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Best Hand Blenders in India – 2020 [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

Hand Blenders in India
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Cooking is an art, and an artist requires pieces of equipment to do justice to its craft. In the same way, types of equipment in the kitchen give you a helping hand and facilitate better cooking practices with added aid. Hand blenders, as the name suggests, are handy and easy to operate. They help you avoid heavy food processors for simple tasks.

Moreover, they take almost no space in the kitchen and are of a lot of use. Blending, juicing, grinding, mixing baby food, and they become more versatile with accessories and attachments.

Therefore, we here bring you the list of best hand blenders in India with their reviews and technical brief to help you with your cooking and various culinary needs in the kitchen.

The list includes powerful, multipurpose, and useful hand blenders which are not meant just for blending. So, lets quickly get into the details.

Top 10 Best Hand Blenders In India:

1. Koryo Multipurpose 6-in-1 Hand Blender

  • Watts Power:- 600 Watts
  • Functions:- Blending, chopping, and whisking
  • Attachments:- Stainless steel shaft, plastic shaft, chopper jar, multi-purpose jar, and storage tray
  • Warranty:- 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on the product

Koryo Multi-Purpose hand blender is a multi-functional device with a variety of operations through attachments and accessories. The blender is carefully designed for easy controls with a durable body. It gets easily attached to various accessories and has simple controls, ergonomic design, and attractive looks.

The hand blender comes with two shafts, one stainless steel, and the other plastic. These shafts with blades can be used for the blending of various food items along with the anti-splash design. To assist blending, a measuring beaker of 550ml is provided for making of your milkshake, juice, and more convenient.

The blender comes with a chopper jar of 600 ml with a versatile lid, to be used as an anti-slip base and top. The last attachment, the Whisks attachment facilitates quick whisk of various liquids without any hassle and physical toll. All of these attachments come with a locking tray to lock and convenient store your Koryo multipurpose hand blender.

The blender system has versatile and easy operations with utilities like a locking stray and powerful with 600 Watts. The blender is capable of doing functions of various food processors and is a complete solution for your, blending, chopping, and whisking needs. It is is also reasonably priced and comes with a manufacturer’s warranty for 1-year.

  • Multi-purpose
  • Anti-splash design
  • Locking-tray for storage and handling
  • Beaker jar, chopping jar, and various utilities provided
  • Powerful and easy operations
  • No cons

2. Black+Decker Powerful Hand Blender

  • Watts Power:- 600 Watts
  • Functions:- Blending, chopping, and whisking
  • Attachments:- Stainless steel shaft, chopper jar, whisker attachment, beaker jar, and wall rack
  • Warranty:- 2-years manufacturer’s warranty

Black+Decker BXBL6002IN is a multipurpose hand blender. The blender has a powerful operation of 600 Watts for various functions. The hand blender comes with multiple accessories for blending, chopping, and whisking for aid in cooking. The hand blender has a modern design and is apt for various uses with changeable attachments and accessories provided with the set.

The Black+Decker hand blender comes with a removable stainless steel shaft. The shaft can be removed for cleaning and for changing the attachments. It has an anti-splash design that covers the blade section in a dome-shaped design. The chopping jar provided with the set quickly attached the blender above it to rotate blades inside for easy and tidy chopping with 500 ml capacity.

The last attachment of the blender set is the stainless steel whisk for whisking of liquids and helping you in other culinary requirements without stressing your hand doing it. It offers quick and even whisks. The blender comes with a 700 ml beaker for measurements, blending, and pureeing. A wall rack comes along the hang blender to hang it conveniently.

The blender has multiple speed controls and on and off Turbo buttons. The design is also handy and ergonomically designed for the intended use. The blender comes from renowned brand Black+Decker, priced reasonably for functions and quality along with 2-years of manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Multi-purpose
  • Handy design and lightweight
  • Supplied with a 700ml beaker
  • Anti-splash shaft design
  • Powerful 600 watts operation
  • Short power cable

3. Inalsa Hand Blender Robot INOX 1000 Powerful (3 in 1)

  • Watts Power:- 800 Watts
  • Functions:- Blending, chopping, and whisking
  • Attachments:- Stainless steel shaft, chopper jar, whisk attachment, and beaker
  • Warranty:- 2-years manufacturer’s warranty

Inalsa Robot INOX 1000 is a powerful multipurpose hand blender. It has 800 watts of operation through a silent DC motor to make your kitchen preparation less noisy for your family members. The hand blender has a 3-in-1 multipurpose design, which allows blending, chopping, and whisking from the same set of the hand blender.

The set of the hand blender is supplied with a removable stainless steel shaft, a chopping jar, and a whisking attachment. The stainless steel shaft is intended for blending and pureeing with anti-splash design to keep your kitchen tidy. It is also supplied with a beaker for the use. The chopping jar of the set has blades inside and a lid which attached the blender for rotating the blades for shopping.

The last attachment of the whisk gets attached like a shaft for whisking of liquids and bakery preparations like batter. The powerful operation of the blender gets everything done quickly and tidily with accessories supplied with, which are also ideal for storing. The blades of the shaft and whisk are stainless steel made, and the blender also has a metallic finish along with black color.

Control of the hand blender is innovatively located on the top of speed control through a rotating knob and buttons located on the front section of the blender body. The product is heavy-duty along with lock and press operation and sophisticated design. It also comes covered under the manufacturer’s warranty against manufacturing defects.

  • Multi-purpose
  • 800 watts silent DC motor
  • Sophisticated and practical design
  • Anti-splash design and stainless steel blades
  • Innovative rotating knob speed control
  • Power indicator light
  • No cons

4. Bosch Lifestyle MSM2650B Hand Blender

  • Watts Power:- 600 Watts
  • Functions:- Blending, chopping, and, whisking
  • Attachments:- Stainless steel shafts, chopping jar, whisker, and beaker
  • Warranty:- 2-years manufacturer’s warranty

Bosch lifestyle MSM2650B is a modern-looking multipurpose hand blender with 600 Watts of powerful operation. The hand blender is equipped with various accessories and attachments to facilitate its versatile usage. It comes with a chopping jar, balloon whisker, and stainless steel blender wand.

The blending wand of the blender is stainless steel made along with anti-splash design and blender’s foot for smooth operation, handling, and keeping. The blender has a stainless steel innovative sharpened four-winged Quattro blade for better blending, even of hard substances. The whisker attachment is also stainless steel and made into a balloon shape for easy whisking.

The chopper jar is provided separately with an anti-slip lid. The jar lid is made for connectivity with the blender for hassle-free chopping inside the jar only. The set also includes a beaker with lid for blending, measuring, and storing. The blender has safety lockage with bayonet catch for attaching the shaft.

The hand blender has an ergonomic design that fits well in your hand with easy access to the power button. The blender can be easily wall-mounted with rack and comes with a 2-year extended manufacturer’s warranty against manufacturing defects.

  • 600 watts of powerful operation
  • Four-winged Quattro blender’s blades
  • Safety locks with bayonet catch
  • Shaft with anti-splash design and foot
  • Little expensive

5. Bosch MSM67190 750-Watt Hand Blender

  • Watts Power:- 750 Watts
  • Functions:- Blending, chopping, whisking, food processing
  • Attachments:- Blender, whisker, a food processor with chopping, slicing, and various functions
  • Warranty:- 2-years manufacturer’s warranty

Bosch MSM67190 is a super handy multi-functional hand blender made into a food processor unit with versatile attachments and accessories. The hand blender is versatile with its functions of blending, whisking, and notedly food processing like cutting, slicing, juicing, grating, shredding, and more with its multipurpose jar.

The hand blender comes with the powerful operation of 750 watts for its various operations. The attachments and accessories included with it are hand blender with removable stainless steel shaft, whisking attachment, multi-utility jar with different findings for food processing like slicing, shredding, and more. It also has a beaker with measurement for blending and more.

The Bosh MSM67190 has unconventional speed settings with a rotating knob on the top of the blender with seven speeds. The on and off press buttons are located in the front for quick and easy controls. The shaft is equipped with a 4-winged Quattro blade. Replace your heavy food processing appliance with this handy blender cum food processor. It comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty against manufacturing defects.

  • Multipurpose
  • 750 watts of powerful operation
  • 7-speed functions with a unique rotating knob
  • Four winged Quattro blade
  • Comes with food processing attachments
  • Anti-splash design
  • Expensive

6. Panasonic MX-SS40BSM Hand Blender, Chopper, Slicer and Whisk

  • Watts Power:- 600 Watts
  • Functions:- Blending, chopper, slicking, and whisking
  • Attachments:- Stainless steel shaft, mixing jar with chopper and slicer attachment, whisker attachment, and beaker
  • Warranty:- 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

Panasonic MX-SS40BSM is a hand blender cum food processor with its multiple attachments and accessories along with the powerful operation of 600 watts. The hand blender comes with durable and stainless steel attachments to facilitate blending, chopping, slicing, and whisking. It has a modern ergonomic design which is perfect for hand operation.

The set of the Panasonic hand blender is equipped with a removable stainless steel shaft with an anti-splash design which is also designed smartly as feet for the blender. The multipurpose jar is provided with chopping and slicing accessories with lid for attachment of the blender for operations. The design of the jar is easy to hold and air-ventilated. A measuring beaker also comes along the set for blending and more.

The whisking attachment is also stainless steel made into balloon shape for better and quick whisking through automation. The hold of the blender has a non-slippy texture and the press buttons too. The blender is versatile with multiple operations and great results. It is also capable of replacing most of your chopping and slicing equipment.

The Panasonic hand blender comes with brand quality and assurance by Panasonic. It has sturdy build with high-quality plastic and stainless steel. Easy to clean, easy to clean, and multipurpose, the blender is a sure buy. It also comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year.

  • 600 Watts of operation
  • Multiple purposes with slicer
  • Anti-splash shaft design with foot
  • Ergonomic design with anti-slip texture
  • Little expensive

7. Cello Blend-N-Mix BNM-700B Hand Blender

  • Watts Power:- 600 Watts
  • Functions:- Blending, chopping, and whisking
  • Attachments:- Stainless steel shaft, Chopper, whisker, and jar
  • Warranty:- 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

Cello Blend-n-mix is a smart-looking blender with multiple-purpose functions. The blender has a full rubberized body that is easy to handle, offers a good grip, and is even easy to clean. The blender has a unique knob rotating speed control system along with two buttons for speed level and operation. Hand blender comes with stainless steel shaft, chopper jar, blending and multipurpose jar, and whisker attachment.

The stainless steel shaft is removable for attachment of whisker. It also has an anti-splash design along with feet for secure standing. The design allows easy changing of the attachments and it also easily gets attached to the lid of chopper jar for chopping. The jar facilitates easy, desirable, and tidy chopping and even storage with 600 ml of capacity.

Other accessories like whisker make beating of eggs, and various baking needs hassle-free and automates. The verticle multipurpose jar of 500 ml is suitable for blending, juicing, and more. The hand blender has sharp blades for faster and longer performance. The product is reasonably priced and comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 1-year along with the brand quality of Cello.

  • Rubberized body
  • Variable speed and level of operation
  • 600 watts of power
  • 600 ml chopping jar and 500 ml beaker supplied
  • Anti-splash shaft design with feet
  • No cons

8. KitchenAid Classic 5KHB1231EOB Hand Blender

  • Watts Power:- 1100 Watts
  • Functions:- Blending, pureeing, crushing
  • Attachments:- Hand blender with shaft and beaker with lid
  • Warranty:- 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

KitchenAid is a pioneer in the home appliance brand worldwide with a wide range of products rich in quality and operations. The users who crave a high level of quality and performance, this KitchenAid Classic hand blender is one for them. The hand blender is one super powerful with 1100 watts of power.

The high power performance, along with sturdy body and sharp blades makes blending, crushing, and pureeing super easy and quick. The shaft is stainless steel made and removable with a twist and turns for easy cleaning. The shaft is equipped with a bell blade assembly for anti-splash operation and control. It has a soft-grip handle with a comfortable design and easy access power button for suitable blending and use.

The blender is supplied with a BPA free 700 ml blending jar with lid for carrying and storage.

KitchenAid offers highly-priced products; therefore, we have included its classic hand blender with superior quality at affordable prices due to no attachments. The product comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • 1100 watts of powerful operation
  • Bell blade assembly
  • Soft-grip handle
  • Supplied with BPA-free 700 ml jar and lid
  • Very expensive
  • No attachments

9. Boss Quickmix B117 Portable Blender

  • Watts Power:- 450 Watts
  • Functions:- Blending, chopping, whisking, and dough making
  • Attachments:- Stainless steel shaft, chopper jar, whiskers, dough hooks, beaker, and wall mount stand.
  • Warranty:- 2-years of manufacturer’s warranty

Boss Quickmix hand blender is a multipurpose hand blender with various functionality like chopping, juicing, blending, whisking and dough making with multiple accessories and attachments. The Quickmix is supplied with a blending shaft, chopper jar, two whiskers, two dough hooks, and a multipurpose beaker jar. It has 450 watts of operation.

The blending shaft is stainless steel made with anti-splash and detachable design for fixing of other attachments. The versatility of the design accommodates two traditional whiskers for whisking, beating and two dough hooks for quick dough making. Chopping jar with sharp blades and lid attachment for blender allows quick and clean chopping, crushing, and various other culinary operations.

A beaker is also provided with lid for easy blending and storage. The hand blender has two-speed options, that is basic and turbo. The design is modern, ergonomic, and handy with easy changeability of attachments and cleaning. The product also comes with 2-years of manufacturer’s warranty and wall mount stand.

  • Multipurpose
  • Supplied with two whiskers and two dough hooks
  • Modern and practical design
  • Additional attachments
  • Easy to clean and operate
  • Less wattage power of operation

10. Morphy Richards Stainless Steel Hand Blender

  • Watts Power:- 400 Watts
  • Functions:- Blending, chopping, and whisking
  • Attachments:- Stainless steel shaft, chopper jar, and whisker
  • Warranty:- 2-years of the manufacturer’s warranty on the product

Morphy Richard HBCD is ultra modern-looking hand blender with a metallic finish. It has 400 watts of operation and comes with various accessories for varied use and operation. It is supplied with a removable stainless steel blender shaft, a ballon stainless steel whisker, and a chopping jar, and a measuring beaker.

It has a rotating knob for various speeds and two buttons on the front for variable operation. The design is ergonomic and slim. The shaft is stainless steel made with bell design for splash-free blending. The whisk is also stainless steel made along with being removable for easy cleaning. The chopping jar has a lid for blender attachment and measuring beaker comes with a cover for storage.

The hand blender allows quick blending, fuss-free chopping, cutting, crushing, and more. Whisk allows rapid inflated beating in no time. Locking and unlocking system is also smooth and fast. The blender is supplied with a wall rack for wall mounting and comes with a 2-years warranty from the manufacturers.

  • Slim and ergonomic design
  • Multipurpose with various attachments
  • Modern looks and metallic finish
  • Rotating knob for speed and control buttons
  • Comparatively fewer watts of operation

Buyer’s guide to buy the best hand blender in India:

Buying a hand blender is no rocket science, but taking care of a few technical and budget-related details will help you make most of your money spent and bring a useful appliance home. Hand blenders now are not just handheld sticks with rotating blades; they have transformed into small food processors with various accessories, attachments, and increased power of operation.

Power capacity:

The power capacity of your hand blender holds importance for the types of operations and load it can take. Power capacity, along with build and design decides how well your blender can perform. Power capacity of blenders are measured in Watts units, and higher the power more efficient will be its operation and capability to handle the quantity and different type of ingredients.

Power capacity of 400 Watts and above is advisable to purchase. Lower wattage may result in you not be able to churn and blend more quantity also and adequately inefficiency. Various premium brands offer Wattage power of up to 1000 Watts, which makes your hand blender capable of a wide range of operations.

Attachments and accessories:

Attachments and accessories are souls of your hand blender when you expect a wide range of operations from it. Hand blenders with interchangeable accessories and additional attachments help you extensively in your kitchen without any need to move a hefty food processor from here to there.

Chopping jar with chopping blades and slicker, interchangeable shafts, whisker attachment, different blades, multi-utility jar, beaker, and jar with lids are some of the primary and very useful attachments you can buy with your hand blender. These attachments will turn your blender into a multipurpose appliance. Look for these attachments and more for utility and usability.

Speed and design:

Variable speed offers convenience to process your food and its preparation as desired by you. Your hand blender with variable-speed or moreover high and low speed will help you blend, grind, whisk and more as preferred by you. You can make your food into a fine paste or coarse as you wish, a small slice or finely chop and many more. Modern hand blenders offer various speeds along with press operations for desired control. So, look for a variety of controls for the personalization of operations.

Design is an essential factor in hand blender as they are handheld. Therefore, comfort, weight, and grip are imperative factors to be considered along with sturdiness. The weight of your hand blender should be comfortable for you to hold during operation. It should be comfortable to hold with design and better grips. Controls should be easily accessible with one hand use. The design also will determine the scope of hassle-free cleaning with easy detachability and more. So, look for a practical design which is easy to use, hand, comfortable, and easy to clean.


Your budget decides what and how many features you can enjoy in your purchase. A little extended budget can bring you an appliance with more excellent utility with increased features. Look for better options in your budget and opt for multipurpose hand blenders for varied use. You can shop for a hand blender in a few hundred rupees to 20,000 rupees and more. Make a wise choice of your budget and enjoy the added aid.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding best hand blenders in India

1. Which is the best hand blender?

As we always suggest, the appliance which fits well in your budget with features of your need and quality build is the best for you. The same is the case with a hand blender. Decent watt operation with useful attachments and practical design is the best hand blender for you in your budget. From the list above, Inalsa Robot INOX is best in terms of performance, attachments, and reasonable prices. Bosch MSM67190 is best for extensive needs KitchenAid Classic hand blender for the need for powerful operation. You can choose the best one for you from the above list.

2. What can you do with a hand blender?

Hand blenders are meant for blending and pureeing of soft fruits and vegetables. However, advanced motors, powerful watt operations, and various attachments have made blenders into small and handy food processors. Blending, pureeing, chopping, slicing, grinding, whisking, dough making, juicing, and a lot more functions can be performed with an advanced hand blender with adequate attachments.

3. Is a hand blender the same as an immersion blender?

Yes, hand blender, immersion blender, and stick blender are the different terminology used for the same appliance, which is our hand blenders. The usage of the term is based on the user’s preference, and they all are the same. A manufacturer may use terms depending upon the functionality and primary operations. So, look read and know more before making any purchase.

4. Can you chop onions with a hand blender?

Yes, chopping of onions and various other vegetables is quite easy with chopping jar that comes along with the blender. The jar has separate blades for chopping, and the lid is made for attaching blender for operation. Without a chopping jar, hand blenders with sharp blades also chop vegetables and onions that can be done into a verticle and deep jar.

5. What is the price of the hand blender?

Prices of hand blender differ with the difference in output power, build, and attachments provided with it. They can be purchased in a few hundred rupees and extends to some 7 to 8 thousand rupees also. KitchenAid high-end blenders cost rupees 20,000 whereas you can also buy a decent blender in 1500 rupees. If you require the appliance only for blending you can purchase one with satisfactory quality within rupees 2000 and if you want it with various attachments for food processing, it can be purchased in 5 to 6 thousand rupees.

6. Can you whisk with a hand blender?

A whisking attachment will allow your hand blender to whisk for you. The regular shaft is for blending and desired whisking cannot be done with it, but still, it serves the purpose of beating eggs and mixing baking items. So, if whisking is your need, opt for a blender with whisking attachment, which is of much use.

7. Can you use a hand blender instead of a food processor?

Hand blenders can replace a food processor to a certain extent. They are small and have handy use for a limited quantity, whereas food processors are meant for heavy volume and mighty operation. So, hand blenders cannot wholly replace food processors, but they are very efficient in the same activities on smaller quantities. So, if you have food processing needs of less quantity, opt for a hand blender with multiple attachments and powerful watt operation.

8. Is a hand blender the same as a food processor?

No, hand blenders are a stick-like handheld blending appliance that can be used for various functions like chopping, grinding, blending, slicing, whisking and more. Whereas, food processors are heavy-duty appliances traditionally and are used for heavy loads as compared to a hand blender. They have heavy operations and multiple functions. However, with increasing efficiency and features, hand blenders can be considered small food processors as they perform numerous functions.

9. How do you puree fruit in a blender?

Pureeing is the essential function of a hand blender. To puree any fruit cut the fruit in pieces and blend them with a blender in a jar by adding desired about of water of milk with it. The blades of the blender cut the fruit in fine pieces and make a puree out of it. The operation is simple and cleaning of the blender also.

10. Can we make chutney with a hand blender?

Yes, blades of the hand blender make it easy to chop, churn, and grind various ingredients to make chutney out of them. Chopping jar and food processing attachments with your hand blender make the process simpler and quicker. However, without them also making chutney is possible with an only hand blender and its sharp blades.


Buy the best hand blender for your use from the above list of best hand blenders in India reviews and enjoy the comfort of a versatile handheld appliance. You can opt for a heavy-duty one or one with a maximum number of accessories and more. The choice is wide and varied for every budget and use.

Look for the product which suits your needs the most and also fits well in your budget. To suggest the final verdict of the reviews, Inalsa Robot INOX is powerful, comes with various attachments, and is a completed package. Whereas, Bosch MSM67190 is a compact food processor with a maximum number of accessories and decent power. KitchenAid Classic tops in the category of hand blender with maximum power but lacks in terms of attachments. So, pick one for you and have good times in your kitchen. Happy shopping

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