Which One Is Best – Dry Iron or Steam Iron? Buyer’s Guide to Purchase Iron in India

Buyer's Guide to purchase Iron in India

A lot of variety in the market makes it a lot more confusing to pick one for you. To help you sort things out, we are here with the buyer’s guide to purchasing iron in India and which one is best – Dry iron or steam iron. A user’s perspective, usage, and budget play a significant role in deciding which product to buy. However, a technical glance will add a lot more utility and usability in the long run, along with the user’s perspective. Therefore, let’s see what technicality you should keep in mind before you buy an iron for you and which one to pick a dry iron or a steam iron.

Technical details to pick a good iron for you:


The very first detail you will come across or should pay attention to is the wattage of an iron. Wattage power decides the operational capability of an iron. Higher the wattage rate, tougher creases, and thick clothes, you will be able to iron quickly. Powerful wattage will also result in faster heat-up of the iron. However, it is not always necessary to buy a high wattage iron. It should initially be decided on your usage, which varies from person to person. The productive range of irons with usable wattage capacity ranges from 750 to 2400 wattage. So, pick one according to your use.


Soleplate will be the ultimate functioning part of an iron, which will have direct contact with your clothes, fabric, and various materials. A good quality soleplate will offer even heating throughout the plate and will result even ironing. The other key aspect of soleplate is its coating, which will protect your fabric from sticking to the hot iron. Non-stick, heavy grade coating like Teflon, PTFE, golden Teflon, and others will help you iron without any worry. Soleplate coating also offers smooth gliding over fabrics, which results in easy, even, and fast ironing.


Iron has limited features, and it is due to the nature of the appliance, which is simply getting heated and ironing the clothes. Therefore, a few features included increases the usability of the machine. Below listed features are basic and must be sought.

  • Swivel cord for easy movement
  • Adequate length of the cord
  • Temperature knob with non-slip grip or groves
  • Plastic cool body
  • Narrow tip, aerodynamic design, and ergonomic handle
  • Adequate water tank capacity for steam irons
  • Easy inlet and outlet for water filling and emptying
  • Water filling beaker will be helpful


When you deal with an electronic appliance, you need to be cautious. Therefore, security features in your iron is a must. A thermostatic fuse will protect your iron from overheating. The thermal fuse will auto-cutoff power in case of an overcurrent or current mishaps. One should also look for proper braided cord wire for a better life and no exposure of the wire. This protection will also ensure no harm to the user. Indicator lights add to the security along with the added convenience to use the iron. After protection from current, also look for a shockproof plastic body, which supplies no current to you while using. And In the end, a good build iron will offer greater security, and proper use, along with maintenance, will ensure the user’s safety.


The variable temperature setting will help you select a temperature following the need and fabric you are ironing. Traditional Indian irons do not come with temperature settings, which makes it not suitable for every fabric, and the chances of burning remain high. Therefore, buying modern irons with variable temperature control is a good choice. Temperature control with temperature mentioned, fabric mentioned, or just stages mentioned are available in the market, so look for one you need.

Many brands also facilitate the variable temperature in steam iron for steam output. The setting of steam irons also offers mild continuous steam for overall steaming and even strong burst for the tough crease on a particular area. So, look carefully for these settings and personalize your ironing experience.

Build and weight:-

Build, and weight plays a vital role in your ironing experience and to a very extent, simplifies the process for you. The ideal weight of iron helps you lift it easily and also offer adequate pressure on the clothes for quick ironing. Modern irons tend to be lightweight due to various features and is an advantage. However, irons will very less weight may oppress you to apply pressure, so look for an ideal weight, which is 1Kg or little more.

Build of iron in aerodynamic design will add more to your ironing experience as it will allow it to move forward smoothly. The aerodynamic design with the narrow front also will enable you to iron tricky areas like buttons, grooves, pockets, collars, and more. A sturdy plastic build, with easy to stand design, good grip handle, and easy to reach settings, are signs of a practical and quality build.


Irons are available in a wide range of prices, and the range is quite funny from rock bottom prices to heavy priced ones in thousands. You can buy a functional iron in a few hundred and also buy a steam iron with various features in various thousand of rupees. Your budget is a crucial factor in deciding which iron to pick. Every iron out there is capable of ironing clothes. However, features and performance are what matters. So, look for a quality iron in your budget with the features you need. Do not get fooled with a variety of features at a limited price.

Which one is best – Dry Iron or Steam Iron?

Like always, a product is best for one’s use, and the classification of the best product should not be made in general. Need, budget, features required, and various other factors collectively make a product ideal for someone’s use; therefore, the best product for everyone is different. However, a product can be picked which is rich in features and ideal for everyone’s use as a product better than others. So, here we are to help you decide which iron is best for you, dry or steam.

Dry iron:-

Dry irons are conventional irons with temperature control, non-stick soleplate, and heavy wattage to help you iron clothes quickly. These irons do not have inbuilt spray and steam function. They are easy to carry and are kind to take with you in your luggage. They are also budget-friendly with a variety of models available in different wattage and different sizes. They are basic and suitable for the intended use. However, they lack in-built steam and spray function and require a user to spray water through an external spray bottle.

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Steam iron:-

Steam irons are comparatively modern and are equipped with spray and steam function for easy and effective crease removal. They are functional and have a variety of features. Easy steam ironing along strong crease removal with a burst of steam is possible. These irons also allow vertical ironing with the steam function of difficult to iron curtains and more. There spray function moistens needed areas for quick crease removal.

Along with steam functions, these irons can also be used as dry irons. When you do not use the steam function, the iron does function as a dry iron, making it ideal for a different type of ironing. These irons also have variable steam temperature settings along with a simple temperature setting. They are made with a modern approach and to tackle down the needs of modern households. However, they are heavy as compared to dry irons and require massive wattage of operations for the proper performance of steam functions. They are also costlier than the dry ones and are not luggage-friendly due to their bigger size because of the tank, nozzle, and more.

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As we always advise and tell that there is not anyone product best for everyone’s use, but there can be a product best for use. However, on a general note, steam irons emerge as a winner when dry irons and steam irons are compared. The main reason is their dual functionality of both dry irons and steam irons. They are loaded with extra features, functionality, and convenience. They still have their cons and disadvantages but can be declared best when compared to dry irons.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding irons in India

1. Should I buy steam iron or dry iron?

The decision to buy a steam ion or a dry iron depends upon your budget, use, functions, and convenience you require. If you have a budget of 1k or more, definitely opt for a steam iron, which you can even use as a dry iron. If you have budget-constraint, opt for a high wattage dry iron.

2. Which is better steam iron or normal iron?

Both types of irons are functional, practical, and apt for ironing. Both of them have their pros and cons. However, steam irons are modern and have multiple functionalities when compared to dry irons. They can be used for steam and spray ironing along with vertical ironing and also as a dry iron. So, it is better to go with a steam iron when you have a budget.

3. Is steaming better than ironing?

Steaming alone is not effective for crease removal. Pressing and ironing are required after steaming. Only steaming does less harm to your fabric in the long run but is not a practical solution for every type of material and fabric. Therefore, only ironing is far better than only steaming, and both together have results better than anything. Only steaming is advisable for very delicate or new clothes that have no tough or visible creases, wrinkles, and more.

4. What watt iron is good?

The wattage range of iron is wide. The functional range starts at 750 Watts and goes up till 2400 Watts. 1000 wattage of operation is ideal in a dry iron and going higher with increased usage like denim ironing, and more is advised. The wattage range of 1200 plus will be encouraged in steam irons, and going higher will be beneficial with a quick steam output and faster heating. Eventually, what range of wattage is right for you depends upon your usage.

5. Which type of iron is best?

Steam irons are winners when you seek the best out of types of irons. They have additional features like steam and spray, a higher level of wattage, better design, added security, and self-cleaning features. They can also be used as dry irons when you do not use the steam function. Therefore, steam irons are the best type of irons for household use.

6. Which is the best soleplate on Irons?

Soleplates with non-stick coatings of Teflon and PTFE are the best soleplates on irons. Greater build, aluminum metal used, and design also adds to the quality of soleplates. These coatings are available in a metal finish color, black, and golden. Coatings with scratch resistance are ideal for prolonged and safe use.

7. Which is the best iron to buy in India?

There are various irons in India to buy. We have a list of ten dry irons in India and ten best steam iron box in India along with their reviews, pros, and cons to help you choose your best amongst them. Amongst dry irons, Philips HI114 1000-Watt, Orient Electric Fabrijoy DIFJ10BP, and Bajaj DX 7 are the best ones. From the list of steam irons, Singer Sapphire Steam Iron, Black+Decker BD BXIR2201IN, and Philips GC1920/28 are the best ones.

Final words:-

Little care and a glance over the technicalities of the iron will result in better purchasing and usability. Therefore, we hope our buyer’s guide, a special section on which type of iron is best, and frequently asked questions regarding irons in India have helped you in buying one for you. Our list of best iron boxes in India also features such feature-rich and functional iron boxes from both the types. So, quickly get through the list and buy one for you.

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