Top 10+ Best Water Purifiers In India (2020): Reviews, Buyer’s Guide & FAQ’s

Best Water Purifiers In India

In recent times, almost every home has a water purifier, or we can say RO, which means Reverse Osmosis. People feel the need to have a water purifier in their homes to get rid of contaminated water used for drinking, making foods, or for any other use.

The water purifier is made with the combination of Ultra Violet rays, used for killing microbes and germs, Ultra Filtration pulls the heavy molecules, which can cause harmful to humans health and lastly Micro Filtration is a technology of purifying the path containing microorganisms through which water passes inside the water purifier.

The work of Ultra Violet rays, Ultra Filtration and Micro Filtration is to clear the path of the water to pass by removing the microorganisms, bacteria and germs from inside the water purifier, which is in the form of heavy and light molecules. It also removes the chemicals and dirt like mud, sand and dust inside the water purifier.

Top 10 Best Water Purifiers In India 2020 – Reviews

#ImageName of ProductFeaturesCheck Price
1Kent Grand 8-Litres Mineral RO And UV/UF Water Purifier

  • 8 Liters of water storage capacity

  • 1 year of warranty+ 3 years of free service

  • Mountable RO water purifier
    Less Power
  • Consumption of 60 Watts

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2Eureka Forbes Aquasure – Aquaguard Smart Plus 6-Litres RO+UU+MTDS Water Purifier

  • Storage Capacity is 6 liters

  • Energy-saving technology

  • Handles the voltage fluctuations

  • Compact design and LED indicators

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3R.K. Aqua Fresh India 15-Litres RO+UV+UF+TDS Adjuster Water Purifier

  • Storage Capacity of 15-Litres

  • 1 year warranty

  • Transparent water level meter

  • Automatic alarm for filter replacement

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4Liv Pure Glo 7-Litres RO+UV+Mineraliser Water Purifier

  • Smart touch technology

  • Storage Capacity is 7 Litres

  • 1 year warratnty

  • TDS 2000 membrane for dirt removal

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5Eureka Forbes Aquasure Amrit 20-Litre Water Purifier

  • Storage capacity is 20 Litres
  • 6-Month Warranty
  • 3 stages purification
  • Gravity based water purification
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6Blue Star Aristo RO+UV 7-Litre Water Purifier

  • Storage capacity is 7 Litres

  • 1 year warranty

  • Child Lock to avoid water wastage

  • Aqua Taste Booster (ATB)

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7Kent Gold UF Technology Based Gravity Water Purifier 20-Litres

  • 20 Litres of storage (13 Litres (pure water) +7 Litres (raw water)) capacity

  • 1 year warranty

  • Gravity based water purifier+UV technology

  • Free from microbiological organisms

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8HUL Pure It Advanced RO+MF 6 Stage 5L Water Purifier

  • Storage Capacity is 5 litres

  • 1 year warranty

  • Advanced 6- step purification

  • In-built voltage guard for fluctuations

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9TTK Prestige Tattva 2.0 Copper 16-Litre Water Purifier

  • Storage Capacity is 16 litres

  • 1 year warranty

  • 3-stage filtration process

  • No chemical usage during filtration

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10Havells Max 7-Litres RO+UV Water Purifier

  • Storage Capacity is 7 Litres

  • 1 year warranty

  • Mineral cartridge balances PH of the water

  • I-Protect for purification monitoring

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1. Kent Grand 8-Litres Mineral RO And UV/UF Water Purifier

  • Mountable RO water purifier
  • 8-liters of water storage capacity
  • 1 year of warranty+ 3 years of free service
  • Kent has a filter changing alarm
  • Kent consumes less power consumption of 60 Watts

The RO technology builds the Kent water purifier of 8-Litres Mineral RO with UV/UF technology. Kent RO purifier has less consumption power and could serve the least small members of the family. It supplies with smooth and suggestive services.

With the warranty of 1 year, it comes with a free installation kit to be used while installing the water purifier. It has a UV lamp that indicates changing the filter. Kent water purifier has an in-built TDS controller. This RO water purifier is a unique technology that does half of the cleansing work on its own. Kent has a double procedure of cleansing system with RO and UV which keeps the human being healthy. It is the most convenient water purifier that has smooth functioning. The 500 PMM including in the water purifier has TDS levels.

Kent water purifier has multiple stages of purification that ensure the supply of fresh water by removing the bacterias and germs from the water. It has a rounded RO membrane that spins and supplies excellent quality of water to drink and for other uses. The Tap water capacity is 20L/hour. This water purifier could be easily stacked on the wall and is accessible to everyone, even the children. The water purifier has the dimensions of 390 (L), 255(W) and 505 (H) with a weight of 11.4 kg. The Ultra Violet rays lamp is 11 watts weighing about 9.4kgs. It has the purification rate of 20L/hour with 60 W membrane of 24 V DC. The input power supply is 50 Hz. The Kent RO water purifier has the patent of retaining the water purification and removing the harmful chemicals to keep the water safe with an in-built TDS controller.


  • Purifier of UV/UF+ RO technology
  • Indicator for filter replacement
  • Purifies Tap water
  • Water tank made of Food grade plastic
  • In-built of power switch mode


  • Absence of water level indicator
  • Requires high maintenance
  • Water wastage in purification
  • Frequent filter replacement
  • Taste changes after purification
  • High price

2. Eureka Forbes Aquasure – Aquaguard Smart Plus 6-Litres RO+UU+MTDS Water Purfifier

  • Energy-saving technology
  • Smart TDS regulator
  • Handles the voltage fluctuations
  • Compact design and LED indicators
  • Free installation with surety of pure water

Aquaguard water purifier has the 6- Litres of the water tank which could purify the bore water and tanker as well.

Aquagraud smart plus has a compact body design with different vibrant colours of indicators for a tank full or low pressure or water supply or any technical issue with the product. It could be used as a source for various applications to treat water purification for Borewell, tap water and tankers. The LED indicator on the product helps the consumer to know whether the tank is full or empty. It works for any water with the RO membrane of 75 GPD. The dimensions of the product are 31.8(L), 20.5(W) and 46 cm.

Aquaguard has a free installation service with a single year warranty for its customers. Its service providers are accountable for any delivery service problem or any defect already found on the new product sold to the customer. It could be easily stacked on the wall or could be placed on the countertop that would be accessible to anyone as per customer’s requirement. It has a medium capacity tank to store water and purify it.

The water purifier contains a user’s manual book according to which standard tests are performed as written in it. It also includes the 6000 litres of cartridge for long life to avoid every type of product issues. It also comes with a Voltage fluctuation guard that safeguards your purifier from any fluctuations by the smart plus feature, which would be ranging from 150V – 270V. However, it has a power consumption of 230 Volts. It maintains the input water temperature from 100 – 400 Celsius.

The Eureka Forbes Comes with 6 step procedure of water purifier which includes –

  1. Clarity cartridge removes the large molecules by pre-filtration.
  2. In-Built Chemi-block removes the suspended particles with foul odor and impurities.
  3. The RO membrane avoids the filling of dissolved salts like calcium and magnesium.
  4. The RO membrane removes the TDS and heavy metals like lead and arsenic, including hard water.
  5. The taste enhancer cartridge filter maintains the taste of the water when the TDS is from 200-2000.
  6. UV disinfection chamber removes the infected water to purify by eliminating the bacteria.


  • Six-stage purification process
  • Tremendous body design
  • MTDS restores water taste
  • Protects from voltage fluctuations and treat water from different sources
  • Carbon granules to enhance the water taste after purification


  • The booster pump is not available in this water purifier
  • It has a shortage of many features
  • Absence of filter change alarm
  • Water wastes like other purifiers
  • 6- Litre not sufficient for a small family

3. R.K. Aqua Fresh India 15-Litres RO+UV+UF+TDS Adjuster Water Purifier

  • Transparent water level meter
  • Cartridge for water purification
  • Automatic alarm for filter replacement
  • 1-year warranty
  • The storage capacity of 15-Litres
  • Double RO purification
  • TDS controller

The R.K. Aqua Fresh India water purifier had achieved the accomplishment of award-winning design. This water purifier could be placed on the slab of the kitchen or could be mounted one above the wall according to the customer’s requirement. This purifier has the dimensions of 50(L), 40(W) and 70cm(H) to fit appropriately.

The R.K. Aqua fresh water purifier has its automatic functioning and a leak-proof performance which avoids the extra water to flow out. It has the water level meter below in the body. It is largely available in black colour. The water purifier is of a total of 9.5kgs.

Its ASIN number is BO18KII2SA with the latest compact design and useful features. It has a cartridge attached to the purifier for the pure water. The purification system of this product is highly recommendable for the customers to buy because it has a waterproof system that prevents the flow of excess water.


  • Compact design for elegant kitchen
  • Transparent water level
  • Cartridge filter removes impurities
  • Leakproof
  • Sustained water quality


  • Complaints of leakage
  • Bad sale service
  • Instant filling of water

4. Liv Pure Glo 7-Litres RO+UV+Mineraliser Water Purifier

  • Removes viruses and bacteria
  • Advanced water purification
  • Convert tap water to pure water
  • Taste enhancer
  • TDS 2000 membrane for dirt removal
  • Smart touch technology

This water purifier provides fresh and pure water with minerals inserted in it for sustaining the quality of water. The minerals in this water purifier are the safeguards of the user’s health. It is made with the combination of UV+RO+UF technology with the capacity of 7-Litres storage. It can convert the tap water to the pure water at 1500 PPM. It could supply 12L of water per hour. It has six stages of purification which are required to perform time to time. This water purifier is more advanced as compared to the Kent water purifier.

The LivPure water purifier has well-worked functioning, which could handle all sorts of water and convert into 100% pure water. The price of this water purifier is affordable for every customer having a medium-sized family. The LivPure water purifier has the indicators when the tank is filled and it automatically switches off itself. The TDS membrane is 1500 PPM. It contains the mineralized which works to maintain the contaminated taste of water to fresh and pure water. It has a long slim body with a bent downwards portion where the tap is fitted. This water purifier has the dimensions of 32(L), 28(W) and 52.5(H) with a total of 7 kgs.

The LivPure Purifier contains the TDS 2000 membrane for the removal of germs and bacteria. This water purifier is extra intelligent and smart with a single touch and including an alert indicator. The automatic system is more convenient for users. This water purifier runs even in the condition of no electricity. It has an elegant design and sleek body that could be fitted anywhere or placed on the slab.
The RO membrane could supply 75 GPD gallons per day.

The Sediment filter, RO membrane, UV disinfection column, Pre-activated carbon filter absorber, mineral cartridge, and silver impregnated post carbon filter is the purification cartridges inside the purifier. The UV disinfection column clears the water of 24 L/hour. The inlet pressure is of minimum 0.3kg/ and maximum 3kg/ The purifier could handle the input voltage from 140V-300 V ac or 50 Hz.

Liv Pure Glo comes with 6-step of purifying water :

  1. Sediment Filter to remove dirt particles
  2. Pre-Activated carbon filter cum absorber
  3. RO membrane eliminates harmful chemicals
  4. UV disinfection column removes microbiological organism
  5. Silver impregnated post carbon filter to maintain the water quality
  6. The minerals in the water maintain the PH balance of water


  • RO+UV+UF technology
  • Water taste enhancer
  • 6-step purification
  • Affordable price
  • 1-year warranty
  • Elegant and sleek design


  • Alert filter problems
  • Installation and sales issues
  • RO process purification wastes water
  • Water leakage problems
  • Not refined taste and quality of water

5. Eureka Forbes Aquasure Amrit 20-Litre Water Purifier

  • Automatic working buttons
  • 3 stages purification
  • ADS food grade plastic tank
  • Gravity based water purification
  • 1500 water capacity storage

Aquasure Amrit water purifier is a large 20-Litres purifier with extra storage for the middle-sized family. It operates on gravity-based water purification. The Eureka Forbes company spent decades on research to develop a “Kitanu Magnet.” This magnet is a Nano-Based technology that ensures to eliminate germs and bacteria. The Kitano Magnet is a cartridge that is not a chemical to remove impurities, but it is made by Positive Charge Technology (PCT) for pure and clean water.

The Aquasure Amrit water purifier requires no installation, as it easy to handle. It could be accessible to anyone. It requires no cords or big wires. It operates on its own without electricity and has a large storage capacity of 1500 Litres. It could be used up to 350 TDS for municipal or corporate applications. It has an easy cleaning procedure by holding the water in it.

The dimensions of this purifier are 23(L), 56(w) and 33.5(H) with 2.7 kgs of weight. The tank body of the purifier has a long and sleek body of transparent plastic material. It has a transparent water level meter for filling the required water and avoid the excess flow of water.

Aquasure Amrit has 3 Stages of purification as followed:

  1. Microfiber Mesh Pre-Filter that removes the large molecules and impurities from water.
  2. Activated Carbon Trap that allows the inlet to pass water through it and eliminate the impurities with lousy odor and color.
  3. Kitano Magnet Cartridge has a patent of Eureka Forbes which can trap the microorganisms from water.


  • No electricity required to operate
  • Easy to handle
  • 6 months warranty
  • Free installation and service
  • 100% chemical-free purifier


  • No alert alarm
  • No indicators for water full
  • Unsuitable for TDS water

6. Blue Star Aristo RO+UV 7-Litre Water Purifier

  • 6-Step purification procedure
  • Aqua Taste Booster (ATB)
  • Child Lock to avoid water wastage
  • A large filter of 10-Inches
  • Indicators for tank-full and purifier
  • Low-pressure alert

The Blue Star Aristo water purifier is a newly introduced water purifier with many specific features. Blue Star Aristo includes many new advanced technology specifications that would avoid wastage of water and safeguard the water supply path by the chemicals intact inside the purifier. This water purifier consists of UV based alert alarm.

Blue Star Aristo is made of RO+UV technology with the 7-Litres capacity of water storage. It has a large 10-inch thin body available in black and white colours. The tank of water purifier is made of ADS Food Grade plastic, which protects the body from getting destroyed. The power cord of the purifier is 1.5 meters.
The dimensions of the Blue Star Aristo purifier are 34.4(L), 20.5(W) and 45cm (H) with the total exact weight of 8kgs. The water purifier has a total power consumption of 36 watts works on the voltage of 220-240 V. This water purifier has an elegant thin body protected from every side with two divisions and three buttons for switch, sound and water flow. Below the purifier is the attached tap providing space for the glass to fit the glass.

The Six-Step Purification is as followed:

  1. Pre-Filter
  2. Pre-Carbon
  3. Sediment Filter
  4. RO Membrane
  5. Post-Carbon Filter with ATB
  6. UV lamp


  • 1-year warranty
  • ATB for a water taste
  • Copper impregnated carbon
  • RO membrane for water capacity
  • Child lock


  • Heavy noise during purification
  • 3-4 days installation process
  • No alert filter change
  • Requires proper maintenance
  • Do not work in low pressure

7. Kent Gold UF Technology Based Gravity Water Purifier 20-Litres

  • 20 Litres of storage (13 Litres (pure water) +7 Litres (raw water)) capacity
  • Gravity based water purifier+UV technology
  • Free from microbiological organisms
  • Requires no electricity
  • ADS food grade tank
  • Spin welded membrane
  • Pore size microns
  • CE, WQF and NSF certified

Kent is the most common manufacturing healthcare water purifier that holds the intention of making the world a happy place and keeping people healthy. The Kent company introduced RO technology in India as that time other advanced purifiers were also manufactured. It has a wide range of products, sold in India with classic design and innovative technology that has an excellent purification facility to supply 100$ pure water and maintain the taste and quality of water.

Kent Gold was introduced by Kent Company, which is the UF technology water purifier that performs the Ultra Filtration. It links the inlet water connected to the UF chamber where the Impurities are eliminated. Kent Gold contains a UF membrane of hollow fiber hydrophilic with 0.1 microns. It prevents waterborne diseases and does not need electricity to work. This purifier is a gravity-based water purifier having tap space for fitting any size of the glass.

The Eureka Forbes water purifier contains Nano-Silver carbon for water disinfection. It has a membrane working of 4000Litres. The body of the water purifier is a rounded transparent body made of ABS food-grade plastic. The vase stand of the purifier is high so that glass could fit in for filing. The Eureka water purifier is of 1-year warranty with a thin plastic body which unbreakable. It can be placed on the slab of the kitchen or anywhere else it could fit in. The Eureka water purifier has dimensions of 60(L), 35.5(W) and 32.6(H). It purifies from the TDS water. It does not require electricity to run.


  • Trusted and certified
  • Non-electric
  • Easily accessible
  • Highly durable
  • User-friendly


  • Less year warranty
  • Suitable for an only large family
  • No indicators
  • No taste and colour
  • Cannot be mounted on the wall

8. HUL Pure It Advanced RO+MF 6 Stage 5L Water Purifier

  • 1-year warranty
  • In-built voltage guard for fluctuations
  • ADS food grade plastic tank
  • 6- step purification
  • Maintain TDS level by RO+UV
  • Autofill tank

HUL Pure It advanced RO water purifier is a 5-Litre plastic tank. It has 6 stages of water purification. It operates on electricity with a diaphragm like a pump. It could work on the input voltage of 165- 240 v; 50Hz. The power consumption is 36 watts of pressure rating 5-30 PSI. The water purifier is made of RO+UV technology with a 1-year warranty.

The HUL Pure IT advanced water purifier is made of ADS food-grade plastic, available in black colour. It is a long-lasting of long durability with an in-built voltage at high and low pressures. This water purifier has 6-stage purification for eliminating the chemicals and impurities by making the water 90% pure. The TDS controller could operate on 1500 PPM to convert hard water into soft water. Filters and cartridges made of large blocks; allowing the water to remain connected with purifier for removing the particles to make the water pure for drinking.

HUL PureIt gives free installation services with a 12months warranty. It has a compact design of a flat body which could be tucked on the wall or placed on the kitchen slab. It has an attractive combination of colours for the body.


  • Protects from chemicals
  • RO+UV+MF technology
  • Engineered plastic tank
  • High storage capacity
  • Free installation process


  • No alarm alert
  • No power off
  • Small storage capacity
  • No display

9. TTK Prestige Tattva 2.0 Copper 16-Litre Water Purifier

  • Easy to clean with no extra maintenance
  • No chemical usage during filtration
  • Available in different variants with benefits
  • 3-stage filtration process

The TTK Prestige Tattva 2.0 Copper water purifier is a total 16-Litres with a filtration capacity of1500 litres. This water purifier is a Gravity based technology made with ADS food grade plastic tank. It has an intact FACT filter that eliminates cysts and protozoa microbes. It does not require electricity to operate. It could be placed on the kitchen slab or stacked on top.

It can provide water for 9-Litres per hour with a 1-year warranty. It also provides the facility of free installation and customer services. The tank of the TTK Prestige Tattva purifier is made up of a copper vessel that provides several health benefits with advanced modern technology.

The TTK Prestige water purifier uses the Fibrillated Advanced cellulose Technology (FACT) which is advanced technology. As tested by the US environmental protection agency, this purifier could eliminate the large molecules and microbes. The copper storage container in the TTK prestige water purifier kills the germs and bacteria and provides additional benefits. This product has other four versions which are made of Steel (1.0), Copper (3.0), Brass (4.0) and Earthen Pot (5.0) ranging between Rs.2000-5000.


  • Elegant look
  • Copper water tank
  • Benefits of copper
  • High filtration rate
  • Free Chemical purification


  • Unsuitable to remove vast impurities
  • Issues of sales services

10. Havells Max 7-Litres RO+UV Water Purifier

  • Pure water by RO+UV purification
  • Mineral cartridge balances PH of the water
  • Indicator for power error
  • I-Protect for purification monitoring
  • The flow rate of 15 liters per hour

The Havells Max water purifier has a total storage capacity of 7-Litres. It is made of modern design with stages of purification and addition to 1-year warranty services. The water purifier has an RO process to purify removes all the waste dirt from the water. Havells Max purifier is based on RO+UV technology.

The mineralizer present in the Havells Max water purifier also helps to maintain the PH level of the water. It is made of elegant design with a large body of triangle-shaped. The tank is made of ADS food-grade plastic for safe protection of the body.

Havells Max water purifier is accessible to everyone and could be placed on the kitchen slab or could be mounted on the wall. It is appropriate for middle-sized family and indicators of filters. The dimensions of this water purifier are 27.3(L), 38.2(W) and 49cm (H).

The Seven stage purification is as followed:

  1. Sediment cartridge
  2. Activated carbon cartridge
  3. RO membrane
  4. Germicidal UV
  5. Mineralized cartridge
  6. Silver impregnated taste enhancer


  • Restructures the molecules for the active operation of purification
  • Electrical safeguard system
  • RO+UV technology to purify water
  • Cartridges to mineralize water


  • Suitable for a small family
  • Triangle shaped covering short space for glass
  • High maintenance
  • No TDS controller availability

Buyers Guide to buy the Best Water Purifier in India

While buying a water purifier from the market or online, you should keep some essential points in mind for keeping your family safe from impure water. This buyer guide will provide you with guidance regarding basic specifications that are needed to be kept in mind while buying the water purifier; they are recommended as followed:

Brand Of Water Purifier:

It is essential to keep in mind the brand of the product while buying the water purifier. As being a customer, you should only buy the Brand of reputed company having high prestige or which offers the right quality products. You should always keep your focus on the certifications and symbols relating to the brand of the product. The excellent brand purifier will come with better and excellent benefits for the users. Some of the purifiers are easily accessible as they require electricity and some do not. They are free of chemicals but also needed to take care of nicely.

Water Quality Of Purifier:

As a buyer, you should also pre-check the quality of water supplied by the purifier. Sometimes, even the big reputed companies may also provide already used and harmful products. The excellent quality of the water purifier would maintain your health and will prevent the germs and chemicals from going inside your body. The cartridges present in the water purifier helps to soften the water, including the taste enhancer that is intact in the purifier to save the interest or maintain the experience of the user.

Water Tank Type:

While buying the water purifier, you should keep in mind the number of family members you have and then purchase accordingly. The water tank should be made of ADS grade plastic or stainless steel. The plastic or steel made body keeps the tank safe and well protected. A cover should be put on the water purifier to prevent flees and insects. You could also take a look at the combination of colour you want in your purifier, well black and white are exceptional colours. The water tank should be from 7-litres up to 12 litres capacity.


When you buy the water purifier, you should check whether the purifier has indicators or not. The purifier should have Tank-full, Purification and power indicators to help the consumer with its advanced technology. The indicators are the means to alert the user so that the purifier does not get damaged early. The absence of the indicators makes it difficult for the user to alert when the tank is full or needs to get refilled. The indicators inform the user in case the filters needed to be changed or not.


In every type of purifier, you will find the filters and cartridges. These cartridges are for sediment, revitalizing and mineralizing the purifier. With these cartridges, purifiers include the filters like carbon, pre-carbon and post-carbon filters for the safeguard of water purifiers. The sediment filter eliminates the large molecules and dirt from the carbon restructured by the use of cartridges; you will find a button cartridge that breaks the molecules of water. On the contrary, mineral cartridge sustains the minerals by balancing the PH level of the water and enhances the taste of the water.

Purification And Storage Capacity:

The purification capacity mentioned on the box of the brand would always be high 1500 ppm, which should not be less of course. The purification indicators are present in the water purifier to alert the user about the quality of water it is supplying.

Warranty And Sales Services:

You need to buy the purifier of a good quality brand for your family, which is having the warranty of more than 6-months. Most of the companies provide a 1-year warranty of their purifiers. However, Kent might be the only company to offer a 3-year free service with an additional warranty of their purifiers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

1.Why is it necessary to test the quality of water?

It is necessary to pre-check the quality of water purifier before even buying it, as some of the companies sell or show their already used and damaged products, of which the customers are not aware of.

2. What do you mean by TDS?

A total dissolved solid is the abbreviation for TDS. The TDS are the salts, minerals and metals mixed in water that could be visible to the eyes. It is measured in units ppm called parts per million by using the TDS meter.

3. How frequently should filters be replaced?

The sediment and activated carbon filters should be replaced once in a month. The intact RO membrane should be changed after two years. As now, with the advancement of the technology, most of the water purifiers have alert/indicators for replacing the filters, or UV failure alerts to notify for the replacement of cartridges and filters in the purifiers.

4. What is a Universal water purifier?

The Universal Water Purifier is a multi-level purifier that uses the RO+UV+UF technology with pre sediment and post activated carbons filter to convert bore well, underground, tanker or mixed water into 100% pure water.

5. RO or UV, which one is better?

UV kills the germs and microorganisms but does not able to remove the bodies of bacteria. On the other hand, RO removes the germs and bacteria inside the filters and enhances the taste. They are well certified and expensive.

6. Why should you check the water tank type?

The water tank should be checked to buy the only purifier which is fit for the family depending upon its size. The water tank should be easily handled and compact design to fit in the kitchen slab or stacked on the wall for better use.

7. Why warranty or services should be mostly considered?

Warranty or services should be significantly considered because most of the purifiers offer a maximum of 1 year of warranty and free services on the purifier. Talking about the least duration of the warranty would 6 months but not less than that. The Kent Purifier offers a warranty of 3 years in addition to free customer services. These free services will be given to you because in case if your purifier struggles to operate before the completion year.

8. Why reviews and ratings should be considered?

Many customers buy water purifiers from the online method too. Those customers need to view the number of reviews and ratings given by the certified buyer. It helps the customer to keep an idea about the qualities of the products beforehand.

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The purifiers mentioned above are the best water purifiers in India. These purifiers are of good quality with high ratings on the Amazon website. They are made by RO+UV+UF technology for removing particles from the filter and clean the path through which water flows. The body type of the water purifiers could be stacked on the top or places on the kitchen slab. They may or may not have the indicator system to notify the overflow or replacement of the filter machine. So, the above-reviewed water purifiers must take care of attentively and to be maintained.

However, sometimes, you have complications regarding the purchase of water purifiers. So, here I am going to give you an idea to buy a product according to your convenience. In case you have the tight budget for a large family then you should go for Eureka Forbes Aquasure Amrit Aquaguard of 20- Litres with three stages of purification that saves your quality time. Also, it is safe and easy to operate with no electric harms as it is non-electric. It is appropriate for large-sized kitchen slabs.

Next, talking about the health issues, many people suffer from water disease problems due to average water quality, so for avoiding the health issues, you should go for TTK Prestige Tattva 2.0 purifier made of copper. It is appropriate for medium-sized families. If you want to go for the latest technology, then you must go for HUL Pure It of advanced technology, appropriate for small-sized families with 5-litres of storage capacity. It occupies less space and could be placed on the kitchen slab.

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