin plug to suit well to the commonly used sockets. It provides you with protection against overheating, dry heating and overpressure with multiple safety systems. The inbuilt special protection device attracts all the harmful salts from the water and keeps the tank healthy and safe. It is very suitable for high pressure and any pressure pump installation.

It comes with a two years warranty on product and a separate five years warranty on an inner tank making it highly reliable. As per the BEE 2015 guidelines, this geyser is 4-star rated and hence, is highly demanded by the customers being amongst the most efficient geysers.

  • Comes with auto cut off feature to avoid overheating
  • Avoids corrosion or any such issue hence, leading to a longer life
  • It has a 4-in-1 safety multifunctional valve
  • Saves electricity and thus saves cost with a 4-star rating
  • Retains heat with inbuilt PUF insulation

  • There’s no water level indicator
  • You’ll receive a free installation from the customer care, though you have to pay for other charges such as pipes, taps, etc

Check Price & Reviews on Amazon

2. V-guard 6 L Safefloplus Gas Geyser

V-guard 6 L Safefloplus Gas Geyser(White)
  • Over heat cut off: yes
  • Colour: White
  • Wattage: Not available
  • Capacity: 6L
  • ISI Mark: Yes
  • Warranty: 2-Years

The V-guard 6 L Safefloplus Gas Geyser comes with all one looks for. The unique chick and smart design will elegantly beautify your bathroom without seeming to be a bulky add-on when it comes to weight, no worries! It’s a sleek and light weighted geyser that fits the location nicely.

This geyser is known to consume a very minimal amount of electricity. Thus, it does not burden your bills when compared with other conventional geysers in the market. Being a 5 star rated product, it helps you to consume less amount of energy. It is effortless and convenient to use and comes with several different user-friendly features to further simplify its use.

It has an adjustable thermostat and thermal cut off to ensure higher safety. Also, it has an automatic ignition system to make sure you use it conveniently. It warms up the water comparatively faster and allows a smooth water flow.

It has a 6L capacity making it convenient for the entire family. It not only allows you to have those refreshing baths but also assists you in other sundry household activities. Thus, it is an ultimate geyser that suits all of your needs and comes with all the desired features to make sure your convenience is kept as a priority.

  • Has better energy conservation saving a lot from your electricity bill
  • The automatic ignition system
  • Automatic thermal cut off ensure your utmost safety and protection from unexpected incidents
  • Has a sleek design to suit your smart bathroom
  • Overcomes the overpressure

  • Works only on LPG, not PNG
  • Installation is chargeable

Check Price & Reviews on Amazon

3. MinMax Metal Instant Water Gas Geyser

  • Wattage: Not available
  • Capacity: 6L
  • ISI Mark: Yes
  • Warranty: 18 months

MinMax Metal Instant Water Gas Geyser has all one looks for into a water heater. This is an LPG geyser coming in a 6L capacity which fits best for the entire family’s use at once. It has an automatic ignition system which ensures you a hassle-free experience. There is an inbuilt chimney style smoke exhaust device that allows you a clean, smoke-free environment by avoiding any unexpected collection of geyser smoke.

It initially starts at low pressure and gradually takes up the pace, ensuring you a safer start. It has a fire out protection device again, keeping your safety under utmost consideration. It comes with a water and gas combination valuable unit which helps in determining the consumption value of both.

It has an overheating protection device that keeps the geyser at the right temperature and avoids overheating. The inbuilt auto cut features assure an auto-off soon after 20 minutes of its continuous working. This dramatically reduces the chances of hazards or accidents.

This geyser has been made keeping in mind the importance of energy consumption and hence, saves 70% of electricity and works on 0 pressures. This ultimate geyser has 18 months of warranty standing best up to the reliability of the customers.

It has a 100% heavy copper tank and comes with a flame failure safety device. Thus, this geyser comes with every feature and fits best to all the requirements and hence, is amongst the best geyser in India 2019.

  • Works on LPG
  • Easy to install
  • Consumes less power
  • Convenient to use with friendly features
  • Provides safety from electric accidents

  • It doesn’t work on PNG
  • Other requirements during installation such as hose pipes might cost separately

Check Price & Reviews on Amazon

4. Bajaj Majesty Duetto LPG

Bajaj Majesty Duetto Gas 6 LTR Vertical Water Heater (LPG), White
  • Type : Gas; Capacity : 6 Litres
  • Free Installation is provided by the Brand. Offer only covers installation, accessories are to be purchased separately. Kindly contact 022-4128-0000 for more information.
  • Wattage: 2000 Watt
  • Capacity: 6L
  • ISI Mark: Yes
  • Warranty: 2 years

The Bajaj Majesty Duetto LPG comes with a warranty of 2 years, ensuring the customers’ reliability. It has multi safety options like child lock to keep your children safe, anti-freeze device and flame failure device which assures you with utmost protection from unexpected accidents.

It comes with an automatic 20 minutes timer and a maximum heating temperature limit of 85 degrees Celsius as an add-on to your safety measures. It uses 3VC DC volts of electricity to make sure of power conservation.

It has a pre-coated steel body that keeps it safe and in better conditions for a long time. Also, it comes with an advanced combustion technology for efficient thermal efficiency. It has a thick heat copper exchanger and auto-ignition system which makes its handling easier and hassle-free.

Its overheat protection cut off automatically switches it off, and its inlet water flow sensor helps you determine the water flow. Also, it keeps the users safe from dry heat. This is yet another factor that adds to its convenience aspect.

Its 6L water storage makes it easy for the whole family’s use at once. The burner safety ensures greater security. The oxygen depletion sensor is another safety feature that lets your mind at rest and peace. This is an ultimate package that comes with all the desired features one looks for. This geyser is one of the best choices one could make when looking for an efficient and features equipped geyser.

  • Safety of children with child lock
  • Automatic timer for safety
  • Autoignition which eliminates hassles
  • 6L water storage for better and convenient usage
  • It comes in both LPG and png uses

  • Self-installation
  • Water flow is mandatory to start the geyser

Check Price & Reviews on Amazon

5. LONGWAY Xolo Gold DLX

  • Wattage: 4.5 watt
  • Capacity: 7L
  • ISI Mark: Yes
  • Warranty: 1 year

Looking for a geyser that fits best to all of your regular requirements and is packed with all the desired features you wish your geyser must-have? No worries! Here’s your perfect geyser match. LONGWAY Xolo Gold DLX geyser comes with fully automated Japanese technology. It works instantly with flame failure protection. It has an overheating safety system to ensure the safety of the users.

It saves 30% more gas by using the best extra dense gas exchanger. It comes with a battery-operated automatic ignition system which makes a lot of tasks simpler and convenient. This geyser has an extra-large burner with both summer and winter options for quick water heating.

It has an inbuilt gas and water adjustment features to simplify its operation. The container inside is built from pure copper for better durability and efficiency and this geyser is suitable for both low and high-pressure installations. Its design is sleek, attractive and is elegantly built to suit best with your smart bathroom fittings.

This geyser comes with the main unit, a warranty card and a well-defined user manual which would quickly assist you with its use and other relevant instructions. Also, a 12 months warranty is offered to maintain the reliability of the customers. This geyser matches best to all of your requirements and is one of the most popular gas geysers currently available in the market and hence, this could be a perfect choice for all.

  • Safety features for utmost protection
  • It will help you conserve both gas and electricity
  • Longer life with durability features
  • The warranty assures you of the utmost reliability

  • No digital display available
  • It doesn’t work on PNG

Check Price & Reviews on Amazon

6. Singer Aqua Jwala

Singer Aqua Jwala 6 LTR LPG Gas Geyser (White)
  • 6 Ltr Capacity with Auto Ignition LPG Gas Geyser
  • Gas Flow Cut Off timer for extra Safety
  • Wattage: Not available
  • Capacity: 6L
  • ISI Mark: Yes
  • Warranty: 1-Year

The Singer Aqua Jwala geyser comes with a 6L capacity that fits best to the use of the entire family. It works over LPG and doesn’t require electricity to operate, which certainly helps you save a lot of money. It has a premium quality copper heat exchanger which allows instant heating of water right on time.
Moreover, it comes with several safety features such as flame failure protection, overheat protection, gas cut off time and other safety features that ensure the users with utmost safety and security from unexpected incidents.

It has a stainless steel burner which keeps it protected from corrosion or some relevant reactions and hence, ensures a longer life of the geyser. It comes with a 1 KG copper heat exchanger which allows an instant heating up of the water at the desired time. Also, it comes with a user manual that would smartly assist you with each step to operate your geyser. It also has a warranty period which keeps the customers’ reliability at utmost consideration.

The outer body is constructed with high-quality steel assuring you with higher safety and also, protects the body of the geyser from any wear or tear. Coming to you in an affordable range, this geyser meets all the requirements one looks for and hence, can be the ideal choice for purchase.

  • Impeccable safety features allow a secure environment
  • Can be easily operated on LPG
  • Stainless steel keeps your environment free from corrosion

  • Uninterrupted gas supply is a must for its operation
  • No digital display is available

Check Price & Reviews on Amazon

7. Surya Instant Water Heater

  • Wattage: Not available.
  • Capacity: 6 L
  • ISI Mark: Yes
  • Warranty: 1 year

Being manufactured in India, the Surya Instant Water Heater holds trust in the nation. It comes with a GEN – 4 Technology introduced the first time in India with a built-in oxygen sensor. It has an automated 20-minute overheat detection sensor. This indicates that the geyser has been made keeping in mind that the safety of the users is the utmost priority. Also, it has a flame failure sensor which again contributes to the safety and protection of the customers.

Its heavy copper heat exchanger tank assures the best results in minimum possible time. Its 6L capacity makes it compatible with the use of the entire family at once eliminating the hassles of time and efforts. Its sleek and smart designs fit best with all kinds of bathroom designs and hence, uplifts the elegance of the place.

This smart geyser understands the importance of energy conservation and therefore, uses less of the electricity consumption.

Coming with an unlimited 1-year warranty, Surya Instant Water Heater builds up true and honest customer reliability. Thus, this geyser is packed up with all the requirements one looks for into a geyser before purchase, making it one of the most rated products under the best gas geysers in India reviews.

  • A 1-year warranty keeps you free from worries
  • Supports LPG
  • Smart sensors keep you and your family safe
  • Hassle-free usage to make it convenient for users
  • Advanced technology enables you an exceptional experience

  • No digital display
  • Is not supported with PNG

Check Price & Reviews on Amazon

8. Hindware Atlantic 6L LPG and PNG Geyser Water Heater

  • Wattage: 11 watts
  • Capacity: 6 L
  • ISI Mark: Yes
  • Warranty: 2 Years

Hindware Atlantic geyser comes with a 6L capacity with suits best to the requirement of all the family members at once eliminating the extra time and efforts. It is an all-rounder as it works on both LPG and PNG. This makes it very convenient for all kinds of gas users.

It comes with a hassle-free, independent automated ignition system. This is yet another reason that makes it convenient for users to operate the geyser. It comes with superior safety features that assure the users their utmost protection from unexpected accidents.

With an excellent Hi-Tech design enabled with several features, Hindware Atlantic comes with all that one wishes for. It works on a low pressure assuring smooth operation of the geyser. It has built-in climate-based optimization which automatically optimizes the geyser as per the climatic conditions.

Its sleek and smart design suits best with your other intelligent bathroom fittings, enhancing the elegant look of your place. Also, the smart features of this modern geyser assure you with better experiences with comfort and convenience.

  • Works on both LPG and PNG
  • It can easily work on regular normal water flow
  • Safety features ensure a safe environment
  • Will fit best to your area’s climatic conditions
  • Hassle-free use

  • No digital display available and hence, the knobs are to be used
  • Self-installation might cost some charges

Check Price & Reviews on Amazon

9. DIGISMART Aqua LPG Instant Gas Water Heater

  • Wattage: 1 Watt
  • Capacity: 6L
  • ISI Mark: Yes
  • Warranty: 1 Year

DIGISMART Aqua LPG Instant Gas Water Heater comes with a smart, fully automated and diligent Japanese technology. It works super instantly with ultimate flame failure protection. It has an inbuilt overheating safety system which ensures the customers’ safety.

Packed with so many features, this geyser is 75% cheap as compared to several others available in the market and also, it assists in saving 30% of the actual gas consumption by using a premium quality extra heavy heat exchanger. It comes with an automated ignition system which makes it operations easier and convenient.

Its super elegant and attractive design makes it better than other geysers in the market. It’s packed with several different quality features that stand up to the expectations of the buyers. It comes with extra-large burners with both summers as well as winter options for quick and instant water heating. It has an inbuilt gas and water flow adjustment, which makes it easier to control the respective flows. Also, it has a flame failure safety device that ensures the utmost safety of its users. Its container is made from pure copper which ensures the geyser’s more extended durability and better efficiency.

This geyser is perfectly suitable for both low as well as high-pressure installations. Its coated metal body ensures its safety from corrosion or similar reactions keeping the geyser safe. It has all you could wish for. Comes with a trust of ISI specifications, this geyser has all one requires and hence, stands on the top of the list.

  • Works on LPG
  • Suits all kinds of installation pressures
  • Cost-efficient
  • Consumes comparatively lesser gas
  • Safety features ensure protection

  • It doesn’t work on PNG
  • No digital technology-enabled

Check Price & Reviews on Amazon

10. Racold DGI CF LP LPG

  • Wattage: 550 Watt
  • Capacity: 5L
  • ISI Mark: Yes
  • Warranty: 2 years

The Racold DGI CF LP LPG geyser is a 5L capacitated geyser which comes with several distinct features. It provides built-in auto protection from a gas leak and ensures the customers’ safety. Moreover, it has a double safety feature which assures the advanced security of the users with two solenoid valves.

It ranks as one of the safest geysers at present. It comes with a child lock to keep children protected and safe from unexpected accidents. It supports low pressure and hence, is highly suitable for areas that have comparatively low water pressure.

This geyser is a suitable option if you need to use a geyser throughout the year. It has both summer as well as winter options which make it possible for the users to adjust it as per their convenience concerning the weather conditions.

It comes with a two year warranty period which keeps its buyers’ reliability on the top. Its automated timer switches the geyser off soon after 20 minutes of continuous working, which ensures the safety and convenience of the users. This system also makes the geyser consume only the required minimum amount of power supply to get you the desired result.

  • Suitable for both summers and winters
  • It comes with a digital temperature display
  • Safety features keep your protection under consideration
  • Child lock keeps your children safe
  • Auto-timer makes things easier

  • Not suitable for high water pressure
  • Installation might charge some costs

Check Price & Reviews on Amazon

Buyer’s guide to buy the Best Gas Geysers

Are you looking to buy a geyser but are stuck at wondering which one to buy? Are you messed up between several deals and distinct features offered by different geysers available in the market? No worries! Here is the solution to all of your fears. A crisp elaboration to all those necessary aspects one must look over to buy the right geyser of their choice amongst all of the best geysers in India.


The most important aspect is the capacity of the geyser you wish to buy. Make sure the geyser you buy has the optimum capacity which could fit best to the number of people using it at once.

In the market, there are several different geysers available with various capacities. And so, you must buy the one who holds the capacity to use it at once. The available geysers in the market are from 1 to 20+ L capacitated. You have to ensure that the one you buy must meet the consumption requirements of all and hence, should be of optimal capacity.

Tank coating material

Several geysers in the market have different tank coating material which has its benefits. Thus, you have to choose the one which would fit best to your requirements.

The geysers which have a glass line coated tank improve insulation. Thus, if you wish to have efficient insulation, this could be your ideal choice. Though, these geysers can be damaged with continuous use.

On its contrary, the geyser which comes with a vitreous enamel coating ensures corrosion resistance and protects the geyser. Also, it prevents hard water scaling. Thus, the choice is yours. Choose the right geyser as per your basic requirements.


Traditionally, the geysers are vertically mounted. The horizontally mounted geysers are new arrivals in the market. You have to choose the one which fits best to the style you prefer.

Safety features

Safety always comes first. And so, make sure the geyser you wish to buy is well enabled with all the safety and protection features in it.

The geysers their days come with a child lock feature, which is considered to be very efficient as it keeps the children safe from unexpected accidents.

Also, there are many other features such as overheating protection, auto cut off timer, and so on, which ensures the utmost safety of the users. Thus, buy the right geyser which has all the safety features to ensure the maximum protection of yourself as well as your entire family.

Energy-saving features

Of course, geysers consume a lot of energy. So, make sure the geyser you buy is efficient enough to save as much energy as possible.

There are several geysers in the market which has a 1 – star rating and many with 5 – star rating. You must opt for the one which comes with a 5-star rating. This will help you save a lot of money as it is greatly energy-efficient.

Moreover, a geyser that comes with different features like a thermostat, temperature knobs, timers and auto cut off will ultimately save energy for you. Thus, make sure the geyser you buy has these features enabled in it.


You must buy a geyser from a good and trusted brand only. This is because such geysers have brand trust and support and hence, are highly reliable to the customers for purchase.

Certainly, geysers that do not belong to any brand do not hold good faith in the market and might turn out to be highly inefficient, making your entire investment a waste. So you must buy the gas geyser that belongs to a good brand.

Geyser wattage

Always keep crucial attention over the wattage a geyser possesses because the wattage is something that makes a geyser faster or slower.

A geyser with 4.5 kW will heat the water quicker and faster whereas, a geyser with 2 kW would comparatively heat the water slowly. Thus, buy a geyser which has good wattage to experience excellent efficiency in heating water.

Geyser installation

Do not buy a geyser which has a lot of troubles to get installed. This will do nothing else but cost you unnecessary money. Moreover, these geysers usually turn out to be inefficient with time.

The geysers which are smart and efficient usually have a hassle-free installation process. And of course, this is the reason why they are called smart. Buy a geyser that is easy to install and process.

Looks and design

Of course, everybody is concerned about how their place looks like. So why to get a geyser which is so monotonous to look and also, degrades the elegance of your place.

The smart and efficient geysers these days, or else, the new geysers, come with sleek and attractive styles that fit best to the elegance of the place where they are installed along with, having all the desired features.

So buy a smart modern geyser which uplifts the aura of your place.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding Gas Geysers

1. What capacity should the water heater be purchased?

It depends on your usage.

2. Where can we get our water heater installed?

It depends on how you require it like bathroom use or kitchen use.

3. How to choose between vertical and horizontal mounting?

This depends on what style you prefer more.

4. How long would my geyser last?

On average, the geysers may last for three or more years. This depends on which geyser you buy.

5. Is there any requirement of permits to install a geyser?

No. You don’t need any permit to install a geyser.

6. How will I understand that I need to replace my geyser?

You’ll realize the need for a new geyser if your existing one falls down inefficiently.

7. What should I do in case of any emergency with the water heater?

You must turn off the gas and the water supply at first.


It is very crucial to keep a lot of things under utmost consideration before you buy any geyser as per your requirements. Its features, of course, play a significant role in determining whether you must buy it or not.

Not only this, but you have to ensure whether it fits best to your environment or is causing you troubles. Along with this, you must keep in mind whether your geyser saves you money or you are unnecessarily paying those long gas, water, or electricity bills that were not meant to occur.

The Bajaj New Shakti GL geyser can be a perfect choice for the entire family. It has a high capacity, an advanced internal mechanism to ensure efficiency and safety, an extended warranty period, a 4-star rating and a trustworthy brand’s name.

For the users who don’t want their geyser being a financial burden, we would also recommend MinMax Metal Instant Water Gas Geyser as it saves 70% of power and works on zero water pressure. Plus, it comes with a 5-star rating, a proper warranty period and sufficient capacity.

Hence, you can see there is a lot to understand and evaluate before you finalize a geyser to purchase. And so, the terms mentioned above will certainly assist you in choosing the right geyser standing up to the mark of your expectations amongst the best geyser in India in 2019.

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