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Top 10+ Best High Speed Table Fan in India – 2019 [Reviews and Buyer’s Guide]

Best Table Fan In India

In a country like India, tropical weather conditions exist. The ever-present heat of the sun makes a fan in every home more than a luxury. With global warming on the rise, the fan has become a necessity for a comfortable daily life. It saves much more energy than an air conditioner and keeps the body temperature balanced as well.

Table fans are the way to go when you want to beat the heat. Energy-efficient table fans can substantially reduce your electricity bill. Its use is more than that of light. While light is of use only during the day, a table fan can be put to work day or night. That is why choosing an energy-efficient table fan is of the utmost importance to cut your bills and be conscious of the environment at the same time. You can select the best table fan in India from the below options.

Top 10 Best Table Fan in India 2019 – Reviews

1. Usha Maxx Air

Usha Maxx Air 400mm 55-Watt Table Fan (White)
  • Novel base design and decorative style
  • Table fan with high air delivery. Wattage: 55 Watts. Air Delivery(M3/Min): 67
  • Speed: 1280 RPM
  • Wattage: 55 Watts
  • Weight: 8.86 kg
  • Warranty: 1 year

Usha Maxx Air has been chosen as the best table fan in India in 2019. The name of Usha is renowned for electric appliances. It has been a constant household name since 1934 because of which it has successfully established its name as a trusted brand in India.

It has a novel base design and decorative style. The exterior is sleek and looks trendy. It has been designed in a way that it can be placed at any corner of the room. You can put it anywhere and get the same heavy-duty performance out of it. The blades of the fan are designed aerodynamically. The air output given by this fan gets maximized because of this feature.

What usually happens with fans is that their motor gets heated with use and causes a risk. The engine can explode, and the wires can catch fire. To avoid such mishaps, there is overheat protection for the motor. The protection mechanism is automatic. You do not have to worry about any malfunctioning of the motor now.

This fan does not make a noise while at work. It enables you to work in peace. Unlike other table fans, this table fan avoids noise pollution. Plus, it has a warranty period for a year. This makes sure you don’t go through any trouble of repair if something happens to it within a year of purchase.

  • Brand trust in the market
  • Good quality product
  • Aesthetic, lightweight and easily portable
  • The rotation speed is high at 1280rpm
  • Noiseless rotation

  • The blades get stuck at times
  • The warranty could have been for longer duration for a trusted brand like Usha

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2. VGuard Personal Fan Lap Breeze

  • Speed: 1200 RPM
  • Wattage: 40 Watts
  • Weight: 2.56 kg
  • Warranty: 1 year

The brand V-Guard is, again, a popular name in the category of table fans. The name and its products can be readily trusted. It has a compilation of utilities, which makes it stand out in the crowd to make it one of the best table fans in India. The design has been made in a way that it can fit almost anywhere. Storing space needed for this table fans is very low. It is compact enough to be put anywhere. Its size makes it possible to be used at home as well as for office use.

With just a 40 watts motor, the airflow it produces is unparalleled. It is built to last, and its strength is shown in the air force produced while whirring. It is highly transportable because of its compact size and weight. So you can use it in which room of your home you wish to. It can also be transported from one place to the other.

It provides wonderful ventilation at your home and ensures fresh air flow through the place. This fresh air lowers the temperature of the rooms even during summers and gives a cooler feeling of comfort. There are three carefully built modes for speed. The modes can be changed as per the need of the user. The modes are carefully constructed to suit every kind of need. In all, it is a well-designed table fan.

  • The high rotational speed
  • Compact yet powerful
  • The energy consumption is quite low in comparison to the other table fans
  • Manually adjustable speed

  • It is heavier than the other table fans
  • Absence of automatic sweep

Check Price & Reviews on Amazon

3. Bajaj Ultima PT01

  • Speed: 2300 RPM
  • Wattage: 36 Watts
  • Weight: 2.07 kg
  • Warranty: 1 year

The Bajaj Ultima PT01 table fan is one of the best table fans in India in 2019 for high air delivery. The motor is quite powerful to enable high air output, which is enough even for Indian summers. The PP blades of the fan have been designed ergonomically. This ensures equal distribution of air throughout the room at high speed.

One feature which makes it unique is its elegant design, which is sure to go with the decor of your home to give it a more sleek look. The 1-year warranty added to the product is a cherry on top of the cake, which shows how much faith outs in the high quality of the products. This also creates added trust in the minds of the customers.

Usually, customers complain that their products have some problems only after a short time of purchase. The more prominent brands with greater audience base know that it is not the way to go with long-term customers. This warranty is a plus point for the brand.

The 36 Watts power supply is pretty standard when it comes to table fans. The 4 blades this fan comes with a rotating speed of 2300 RPM is as good as you can expect from the voltage it consumes while at work. The sweep length 200mm and the size of each blade are 14 inches — the powerful motor for higher air delivery, specially designed for Indian conditions.

  • The brand trust of Bajaj
  • Good quality product
  • Modern look and powerful performance
  • Light PP blades which have lower chances of corrosion
  • Coated with power guard so that it can be touched while in use

  • It is noisy
  • It might get heated after regular use

Check Price & Reviews on Amazon

4. Cinni 300 mm Table Fan

  • Speed: 2000 RPM
  • Wattage: 100 Watts
  • Weight: 4.24 kg
  • Warranty: 1 year

The Cinni 300 mm table fan is more massive than the other fans in both weight and performance. The body of this table fan is entirely made out of metal rather than the plastic material, which is usually the manufacturing material for table fans. This is why the pressure applied by the fan to produce a higher output of air is more.

The body is made of a combination of two of the most durable metals- aluminum and iron. This is why this product lasts longer than most of the other fans using cheap plastic or low-quality material. If you think the body of the table fan is impressive, wait for the specifications of the motor of the fan.

How well a fan usually works depends on the power and performance of its motor. The motor is copper winded, which is why electricity can safely pass through it without posing a threat to the user or those around it while it is on. The copper makes the motor do its job the best possible way that it can.

The power consumed by this table fan is 65 W for giving out high-speed airflow without creating problems for the user. The oscillating system from the house Cinni is one of a kind and one of the best you can get in the Indian market. The 90-degree swing of the blades of the table fan helps the air to dispense off to every corner of the room. The control settings have 3 customized speeds.

  • Strong metal build
  • Powerful copper wound motor of the fan
  • Unique cut of the fan blades for maximum air output
  • 90-degree swing of the blades and high oscillating speed
  • Easy to use

  • A little expensive compared to other fans
  • Risk of corrosion

Check Price & Reviews on Amazon

5. DazzelOn 14-inch Rechargeable Table Fan

  • Wattage: 4500mAh
  • Weight: 4 kg
  • Warranty: 6 months

There are a lot of features that set this fan apart from the other in this list. The first one being the rechargeable battery. While the other works only on electricity, this one comes with batteries which can be recharged with use. A fully charged battery can last somewhere between 5 to 8 hours, depending upon the speed and extent of usage.

The 4500mAh battery is a long-lasting one that works on 6 volts. Another unique feature that makes this fan a significant purchase is the source of its power. It can be easily powered through AC mains as well as DC sources. While of AC electricity supply mode, it takes up 220 volts and while on DC, it uses its battery included in the pack at the time of purchase. However, the voltage applied is slightly on the higher side. This can cause the battery to drain quickly.

The built-in motor gives a steady stream of cool air at 2 speeds. There is a USB port for charging this fan, which can be used easily by even a layman. An LED light of 2W is included in this fan to provide extra service to the user. The fan head is angled at 150 degrees to make sure the air reaches all the corners of the room. The LED provides a backup of 15 hours. The design and mechanism of this fan are innovative. It has distinctive features that portray innovation. Smart techniques have been used to make this product stand out from the pack.

  • High performance
  • Long-lasting
  • It can be powered using both AC and DC sources of power
  • Heavy-duty rechargeable battery
  • 2 different speeds of the table fan

  • The battery can get drained with time
  • High voltage usage

Check Price & Reviews on Amazon

6. Usha Duos Mist Air

  • Speed: 1280 RPM
  • Wattage: 55 watts
  • Weight: 4.33 kg
  • Warranty: 2 years

This is another masterpiece from the brand Usha. Table fans like these are the reason why Usha has a high standing in the Indian market where table fans are concerned. The product is made from high-quality materials that are durable for long-term use as well as reliable for safe use. It has a dual-color design with an attractive and decorative style.

The PP has been craftily designed by the brand aerodynamically for better air delivery, which is superior in quality. The 400mm sweep size offered by this table fan makes it suitable to be used even in large rooms apart from the standard rooms of small and medium sizes. It does not make noise while in use because of which is it right to have around without any disturbance.

The soft-hand tilting mechanism in the table fan is nothing more than added magic to this fan. The dual options combined with the knob and ratchet type build of the table fan ensures high performance given by the table fan at all times without interferences. The number of rotation provided by this model from Usha is quite high at 1280 RPM.

The stylish look of this table fan is completed with the dual color combination, which makes it aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. There are motor protectors in this model, which helps the fan not to let the motor get heated at the time of use. It saves the motor from thermal overheating, which can be dangerous for the user and those around it.

  • Well designed fan
  • Aesthetic in looks
  • Jerk free and regular oscillations
  • Long warranty of 2 years
  • Motor protection from thermal heating

  • It is expensive
  • Might have heating issues in the future with the use

Check Price & Reviews on Amazon

7. Crompton HiFlo Eva

  • Speed: 1300 RPM
  • Wattage: 50 Watts
  • Weight: 1.14 kg
  • Warranty: 2 years

The circulation system of this fan is beyond just good. Weighing at 1.14 kgs, it is incredibly lightweight. So there is no problem with lifting it and transporting it from one room to the other. It has high portability and excellent performance wherever it is placed. The plastic body, as well as the base of the product, makes it safe from rust and corrosion. The 400mm sweep of the fan is a clear indication that it is useful even in large rooms and spaces for proper air delivery.

Its string output remains intact even in large spaces. Air Delivery by the fan is 70 CU M/Min. The body of the fan is built to suit the aesthetic standards of your home and blend into its beauty. The speed of rotation of the fan is quite high at 1300 rotations per minute. This is the reason why the high density of air is given out by this fan so readily. Uniform oscillations of the blades help to distribute the air in the room at all parts.

There is a long period of warranty of 2 years attached to the product. If any damage or technical difficulty arises in the product, which is the fault of the company, it will fix all the problems free of cost and hassles. Apart from this, it also comes with a strong and sturdy base so that the fan can be comfortably placed anywhere without the fear of falling.

  • High-speed performance
  • Suitable even for large rooms
  • Lightweight and easily transport
  • Personal spot cooling feature
  • The wider base provides extra support to the body of the fan

  • Easily breaks on falling
  • There might be some heating issues

Check Price & Reviews on Amazon

8. Havells Swing Lx

  • Speed: 1350 RPM
  • Wattage: 55 Watts
  • Weight: 4.5 kg
  • Warranty: 2 years

Havells is one of the most reputed brands for electrically safe wires and appliances. The jerk free oscillation of this table fan gives a heavy-duty performance, which is suitable for daily and long term use. The speed rotations of the fan are ideal for use in home and office. Air Delivery of the fan is 72 CMM, which is quite exceptional.

The blades have been placed, angled and balanced and designed ergonomically in a way that the airflow reaches all parts of the room. The thermal protector of the fan is used to make sure that the motor does not get overheated. This ensures safety from shocks and health damage. This makes the motor possible for use for a longer time. It increases the shelf life of the appliance. There exists a pivot arrangement for tilting and oscillation. It facilitates better movement.

The flat base of the table fan gives it a stable hold on the flat surface. It can be easily placed and used at any place. There are 3-speed modes to choose from as per the needs of the user. The regulator controls the speed of the fan. The protector grill makes sure to keep people’s hands away from the fan to ensure safety. It is a new innovative technique for protection. The wide air circulation system makes sure that the three blades of the fan for maximum air displacement.

  • The high number of rotations
  • Powerful air dispenser
  • Aerodynamically designed fan blades
  • An extended warranty on the product of 2 years
  • The high number of rib guards at 120

  • Air delivery is lower than the others
  • It might have heating issues with time

Check Price & Reviews on Amazon

9. Havells Crescent 250mm Table Fan

Havells Crescent 250mm Table Fan (Yellow)
  • Jerk free revolving grill for wider spread of air
  • Dual purpose use viz table/wall mounting, Rated frequency: 50 Hz
  • Speed: 1350 RPM
  • Wattage: 38 watts
  • Weight: 2.9 kg
  • Warranty: 2 years

The powerful motor gives an air delivery of 250 mm, which is good enough for small to medium-sized rooms but not for rooms too big in size. The high utility fan has a compact size, which makes it easy to be put anywhere for storage and use. It does not take up much space and thus, it saves a lot of space.

Apart from this, it has multipurpose usage. It can be used by placing it on a flat surface or by hanging it up on a wall. It is so light that it can be hung on a wall for covering a greater area for fresher air. The broader area of coverage increases the efficiency and utility of the table fan.

The combination of colors available on this product is quite modern and chic. It gives out a colorful vibe to the place you put it in and the crescent shape of the fan is remarkable. This unique design is the reason most people go for this product over the others in addition to its herculean performance.

The regulator controls the speed of the fan. The user is free to choose from the 3 options given to him by Havells low, medium, and high speed. There is a timer available on the table fan as well, which facilitates the user to set it for 2 hours. After this time, the table fan will automatically switch itself off. There is no unnecessary usage of the fan or electricity due to this feature. There are 3 regulated speeds.

  • The compact size makes it easy to place anywhere
  • Easily transportable
  • High-speed air delivery
  • Long warranty period
  • 3-speed settings for different weather conditions

  • It does not cover a large area
  • Quality issue of the plastic might arise

Check Price & Reviews on Amazon

10. Orient Electric Table-27 400mm Table Fan

  • Speed: 2000 RPM
  • Wattage: 110 Watts
  • Weight: 4.23 kg
  • Warranty: 2 years

The best table fan in India reviews has shown that we have saved the best for the last. The Orient fan is highly respectable in the table fan market in India. The aerodynamically shaped blades of the fan make sure that the fresh air spreads out in the room for a crisp environment. The 3-speed control feature gives liberty to the user to choose which speed is comfortable for him.

The adjustable tilting mechanism of the table fan covers a large area for dispensing air. 400mm of air delivery covers a large room easily for ease in sitting and hosting people. The motor of the table fan is quite powerful, with a high number of rotations of 2000 RPM. The thermal protection setting of the fan keeps the motor from overheating and hence, damage. There exists a system of extra protection to the fan with a powder-coated guard with a polymer ring.

The blades have been designed, keeping in mind that they have to give a heavy-duty performance and they are tilted and angled accordingly. The fan has an extra coating of protection with a polymer ring to keep it away from harm’s way. The oscillation at 90 degrees only adds to the merit of its outstanding features. It is a combined force to the existing air force expelled by the table fan. The 2 years of warranty give extra confidence to the users to put their trust in this brand.

  • High speed of air distribution
  • Durable
  • A long warranty period of 2 years
  • Upward and downward tilting mechanism increases air movement
  • 3 switch control for optimum use

  • High power usage
  • Heavyweight

Check Price & Reviews on Amazon

Buyer’s guide to buy the Best Table Fan

There are a few factors that need to be considered before buying a table fan. The kind of fan that needs to be purchased depends upon the needs of the user. There is a wide range of table fans available in the Indian market. The best fans in India reviews are there to help the prospective buyers out in case of any confusion. The factors that need to be considered before buying a table fan are:

Power of the motor:

The kind of power a motor has to exert fresh into the room depends upon the choice of the user. The capacity of circulation of air by a table fan depends upon its range of CFM. It stands for ‘cubic feet per minute.’ This decides how much area a running fan can cover to give comfort. The motor’s power consumption also needs to be taken into consideration. This power consumption affects the electricity bill of the user.

Size of the fan and blades:

It is one of the most important factors to be considered before buying a table fan. The dimensions of the fans are given in the product descriptions, which makes it easier for the buyer to choose freely. Firstly, the need for the user is to be identified and the product to be bought has to be following that. Several fans ranging from small, medium and large sizes are available in the market.

Quality of the fan’s material:

A long-lasting appliance needs a durable material of good quality. The kind of money that is required to put into a good table fan is nothing less of a long term investment. It has to be taken seriously. If you want the table fan to last for a very long time, then go for the metallic body of the table fan. But if it is only for a couple of years, the high-grade plastic body is to be opted for.


The rotation of the blades of the fan is called oscillation. This makes sure that all the parts of the room a fan has been put in getting cool air. The oscillation of a fan can either be automated or manual. A swing oscillation gives the fan swift motions, which makes it smooth and easy to move. A manual fan needs a lot of effort and an automated system requires power from an electric source, be it AC or DC source.

Noise factor:

It is very annoying when a fan starts making noise and disturbs a quiet environment and mental peace. No one wants to pick up a table fan, knowing that it will make noise and irritate the whole house. This is why you need clear information about the composition and noise-making features of the fan. Details like these make the buyer informed about the fan they are about to buy and guide them if they want a second opinion.

Cost of the fan:

Most of the people who go for table fans would not go for costly appliances. There is a budget for every appliance and it is because of those financial constraints that we need to choose from a pool of options available to us. The price of the fan decides which one to buy and whose features are the most suited as per our budget. The cost of the table fan and the utilities provided by it should be in alignment with the user’s needs.

Speed settings of the fan:

Traditionally, there are fans without any speed setting. There is only one speed with which the fan whirs and the user has to work with it at all times. With changing times and needs of the people, speed control settings have been provided as an advancement. Nowadays, there are 3 speed settings provided to the user- low, medium and fast. They can be used as per the season and situation. This avoids unnecessary wastage of extra energy and saves the electricity bill of the user as well.

Ease in maintenance:

Another important factor that people tend to ignore is that a fan that is chosen has to be cared for. If you want something to work smoothly for a long time, you have to take care of it and maintain it well. The same goes for a fan. For long term seamless use, a fan has to be appropriately cleaned and stored carefully. Go for a fan that can be easily installed at home and not much effort has to be put into fixing it by an electrician.

Attachment of the grills:

The grills are put in the fan to protect the hands from getting caught in between the high speed whirling blades. These grills are of two types- permanently attached and detachable. A grill has a lot of accumulated dust and dirt over time, which can lead to breathing problems if the blades are used before proper cleaning. This is why detachable grills are preferred for better cleaning and maintenance. It can be washed and appropriately wiped for clearer breathing and a cleaner lifestyle.

Provisions for safety:

While buying an electric appliance, safety should be of utmost importance. A lot of mishaps happen while using a fan, which has some problems with it. Always prefer a table fan that comes with instruction and safety manual. This is the best way to go. Other than that, wet hands and surfaces should be avoided while handling it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding Table Fan

1. Is a table fan better than a ceiling fan?

That depends upon the user. If you want a centralized fan that distributes air throughout the room, go for a ceiling fan. If you want the air to be focused on a relatively smaller space with high force, table fan is the best choice.

2. Can table fans be used in all types of climates?

Table fans push the existing air with force to make way for fresher air. So yes, it can be used during summers to push out the hot air and let the cool breeze come in and during winters to push out the cold air and circulate the warm air.

3. Do table fans run on battery?

Some of the table fans run on battery. While most of the fans in the Indian market use AC source of power, some run on DC source of rechargeable batteries. A fully charged battery can work non-stop within a range of 3 to 8 hours. The charging and running time of these batteries depend upon the mAh of the batteries. In the case of areas that are prone to power cuts, it is a good option.

4. What does a sweep of blade mean?

The blades can expand a bit in diameter while they are in use. This expansion of the fan’s blades is called a sweep of blade.

5. How much do table fans cost?

Mainly the material used to manufacture the fans and their utilities determine their price. A metal fan will cost way more than that made of plastic. A metal fan is likely to cost somewhere within the range of 7000-10000 rupees, whereas a plastic fan lies within the range of 1000-5000 rupees. The features and parts of the fan decide the variation in price.

6. Do table fans use a lot of electricity?

No, they do not consume a lot of electricity. A traditional AC source table fan usually runs on 100-110 volts. A fan running on DC source is way more economical than that running on an AC one. DC sources fans require nearly three times less energy than the AC powered fans.

7. Are 4 blade fans better than 3 blade fans?

The greater number of blades means lower noise output by the table fan. So if you want your table fan to make no noise or at least minimum noise, then 4 bladed fans are better than 3 bladed fans. There is a downfall in this theory as well. The more the number of blades, the more pressure it will put on the fan’s motor and thus make it slow.

8. Are metal blades better than plastic blades?

Metal blades, as mentioned earlier, are more expensive than plastic ones. This is why some people choose plastic bodies of the fan instead of their metallic counterparts. Cost is an important factor for buyers. If it is your deciding criteria, then you have your answer. Plastic blades are the way to go. They are lighter, easily portable, and more comfortable to clean.

Plus, they don’t have a fear of getting rust on them or corrosion. Metallic blades, on the other hand, are powerful and much safer than plastic blades in terms of durability. Metal blades can last for long and the thrust of air expelled from them is higher. This is why the air from metal fans are cooler than those of plastic ones. For long term use and trust, metal blades can be chosen.


After careful consideration of the factors mentioned above and deciding the needs of the user, the criteria of features of the fan should be marked. From the list of fans given above, there has been one clear standout in terms of all the factors. That product is the Usha Maxx Air. It is hands down the best table fan in India in 2019. Its heavy-duty performance with the brand name value of Usha makes it worth everyone’s money. For the average price tag on it, it has some exceedingly impressive features like overheat protection of the motor and a 1-year warranty.

If you want to go for a fan that uses a DC source of power as a less expensive option, then go for DazzelOn 14-inch Rechargeable Table Fan. It can run on both AC as well as DC source of power. This alternative option of power can be helpful for people who live in power cut prone areas. The AC source can be used when electricity is available and fully charged. When there is a power cut, the DC source can support it to make sure it does its job well for 5-8 hours at a stretch.

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