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Best Helmets in India for Men, Women & Kids – 2019 [Reviews and Buyer’s Guide]

Best Helmets In India

Recently, in September 2019, the Indian government had set-up some norms for wearing a helmet. Anyone who violates the rules and regulations would be fined with high compensations. This initiative might make people reconsider their safety while riding on the roads.

In today’s generation, not only men, but women and kids also drive. So for that, this article will assist you in getting the perfect and suitable helmet for yourself.

Top 14 Best Helmets in India 2019 for Men, Women and Kids – Reviews

I. Best Helmets For Men

Being too adventurous and sportive could be fun for a while for men. However, indulging in fast and rash driving can cause severe injuries to the riders.

One could suffer from brain damage, which could lead to on-the-spot death. Our forehead needs to be protected, and so we need to wear a helmet.

Buying a helmet becomes a priority because, without it, your life faces a higher risk while you ride on the roads. So, here I am going to present you with the best helmets in India 2019 for men.

1. Vega Crux Flip-Up Helmet

Vega Crux Flip-up Helmet (Black, L)
  • Leather finish touch
  • Off-road look ; Shell: High Impact ABS Material Shell ; Aerodynamic Shape ; Visor: Scratch resistant & UV resistant. Visor in optical polycarbonate
  • Helmet type: Flip-up
  • ISI mark: Yes
  • Available sizes: medium and large
  • Weight: 1.5 kgs

The Vega Helmet Company was established in 1994 to deliver quality products through continuous tests. The quality of the helmet is primarily focused on ensuring safety and assuring the durability of the product. This helmet has received good reviews and ratings, which makes it one of the best helmets in India. It is a large size helmet with 58-59cm of head size.

Vega Crux Flip-up helmet comes with an ISI mark to meet the safety standards. It comes in four sizes of Small(55-56cm), Medium(56-58cm), Large(58-59cm) and Extra large(59-60cm). The Vega crux helmet offers outstanding comfort while wearing. It comes with leather touch finishing.

Vega Crux is a flip-up helmet that has a stylish design to attract buyers at first glance. It has been made from high-quality ABS material in the aerodynamic shape. The visor is the most crucial portion of the helmet that provides fitting and ventilation. It is made from optical polycarbonate. It is scratch and ultra-violet resistant. The padding inside the vega crux helmet gives you relief and helps you keep your head comfortable while driving. It is also light in weight.

It offers proper space to breathe and easily fits on the head. There are screws intact on each side for tightening of the glass of helmet, in case it becomes loose. Initially, when you will wear the Vega Crux helmet, it might feel a little tight. This is because the foam inside the helmet takes some time to fit according to the size of your head.

The dimensions of the Vega Crux helmet are 63.5 X 63.5 X 27cm with a total weight of 1.5kgs which could be handled lightly and quickly. It can be used daily. It provides ventilation for a safe and sweat-free ride on your two-wheelers. The helmet has a flip-up button of red color that empties the space on your chin. It is specially designed for men and made accordingly to meet the suitable size of their heads.

  • Flip-up helmet
  • Lightweight
  • Made from ABS material
  • ISI approved
  • Lab-tested

  • No resistance to strain
  • Unfoldable

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2. Studds Professional Helmet Bk/ Bstrip

Studds Professional Helmet BK/BStrip(L)
  • Outer Shell injected from special high impact grade of engineering thermoplastic
  • Multiposition, articulating optically true injected polycarbonate visor duly silicon, hard coated for scratch resistance properties
  • Helmet type: Professional helmet
  • ISI mark: Yes
  • Available sizes: Large(58cm) and Extra-large(60cm)
  • Weight: 1.5 kgs

The Studds Professional Helmet is manufactured by the Studds Accessories Limited. It is the largest producer of the helmets and accessories for motorcycles. They produce helmets for two-wheeler commuters with good quality and more extended durability. They are available in large and extra-large sizes.

The Studds professional helmet is also available in medium sizes depending upon the weight and size of the head. It is available in many different types of colors. It has a sturdy structure from outside with scratch-resistant property. There are large pin-out screws for tightening the visor in case it becomes loose.

The outer portion of the Studds helmet is made from high-impact engineered thermo-plastic. The thermo-plastic maintains the safe and sturdy structure of the helmet. It is also suitable to wear because it saves your head from traumas and high shocks. The visor of the helmet has intact polycarbonate with a silicone coating and finishing. It has an aerodynamic design for maintaining the stability of the helmet for a longer duration.

Sometimes, due to harsh driving, you might slip from the bike, but you don’t need to worry because the Studds professional helmet has chin strap intact inside the helmet to protect you from brain damage and injuries. It has the EPS concussion padding for quality comfort and experience.

The anti-allergic velveteen prevents pollutants and maintains the durability of the helmet with no hassle. The dimensions of the Studds Professional Helmet are 33.8 X 25.8 X 27.5cm with a total weight of 1.42kgs. Inside the box, it contains a single helmet to wear. It also has reflector lights on the back portion. It is claimed to be specially designed for men who love to drive at night.

  • Aerodynamic design
  • Reflectors for conspicuity
  • Dynamic ventilation
  • Quick-strap chin strap
  • Velveteen treated

  • Unfoldable
  • No stain resistant

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3. Steelbird SBA-1 Free

Steelbird SBA-1 Free Live Matt Black with Grey with Smoke visor,580mm
  • ISI approved helmet
  • Italian Design Replaceable & washable Interior
  • Helmet Type: Full-face
  • ISI mark: Yes
  • Available sizeS: Medium and Large
  • Weight: 1.54 kgs

The Steelbird Hi-Tech Limited Company was commenced on March 13, 1964. SBHT is the flagship for the Steelbird group of companies. It had its set-up for producing the helmets. Now even after 50 years, it has maintain global dominance. It provides helmets to sustain the interest of the bike lovers. It is specially designed for sportive competitors who wear full-face protection.

The Steelbird helmet has visor intact on the front to protect from sun rays and with the scratch-resistant property. It is made of good quality material to ensure durability. It is made of compact yet spacious design to accommodate the rider’s head inside the helmet safely. It has an outstanding look, not only from the outer portion but from the inner part too.

The outer and inner portions are made of multilayer EPS to protect from air pollutant chemicals. The foam intact inside the helmet takes around a week to shape according to the rider’s head. New helmets may feel uncomfortable at first to meet safety requirements. It provides excellent quality imparts national and international recognition.

Also, the ISI certification assures that the product is of good quality. It is available in various colors with different patterned stickers on the helmet. The dimensions of the product are 32.3 X 26.2 X 26.2cm with a weight of 1.54kgs. Inside the box, it contains a single helmet with the visor. It is made of air mesh fabric to avoid contact with the pollutant chemicals.

  • Scratch-resistant
  • Multilayer EPS
  • Full-faced sportive
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • High durability

  • Heavy weighted
  • Sticker patters

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4. SMK MA271 (L)

SMK MA271 Twister Logo Graphics Pinlock Fitted Full Face Helmet With Clear Visor (Matt Black, Orange and White, L)
  • Available in L (590 millimeters) size
  • External shell aerodynamic, moulded in EIRT (Energy Impact Resistant Thermoplastic)
  • Helmet Type: Full-face
  • ISI mark: Yes
  • Available sizes: Small, medium and large
  • Weight: 2.28 kgs

SMK MA271 is a full-faced helmet worn by the sportive competitors. It includes visor for protecting the shell portion of the helmet. It is a sportive type of helmet ideally for men and boys above 18 years of age. It comes in black matt and orange color.

The external and internal shell of the SMK helmet is molded differently. The outer shell is made of the aerodynamic design and then molded in EIRT (Energy Impact Resistant Thermoplastic). On the contrary, the internal shell is molded in the differentiated density of EPS. The Inner portion of the helmet is comfortable enough to offer a spacious area for breathing, fully removable and washable, and the hypoallergenic liners.

The SMK MA271 has a facility of ventilation by having a nose guard and a lower portion for preventing the rushing wind from suddenly hitting the face. The system of providing ventilation is comfortably adjustable for placing the air-vents on the chin, rear extractor and the upper portion of the helmet. The visor on the front of the helmet is scratch-resistant with an instant pin-lock system on each side.

The SMK helmets have the uniquely introduced feature of embedded speaker pockets for the Bluetooth communication system. It is heavy with a small diameter on the outer and back portion of the helmet. Other than this, the retention system in the helmet is very efficient. It provides enlarged vision to avoid road accidents and keep an eye on the vehicles moving.

The SMK helmet is ISI marked to assure its excellent quality. The homologation ECE is 22-05. Near the side clutch, there is a red push slide button to set them loose in the helmet. The dimensions of the SMK helmet are 38.4 X 29.4 X 26.6 cm with a weight of 2.46 kgs. The box contains a helmet of large size. This helmet is also available in other sizes like medium and extra-large.

  • Protects full face
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Nose guard for ventilation
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Pin-lock system

  • Heavyweight
  • Unavailable sizes

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Vega Cliff CLF-LK-M Full Face Helmet (Black, M)
  • ISI approved helmet
  • New helmets may feel tight at first. This is normal and required to ensure safety. Foam requires around 10 days to adjust to rider's head shape
  • Helmet Type: Full-face
  • ISI mark: Yes
  • Available sizes: Medium size
  • Weight: 1.18 kgs

The Vega Cliff is a Full-face helmet. It is a medium-sized helmet of 57cms. It is an ISI marked helmet which is recommended for daily use. It protects your head and reduces the chances of road accidents. It also provides a better view of the surroundings while driving. Larger the view, better the riding experience.

The Vega Cliff helmets are tight in the first few uses. However, the foam inside the helmet adjusts itself within a week according to the size of the rider’s head.

Different liners and coating protect the inner and outer portion of the helmet. The inner part of the helmet is made from EPS liner having high density. Apart from this, the outer portion of the helmet has Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene coating to protect the surface from corrosion. The inner portion maintains the sturdy structure of the helmet. It makes the helmet durable.

The visor is attached to the helmet. It is scratch-resistant and protects from sunlight. It also protects the eyes and the entire face of the rider from fine air pollutants and dust particles. It is easily fitted on the head with its compact design and light in weight. The visor has a comfortable fitting with side pin-locks that could be adjusted in case they get loose.

The Vega cliff full-face helmet has dimensions which are 30.3 X 26 X 24.5cms with the weight of 1.18kgs. It is available in black color and comes with a user manual. This helmet has been specially made for men. It has got great reviews and is highly recommended by the riders. Due to its exquisite features, it is considered one of the best helmets in India.

  • Full-faced
  • Larger view
  • Scratch-resistant Visor
  • Longer durability
  • Lightweight

  • Low-grade coating
  • Air vent problems

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  • Helmet Type: Full-face
  • ISI mark: Yes
  • Available sizes: Medium and Large
  • Weight: 948 grams

The Steelbird SBA is a full-faced helmet. This helmet comes with Italian style designing. It also has an air booster system with high effective ABS surface of the helmet. It provides full protection to your head and reduces the chances of road accidents. It is a type of sports helmet used by the professional sportspersons participating in racing events.

The Steelbird is available in different variant colors. Apart from this, it has Visor attached in it. There are variants of the visor namely as a plain visor, smoke visor and night vision visor. The visor attached in this helmet protects the face from air pollutants and has scratch-resistant and UV protection property. It has snug-fitting with patterned designing.

This helmet is protected from both the inner and outer portions. The foam intact inside the helmet acts as a cushion for the head by avoiding the strong shell to touch the head. It is incredibly light in weight. The helmets are available in various sizes and are made per the size of the user’s forehead. This helmet would be most appropriate for men to wear.

The dimensions of this product are essential to note because they determine the size and weight of the helmet. They are essential for the measurements of the product. The dimensions of this product are 32.6 X 26 X 25.6cm with a weight of 948 grams. It is certified in accordance with the standards of ISI. The ISI has approved this helmet in the market to be sold as a safe commercial product.

  • Designer Helmet
  • Variants of visor available
  • Intact foam-like cushion
  • Used by professionals
  • Lightweight

  • Too light in weight
  • No protected coating

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7. JMD Helmets Elegant Full Face (Black) M

  • Helmet Type: Full-face
  • ISI mark: yes
  • Available sizes: Medium
  • Weight: 989 grams

JMD Helmets are elegant full-face helmets available in medium size and black color. The other colors available for this helmet are Blue, Grey and Red. The structure of this helmet is made with no patterns and reflectors on the back portion. The visor is large for the rider to have wider view.

The soft foam is intact inside the helmet that acts as a cushion to the head of the rider to provide the snug-fitting. This helmet is designed with high-quality padding liner. The liner has been treated with anti-allergic material to ensure proper fitting and snug riding. It offers a sober structure with exquisite features, which makes it one of the best helmets in India.

The polycarbonate visor is adjustable. The visor does not only provides a broad view but also includes the multi-position lock that could be adjusted according to the requirement. It also ensures the safety of the rider by preventing the air pollutants from rushing into the ears of the rider.

The JMD elegant helmets contain the dynamic ventilation system that enables the rider to breathe calmly and enjoy the riding comfortably. It is scratch resistant and also protects from UV rays. It avoids the dust particles from going inside the eyes for clear riding. It has a chin guard with a lever puller. It also has pin-locks on each side to set the visor when it becomes loose.

The dimensions of the JMD helmet are 31 X 23 X 23cm with a total weight of 989grams. The design is made with respect to the multiple testing and hard silicon coating and replaceable and easily removable liners. It is lightweight, looks small yet manages to fit for a head of medium size.

  • Lightweight
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Chin guard with level puller
  • Side pin-locks for the fitting visor
  • Treated with anti-allergic velveteen

  • Visor harder from sides
  • Variant sizes not available

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8. LS2 Helmet Subventer Voodoo Unisex

LS2 Helmets Subverter Voodoo Unisex-Adult Off-Road-Helmet-Style Off Road MX Helmet
  • Light, strong shell made of kinetic polymer alloy, (KPA) gives just a bit of flex as part of the energy management system
  • Three shells for the smallest, lightest possible helmet in your specific size
  • Helmet type: Off-Road
  • ISI mark: No (DOT-certified)
  • Available sizes: Large and extra-large
  • Weight: 1.81 kgs

LS2 Helmet Subverter Voodoo off-road helmet is available in variant sizes. It is available in black color and is DOT certified. It is made available for both men and women. It is used by professionals for street sports, street touring, street cruiser and off-road motorcycles.

The LS2 Subverter off-road unisex helmet is light in weight. The surface of this helmet is made up of an alloy of kinetic polymer that provides strength to this helmet to prevent cracks and breaks on the helmet. There are three shells intact within the helmet for giving the lightest possible weight for a snug and safe fit.

It allows the rider to wear all sorts of goggles while wearing this helmet. However, it has a small space for the face front yet provides an appropriate view for the rider. It contains individually 35 separate ports for delivering the proper ventilation to the rider. Because the rider exerts too much pressure and energy while riding, the wind rushes through his ears. This creates a lot of noise, but this helmet prevents all of it.

The LS2 helmet has a snug fit and unique patterns with voodoo written on the helmet. It has a pin slide on both sides that slides down the level of the sharp covering on the helmet. The outer material of the helmet is made up of polycarbonate with a single level pusher. It does not have a visor to protect from sun rays. But, it has an air vent that protects the eyes from air pollutants and dust particles.

The dimensions of this unisex voodoo helmet are 40.6 X 31 X 27.7cm with an absolute weight of 1.81kgs. Also comes with a manual that states uses of this helmet and how those 35 separate ports work for providing ventilation to the professional rider, riding a motorcycle in the sports race competition.

  • Separate ventricular
  • Unisex helmet
  • Used by sports professionals
  • DOT approved
  • Beautiful patterns on the helmet

  • Heavyweight
  • No visor attached

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II. Best Helmets For Women

Not only men, but women are also professionally skilled in riding motorcycles and scooters in today’s generation. Some of them are excellent in riding sports bikes too.

“Why should boys have all the fun.” All recent advertisements of brands promoting their two-wheelers contain this spirit, if not the exact punchline. So, my point is not only men, but women are also riding motorcycles and other two-wheelers. For riding the bikes and scooters, they require a helmet for their safety and security.

Not just passionate riders, working women need a helmet too. So, here we are going to present to you some of the best helmets in India 2019 that you would like to wear for several benefits in one helmet.

9. JMD Helmets Modern Open Face Helmet

JMD Helmets Modern Open Face Helmet (Yellow, M)
  • Cushioning for comfort fit: Jmd helmets are crafted from premium padding lined with specially treated anti-allergic material to ensure excellent fitting and comfort while riding
  • Multi position articulating true injected polycarbonate visor: The visor used in helmet ensures that the rider gets a clear and uninterrupted view with multi position adjustable locking
  • Helmet Type: Open Face
  • ISI mark: Yes
  • Available sizes: Small (59cm)
  • Weight: 748 grams

JMD Modern open face helmet is 59cm with modern design. It is specially designed for women. It includes dynamic ventilation, visor, soft foam treated with an anti-allergic chemical, chinstrap, and coating on the helmet. Apart from this, it perfectly fits and is light in weight. It comes in a wide range of colors with variant sizes made according to women’s needs. It is continuously tested with assured ISI mark certification.

The dynamic ventilation in the helmet is provided with the open vent in the helmet that doesn’t cover the chin. This open face helmets provide airflow to the rider’s face for comfortably silent and calm riding. The visor is already intact inside the helmet that protects from dust particles and sun rays. It also has the property of scratch resistance for keeping your helmet.

The polycarbonate visor is optically multi-positioned to deliver a clear vision and provide protection to the eyes. It also avoids the dust particles and UV rays. The soft foam inside the helmet acts as a cushion for the head. The helmet is highly regulated with EPS concussion padding liner. The liners are easily removable and replaceable too. It is treated by velveteen, which is the anti-allergic element.

The chinstrap can be released quickly without any hassle. It is smooth and holds the shell of the helmet in one place. Its strap can be wrapped around tightly so that it does not fall when you ride a motorcycle. It has a silicone coating with other standard materials used in its making.

The dimensions of the JMD modern helmet are 28 X 23 X 21cm with a total weight of just 748 grams. The visor of the helmet contains the instructions for using the helmet. It is a sticker that could also be removed by the user. This helmet is made of standard size with a pink color.

  • Polycarbonate visor
  • Silicon coating
  • Lightweight
  • Dynamic ventilation
  • Modern open face helmet

  • No pin lock
  • Bad finishing

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10. Dass Getz Open Face Helmet (Pink,L)

Dass Getz (ISI) Open Face Helmet (Pink,L)
  • Open Face Helmet, Color - Pink, Gender - Females, Material - Outer shell is of polycarbonate, nylon high impact resistant,ABS hard plastic shell,
  • Inner shell is of polystryrene EPS,expanded polystyrene impact reducing XL foam,Polyurethane,dual density EPS foam two vents,adjustable chin straps,EPS liner,ISI certified, Comfortable & sturdy
  • Helmet type: Open face
  • ISI mark: Yes
  • Available sizes: Large
  • Weight: 798 grams

Dass Getz is an open face helmet with a large size, and it is one of the best helmets in India. It is available in pink color. It comes at a reasonable and affordable price with exquisite features. It is specially designed for women. This helmet has been tested and comes with an ISI mark. It is light in weight, even less than a kilogram. It is spacious enough for a comfortable and sweat-free riding experience.

The surface of the helmet is made up of ABS hard plastic. The inner portion is made up of EPS polystyrene and the outer portion is made up of polycarbonate. This helmet is highly resistant to nylon. The soft cushion-like extra-large foam remains intact inside the helmet. It gives comfort to the head of the rider. The body structure of this helmet is sturdy and robust.

The visor is attached to the helmet with a single level up. It provides a clearer and broader view of the surroundings and other vehicles near you. Despite being an open face helmet, the dust particles and harmful rays have a chance of entering into the eyes. So, the visor protects the eyes from harmful UV rays and minute dust particles. It is a durable helmet that won’t break easily.

The strap attached with foam inside the helmet is wrapped around the neck below the chin. It is released rapidly in case you are running out of time or getting late for work. The dimensions of this helmet are 10 X 1 X 10cm with a weight of 798grams.

  • ISI approved
  • Value for money
  • Sober style
  • Cushion-like foam
  • Sturdy body with thick visor

  • No hole lock
  • Short strap

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11. VEGA Cruiser CR-W/P-DK-L

Vega Cruiser CR-W/P-DK-L Open Face Helmet (Dull Black, L)
  • ISI approved helmet
  • Resistant to scratches and cracks, this helmet is capable of handling great impact and provides the rider with a clear view of the road ahead
  • Helmet type: Open face
  • ISI mark: Yes
  • Available sizes: Large(59- 61cm)
  • Weight: 898grams

The Vega Cruiser is an open face helmet of large size specially made for women. It is an ISI approved and certified helmet. This helmet is has a widely opened front to enjoy the view and notice other vehicles near your yours. It provides a delightful and safer riding experience.

The lightweight of this helmet comes with additional protection. It does not weigh heavy on your head. It comes in various sizes of Small (55-57cm), Medium (57-59cm), and Extra Large(61-63cm). Also, the lightweight does not put much pressure on your head or aches your brain, while you wear it for long hours. It has a standard design but looks normally simple and black color suits even more on it. It has a strong and durable body.

The Vega Cruiser has a retractable visor made with optical polycarbonate adding high quality to the helmet. It is adjustable with pin-locks on the side for any season whether rain or wind. It gives a large view of the vehicles to reduce the chances of road accidents. Apart from this, it also protects your eyes from dust particles and UV rays. It has the property of preventing cracks and scratches.

The surface of the Vega Cruiser helmet is made of ABS plastic material with quality finishing. It has a cool texture that gives it an attractive look. The buckle of the strap is made of metal. The inner portion is made with multiple layers of EPS liner. The outer portion is made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Shell.

The dimensions of the Vega cruiser are 31.6 x 27.2 x 24 cm with a total weight of 898 grams. It comes with a user manual for the adjustment of the visor and how to maintain the helmet from having scratches and cracks. The chin strap can be quickly released from its lock.

  • Retractable visor
  • Adjustable pin-locks
  • Made by ABS plastic material
  • Provides a wider view
  • Light in weight

  • No hole for lock
  • Small air-vents

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12. Steelbird SB-33 Eve Dashing

Steelbird SB-33 Eve Dashing Women Helmet Black with plain visor,580 mm (Medium)
  • Comes in one standard size which generally fits all
  • Interiors are with air-mesh fabric to keep cool
  • Helmet Type: Open Face
  • ISI mark: Yes
  • Available sizes: Large
  • Weight: 898 grams

The Steelbird is an open face helmet with large size of 59-60cm. It is an ISI marked helmet to assure the premier quality and durability. It has low in weight and easy to carry. It does not put much pressure on hands when on hold. Sometimes the helmet might be cumbersome and exert pressure on the head of the rider, but this helmet does not put much pressure on the head.

This helmet is specifically made for women and could also be used by young girls. It is available in black with exquisite features of ventilation, UV protection, and scratch resistance. It has air-vents on the surface which appear like small holes that allow air circulation inside the helmet. This is an upgraded feature for the dynamic ventilation system.

The Steelbird helmet is one of the best helmets in India and is introduced with some new features to attract the user at a glance. Its strap has a suitable length with the buckle made of metal. The strap is tied below the chin to make sure that the helmet remains intact on the rider’s head.

This helmet is highly rated and generously reviewed by the users. The Steelbird company is one of the most well-known and trusted companies that manufacture helmets and other reliable products. It is made of fine quality with premier coating on the surface that remains for a long duration.

The Visor in the helmet is compatible in all weather conditions. It is your money’s worth and is available at a reasonable rate.

  • Beneficial visor
  • Upgrade in the ventilation system
  • Air vents on the shell
  • Light in weight
  • ISI marked

  • Average quality
  • No adjustable pin-locks

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13. VEGA Verve Open Face Helmet (Women’s, Yellow, M)

  • Helmet type: Open face
  • ISI mark: Yes
  • Available sizes: Middle
  • Weight: 1.26 kg

Vega Verve is an open face helmet, available in a medium size of pink color. It is certified and approved by the ISI mark. It is light in weight. It is specially designed for women. The helmet is rounded on the back. It has an appealing look as it’s light in color and has a sober structure. It has a sturdy, durable and robust body.

Being light in weight, the Vega Verve helmet comes in various sizes – small(55-56), medium(56-57cm), large(58-59cm) and extra-large (59-60cm). It comes in two colors, pink and red. It has a space on its ponytail that acts as an air-vent for the rider to keep her head calm and comfortable while driving.

Vega Verve helmet has an integral part of the visor that appears like specs worn by the swimmers. The visor is thick glass and attached from outside the helmet with no adjustable pin-locks. However, the side locks are huge and round.

You can trust us when we say that, Vega delivers an entirely made helmet according to the need of the user due to which it is one of the best helmets in India. The inner portion of the helmet is made from soft foam, hard cloth, and a layer of liners. The outer part is made up of ABS plastic material. But before buying it, you must undoubtedly measure your forehead so that you might not end up with the wrong size.

On the left side-back of the helmet, there is a small vent for air to get inside the helmet. On the same side, there is a little push-up button for adjusting the cloth attached to the strap so that you could adapt it if the strap is short. The dimensions of this helmet are 33.8 X 25.8 X 25cm with a total weight of 1.26 kgs.

  • Push button for strap adjustment
  • Air vent on the left side
  • ABS plastic material helmet
  • Lightweight
  • The cool and bold look

  • No pin-locks
  • Visor related issues

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Best Helmet For Kids

Most of the time, children are more prone to get injuries while driving bicycles. They enjoy riding a bicycle but do not care about themselves. This is why it is very common to witness their parents worrying about them. Your child is more vulnerable to severe injuries if he/she rides his/her bicycle without a helmet.

So, as a parent, you must get kids a proper helmet so that he/she is safe and secure while riding their bicycles. So, here we have one helmet for kids. Let us take a look at its features and description also the pros and cons.

14. Active Candy-1 Full Face Helmets For Kids From 2-5 Years

ACTIVE CANDY-1 Full Face Helmet for Kids from 2 to 5 Years (GREY,Size-Extra Small)(CARTOON CHARACTERs MAY VERY) (GREY)
  • Cartoon character may very in different character (chota bheem and doraemon and etc )
  • Multi Position Articulating True Injected acrylic Visor: The Visor Used In Helmet Ensures That The Rider Gets A Clear And Uninterrupted View With Multi Position Adjustable Locking.
  • Helmet Type: Full-face
  • ISI mark: Yes
  • Available size: Extra- Small size
  • Weight: Light

The Active Candy is a full-face helmet with small-sized for the children aged 2 to 5. It is ISI certified and only made for children. It is available in grey color with the cartoon stickers made on it. It has a sturdy and robust body. This kids’ helmet comes with a scratch-resistant property so that it stays as fresh as new.

It comes with some of the essential properties needed in a good helmet. These include a visor, ventilation system, chinstrap, and padded liners of layers.

The visor intact in the helmet ensures the clear and wider view of the vehicles near him to reduce the chances of accidents. It comes with pin-locks adjustable for the time when the visor might get loose. The dynamic ventilation system delivers the snug fit and comfortable riding experience to the child.

The Active candy helmet has a chin guard to protect the face and secure even if the child falls because children are more prone to fall during driving. It has pull-up to one level that enables one to un-lock the chinstrap. It is made from padded liner layers of velveteen material. This material is anti-allergic to the skin of humans.

The ventilation system ensures yous child’s continuous and proper breathing so that there are no breathing issues in case of fast riding. The chinstrap can be quickly and smoothly released from the lock. It is available in different colors, too, which might not be mentioned here. Hence, this product is the best helmet for the kids.

  • Ventilation system
  • ISI approved
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Chinstrap with un-lock system
  • Visor gives a clear view

  • Not fit for children below 4
  • No fixed dimensions are given

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Buyer’s guide to buy the Best Helmets

After discussing all the best helmets in India that are currently available in the market, it is now time to guide you with some important points to keep in mind while buying a helmet for your safety,

ISI, DOT or SNELL Certification Mark

Before, buying a helmet, the first and foremost thing to do is to look for an ISI, DOT OR SNELL mark. These marks ensure that the helmet is of good quality. They also ensure that the helmet is safe to wear with its specifications and delightful features. They are the certification marks that confirm the quality standards of the product.

The ISI mark was formed by the Bureau of Indian Standards for the industrial products. The ISI mark has importance in asserting the certification of the product. As a buyer, you must select only those helmets which are approved by the standards of ISI, DOT, or SNELL mark.

Various types of helmets

The helmets available in the market are designed according to the general requirements of the buyers. With both women and men driving their two-wheelers on the roads, the manufacturers consider these details as well when designing and advertising their helmets.

A buyer might choose a helmet for himself/herself or his/her child. It could be anyone, so for this, a buyer needs to look out for the several features of the various helmets that should be perfectly suitable for the rider to wear while riding a motorcycle.

Some of the various types of helmets are:

  • Full face: The full-faced helmets are the most preferred helmets for the safety of the rider. The air-vents, pin-lock, and reflectors are the important features to look for in a helmet.
  • Dual sport: The Dual sport helmets are used by those sports professionals or stuntmen/stuntwomen who take part in motorbike races and other sports activities.
  • Half shell helmet: The half shell helmets are usually DOT approved. They have a shell made of alloy. They are also easily removable and washable. They have a comfortable front liner.
  • Modular helmet: The modular helmet have a shiny interior with the fiberglass shell that makes it less heavy. It has a multi-ventilation system with highly designed aerodynamics.
  • Off-road/dirt bike helmet: The Off-road helmet is a type of helmet which is not suitable to wear while driving inside the city. They are appropriate when worn riding outside the city. It has multiple air vents and a visor. But, it does not provide any protection from UV rays. However, these helmets have optimized support for the chin.
  • Open face helmet: The open face helmets have modern designing with a three-snap visor which could be removed easily. They are light in weight and more comfortable to wear than other helmets.

Selecting the size of a helmet

After looking for the varieties, you must choose a helmet of the appropriate size. For choosing the perfect size of your helmets, you should follow some necessary steps which are given below –

  • Look for the type of helmets, so that you could decide which one suits you perfectly.
  • Take an inch tape and circle it around your forehead to determine the size of your head. Try the helmet of your size and see if it is comfortable for you.
  • While you are wearing the helmet, ask yourself a few questions. Is the helmet comfortable for you? Is the strap or the visor working properly? These questions are essential to ask because you have to ensure perfect conditions while riding. If yes, then you should give a re-measurement of your forehead size.
  • Continue wearing the helmet for half an hour, if it feels suitable to you. You would be able to feel whether it is tight or not. Make sure that the shell is not too heavy. It should not be oval-shaped.
    Lastly, if you feel that even after wearing it for half an hour you don’t feel any discomfort, then you must buy it and go for a ride with your new helmet.


As a buyer, you must always look for the visor in your helmet. The presence of a good quality visor would provide you with ventilation and protection from ultraviolet rays. It helps you to give a wider view of the vehicles that are around you so that you could drive properly. It also protects you from the bacterial and chemical pollutants that are present in the air.

The air-vents that come along with the visor allow you to breathe easily while driving on the road. The Visor protects your face and reduces the chances of serious injuries when caught up in a road accident. The visor is supposed to be scratch-resistant, crystal clean and smudge-free so that you could view your surroundings clearly.

Cushion layers

The most critical work of the helmet is to protect your skull from road accidents. Being the most important function, it also requires some basic features to make it more suitable for your riding experience. First and foremost, it should have a compact and sturdy design with durable exteriors to protect it from cracks and breaks.

On the contrary, the interior of the helmet needs a perfect layer of cushions that remain intact. This is required so that the helmet does not disturb your skull or jolt with it as it might create disturbance while riding. The inner layer of cushion is essential to keep your head safe. It also absorbs quite a few air pollutants like dust particles that might disturb your riding experience.

Retention System

The retention system is an essential factor to consider while picking the perfect helmet for any riding. This determines how properly the helmet fits your head. The fact that the helmet should be worn in all conditions should never be neglected. In certain situations, it might get rough on the surface or develop cracks; in that case, it would not be worth for money.

A better retention system in a helmet ensures that the strap is fastened correctly and is easy to release. When buying a helmet, you should try fastening and releasing the helmet’s strap and double-check it. Helmets often come with adjustable straps so that they can be loosened or tightened according to your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding Helmets

Q1. Why do I need to buy a helmet?

You need to buy a helmet to protect your head from road accidents and serious injuries. The riders should wear helmets for safety and avoid the fines imposed by the traffic police for being careless about their safety.

Q2. Which helmet should I buy?

You must buy a full-face helmet that comes with the ISI mark on it. You should look for the safety levels, ventilation, and fitting sizes of the helmet. Next, you must be sure to buy the helmet including the visor to protect from UV rays and with the scratch-resistant property.

But if you’re looking for a comfortable daily wear, you can select from any of the helmets mentioned above. They are reviewed hereafter testing and collecting consumer reviews.

Q3. Which is more suitable cost, cheap or costly?

The price is not an important concern, but a costlier helmet will offer more standard quality. You should look for essential features in the helmet, which are the helmet’s fitting, helmet type, and retention.

Q4. How does a helmet work?

Every helmet works differently, whether it is for men, women, or a child. The helmets are made keeping in mind the gender and age of the person who would wear the helmet. It works by reducing the impact of outside factors to ensure a safer and more comfortable driving experience.

Q5. Can children use bike helmets for skating?

Yes, the bike helmets could be used by children for skating. Before buying a helmet for your child, make sure it is certified and tested multiple times. Mostly, the best helmets for skating are dual certified to the CPSC standard for the bicycle.

Q6. Is it essential to wear the helmet of the correct size?

Yes, it is essential to wear the helmet of the correct size as a safety measure while you are riding your motorcycle. Also, if the helmet is not perfect for you, then you might face disturbance in driving. You would not be able to concentrate on your driving. It would create ventilation issues and you might not be able to wear it for a longer duration.

Q7. How heavy should the helmets be?

The average size of the full-faced helmets should weigh around 3.25 – 3.5 pounds. Some of them weigh less, but some might be heavier. But that doesn’t mean that they are of lousy quality. It is essential to consider the weight that’ll be put on your head. A lightweight helmet might not firmly fit your head. Such unsettled helmets might interrupt the rider’s focus, and this could lead to a major accident.

Q8. Why do helmets contain a pointed chin?

The helmets contain a pointed chin to allow the airflow. It prevents the blockage of ventilation and with a spacious interior, it facilitates proper breathing. Mostly, the rider exerts too much pressure while riding a motorbike and accelerating the speed. This created pressure and initiates rapid or irregular breathing. So, to maintain proper breathing and airflow, the helmets contain a pointed chin.

Q9. Which is the best helmet for long rides?

The best helmet for long rides is a full-faced helmet, as it covers your face from sun rays, wind, dust particles or any small flying object. It should be light in weight and a perfect fit for the rider. It is comfortable for the rider in freezing weather. It is beneficial because it covers both of your ears and avoids the air rush into your ears. It prevents disturbance from noise and provides a silent and peaceful ride.

Q10. Is it possible to listen to music while driving?

Yes, there is a possibility to listen to music while driving. It could be possible in two ways. The first way is the in-built stereo. You could also buy a helmet with a communication system. Many helmets contain speakers with a microphone so that you could listen to music. It works when you connect your smartphone and get the directions for answering or rejecting calls.

Another way is to keep the earbuds intact in your ears and listen to your songs with Bluetooth connection. But you might not ride using the earphones as some of the region and areas do not allow it and charge hefty fines on it.

Q11. Does any law exist concerning helmets?

Yes. Not wearing a helmet while riding is against the law and could lead to compensational charges and is being followed strictly after the recent government impose. This law is made for the safety of all the citizens because when you are not wearing a helmet, then the chances of accidents and injuries increase many times. You could get fatal injuries or go through brain damage that would cost your whole life.

Q12. When do I need a helmet replacement?

You would need helmet replacement when it gets cracked, outside cloth or foam instead of plastic, it is not certified by CPSC, ASTM or Snell logo, unfit and non-ventilation with non-scratch resistance property.

Q13. Where to buy accessories and spare pads?

You could buy the spares and accessories directly from the reputed store brand. But, you must be sure about the condition of your helmet. Generally, it is suggested to change the helmet after every three years. Even after this, if the helmet is handled carefully, then it could last for more years

Q14. How can I remove the visor from the helmet?

To remove the visor from the helmet, you must keep your hand near the anchorage points. After placing your hands on anchorage points, pull out the visor from the helmet.


In the above discussion for the best helmets in India. However, we would also like to recooment you a few in case you’re confused with the choices. For men, the best helmet is the Vega crux, which is a flip-up helmet. It is available in large and medium-size. It is lightweight and easy to carry. It is ISI approved for meeting all safety standards. It is made from ABS plastic material that would prevent the helmet from developing cracks or getting scratched.

It is made of stylish and aerodynamic designing with a snug fit on the rider’s head. Also, the JMD helmet is elegantly made with a sober and straightforward style. The visor attached protects from UV rays and dust particles. It is ISI marked and is one of the most durable and reliable helmets mentioned in our list.

For women, the Vega Cruiser helmet is suitable as it is an open face helmet that provides a broad view of the vehicles around the rider. It also has a sound ventilation system. It reduces the chances of road accidents. The strap tied with the metal buckle is strong enough to hold the helmet in one position and does not let it fall.

For kids, the Active Candy helmet is perfect because it is specially made for children. It has cartoon stickers on it to give a beautiful look. The visor has pin locks to adjust when it gets loose. The instructions to use and the precautions are provided on the visor of the helmet.

We genuinely hope that our detailed list of helmets has provided you with all the best choices and related information to help you choose better so that you can drive safely and comfortably.

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