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Best Watch Brands for Women in India (2020)

Top Ten Best Watch Brands for Women in India
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Watches are something that is a very crucial part of every person’s look. For a woman, a watch is a critical choice of accessory. A woman uses her watch to describe her elegance, charm and personality. Just by looking at the kind of watch a woman is wearing, one can guess a lot about her character, and hence she pays a lot of attention while buying herself a watch.

That is why the market is filled with the best watch brands for women in India at every price range and surviving all the purpose as per a woman’s requirement. Be it professional or party or casual, there are a variety of styles of watches available in the market at every price range and one can choose as per their spending capacity.

Lately, almost all the multinational companies are selling their watches in India because of the kind of demand they see in the Indian market.

Top 10 Best Watch Brands for Women in India

1. Fossil

Fossil, a company known for its watches, handbag and accessories, is an American watch and lifestyle company. They believe in vintage, authentic and classic design and strive to create a high-quality product that includes watches as well.

Their women’s watches come in stylish straps with leather or metallic bands, which is like a must-have for every woman. They believe in a perfect amalgamation of mid-century look with a modern look and coming up with the most fashionable and stylish product.

Fossil offers a wide range of watches that range from Rs 5000 and can go up to Rs 70000 as well, but each watch is crafted from high-quality materials, which include stainless steel, which is highly durable and easy to repair.

So investing in these watches is a win-win situation because these are watches which will stay with you for a very long time and one since the company provides you with such a wide price range one can buy following her spending capacity.

Top 3 Watch Recommendations:

2. Titan

Titan Company is an Indian consumer goods company and is a joint corporation between the Tata Group and the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation. The Titan watched limited commenced operations in 1984. No doubt, Titan is one of the best watch brands for women in India.

Titan managed to diversify into jewellery line with Tanishq, eyewear with Titan Eyeplus, and fragrances segment with the brand Skinn. Titan has also come up with a range of affordable watches under brands like Sonata and Fastrack.

The watches division also comprises brands like Raga, Octane, and Xylys. Titan also holds the license for marketing and distribution of brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Hugo Boss in India.

Titan raga is a watch range for women only and represents the confidence, strength and grace of a woman. This watch range defies the general norms of society and reveals the tradition. These watches are very affordable and are available in every price range, depending on your purchasing power.

Top 3 Watch Recommendations:

3. Citizen

Citizen Watch Company Limited is a core company of a Japanese global corporate group based in Tokyo and is a company with primarily is known for its watches. This company was found in 1918 and is known for its high quality.

They are among the best watches in India right now and are always updating their designs with excellence and creativity. These watches are highly affordable and are available in the Indian market between the price of Rs 6k – Rs 20k. Citizen woman watches are known for its elegance, grace and durability, and no women should think twice before making this purchase.

Top 3 Watch Recommendations:

4. Fastrack

Fastrack is a sub-brand of Titan watches and was launched in 1998. It is a fashion accessory retail brand and got spun off as an individual brand in 2005. Fastrack is a producer of fashion accessories like watches, sunglasses, bags, belts, & wallets.

Fastrack manufactures watches which completely define the modern era and the norms of this generation. These watches are durable, stylish, trendy and very affordable. The majority of these watches are waterproof and provide a large variety of sports watches as well. The starting price if these watches are below Rs 1000 watch makes them highly affordable.

The brand holds a strong reputation for designing comfortable and stylish watches for both men and women at a very suitable price range. For women, the water-resistant watches make it easier for them to wear it even while they are working in the kitchen or chilling in the pool or the sports collections while they are climbing or hiking.

Top 3 Watch Recommendations:

5. Timex

Timex Group India was found as a joint venture between Timex Corporation USA (which was found in 1854) and Titan Watches to manufacture watches in 1988. Timex is one of the largest manufacturers of watches and markets many global brands, including Salvatore, GC, Guess, Nautica, Marc Ecko, Valentino, Versace, Ferragamo and many more such brands.

Timex watches are considered as one of the best watches if you are looking for an anti-investment timepiece with good quality and durability. The unmatched styling and strength and affordability of these watches makes it an all-time favourite for women is a must-have watched in their collection. From digital to analogue and everything in between, you will find the right kind of women’s watch in Timex.

Top 3 Watch Recommendations:

6. Diesel

Diesel is an Italian retail clothing company which is located in Braganza, Italy. Diesel sells watches and jewels under the line Diesel watches in partnership with Fossil.

Diesel watches are known for their style, durability and classy looks. These are watches that are not very affordable and range between Rs 8k – 20k. These watches come with industrial metal casings and practical functions with sleek leather, metal and textural details, which is everything that a woman looks for in her observation.

These watches correctly define a woman’s elegance and personality and the kind of class she wears every day. From chronographs to digital-analog styles, Diesel watches are sure to represent the forefront of your young-adult fashion.

Top 3 Watch Recommendations:

7. Sonata

Sonata is India’s largest and most favourite watch brand, which offers style and vintage-modern design mixed with the right amount of grace. Sonata is a sub-brand of Titan watches and has a range of over 600 designs and numerous collections. The bold and beautiful design of these watches captures the dreams and aspirations of a woman’s heart.

Sonata has been successful in keeping up with its legacy for decades and yet its quality and classiness remained untouched. Sonata has successfully managed to become one of the largest watch selling companies of India dues to its exquisite looks, fantastic quality and price affordability. Sonata managed to make watches of every price range, which makes it affordable for all-sized pockets.

Top 3 Watch Recommendations:

8. Omega

Omega SA is a Swiss luxury watchmaker and is based in Switzerland. One of the company’s slogan is “Omega-exact time for life,” is known for its exquisite design and quality of their product. These luxury watches are heavy to your pockets, but for ones, you won’t doubt your decision after making this purchase.

Omega watches make sure that they look worth their price and define elegance and grace. These are watches belong to a little lower side in price range among the luxury brands but will not the sophistication of Omega watches are no less. Even though omega watches are in business since so, they never compromised with their quality and reputation.

Hence, that’s a huge reason why Omega managed to become one of the best luxury brand watches in India.

Omega Watch Recommendation:

9. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is an American fashion brand and is known to sell a wide range of products like apparel, fragrance, jewellery, and watches. Watches that are sold under this brand are designed and produced by Movado.

These watches are known for their great designs, fashionable timepieces and also for exceptional quality. These watches are affordable and are majorly build in a stainless steel case, which provides them with excellent durability.

Tommy Hilfiger watches are very famous among women because of the elegance and variety of options they have to offer. They have all the kinds of designs, which include sports designs, professional or casual look, and one can purchase as per their requirement.

They stand out in the market because of the brilliant looks, great colour combinations, elegant and sporty look at the same time, and most importantly, price.

Top 3 Watch Recommendations:

10. Giordano

Giordano is a leading international company which majorly deals in the apparel of both men and women. Later this company started manufacturing accessories and watches become one of them. The watches of this brand are known for its fashionable and attractive looks.

This brand makes watches look at a different level of elegant and gorgeous and are known widely because of that. But this doesn’t mean that these watches are not durable; these are highly durable watches and are entirely worth the price. These watches are highly affordable and can be brought by all-sized pockets.

Top 3 Watch Recommendations:

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So, these are the best watch brands in India (includes international) that are willing to cater to this economy as per the demand. For a woman, a watch is something that defines her a lot and holds an important place in their entire look and searching best watch brands for women in India can be a task.

So before buying a watch thing like budget, the material of the watch, movement of the watch, brand and its goodwill, design and purpose for which you are purchasing the watch should always be kept in mind.

Also, remember to buy this piece of investment from someone whom you trust because of the copies and duplicate products available in the market these days.

So what are we waiting for? Read the review and buy the best watch that defines you and your personality and be ready to slay that event or that meeting or the hike that you are planning for.

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