Best Rolex Submariner Price in India [Top Watches & Price List]

Rolex Submariner Price in India

When it comes to talking about luxury watch brands in India, it goes without saying that Rolex is possibly one of the most popular ones. It is not just one that you find in India but across the world. For those who have been looking into various types of watches in Rolex, the Submariner category does stand out as one of the best, without any doubt. To be fair, it is not just the classy design that makes this one of a kind but also the amazing features that make it stand out of the rest.

The Rolex Submariner price in India for each one of them isn’t the least, by any chance but for the most part, you do pay for the value that you get, so you know for a fact that you wouldn’t regret buying any of it at all.

If you have been looking into the good quality variants, we would suggest that you pick out the ones that we have below in the Rolex submariner price list.

Rolex Submariner Price List (in Indian Rupees)

ImageWatch NamePrice in IndiaLearn More
Submariner DateBest for Elite Men

  • Starts from 592,000 INR and goes up to 2,900,000 INR

Deal Price
Submariner Yellow GoldBest for the Gold Lovers

  • Starts from 801,000 INR and goes up to 5,230,000 INR

Deal Price
Submariner ClassicBest for the Minimalists

  • Starts from 946,000 INR and goes up to 3,200,000 INR

Deal Price
Submariner Green DialBest for the Quirky Users

  • Starts from 100,000 INR and goes up to 1,100,000 INR

Deal Price
Submariner Yellow Gold with Blue DialBest for a Luxurious Look

  • Starts from 983,000 INR and goes up to 2,390,000 INR

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Best Submariner Watches – Quick Rundown

1. Best for Elite Men: Submariner Date

If you want to own a Rolex that has a very premium yet classy look to it and won’t end up making everything seem too jazzy and over the top, the Submariner Date is the perfect option for that.

2. Best for Gold Lovers: Submariner Yellow Gold

If you love the metal gold and love how versatile the look is, we would suggest that you opt for this one without any fail at all, mainly because of the multiple gold accents that it comes with.

3. Best for the Minimalists: Submariner Classic

Finding something for the minimalists can be a tough call but with this model from the Submariner range, you are bound to get a very chic look without going over the top with everything that it comes with.

4. Best for the Quirky users: Submariner Green Dial

If you want to be called the Hulk, the Submariner Hulk variant is one of the best, especially because of the design that it comes with and the durability of the material unlike anything else at all.

5. Best for a Luxurious Look: Submariner Yellow Gold with Blue Dial

If you want to feel rich and posh with a Rolex watch, this variant is often considered one of the best ones available in the market without a speck of doubt at all.

Top 5 Rolex Submariner Watches & Price in India

1. Best for Elite Men: Submariner Date

Rolex 1999 TT Submariner Blue

Rolex does provide some of the best available variants when it comes to enhancing the overall style and look of men. If you have been looking for an addition to your watches with a statement piece, the Submariner Date is one of the best available options.

It comes with a very robust and functional design that you wouldn’t regret spending your coins on. The combination of the gold and steel assure elegance and sturdy build that you know will last you longer than what you can even imagine.

It comes with an outstanding looking blue dial that you would find matches well with anything and everything. It is characterised by a stunning 18 ct hour markers that further add to the luxurious look unlike anything else. 

Lastly, the design and the look of the oyster bracelet is something that you just can’t compromise with anything else at all. It has been designed to have a very specific and unique look that you wouldn’t mind showing off. It is equipped with Caliber 3155 movement.


  • Has a unique and one of a kind design
  • Comes with the assurance of build with steel
  • Has a very unique gold hour hand
  • Unidirectional rotatable bezel
  • Comes as a statement piece


  • Doesn’t have a lot of out of the box features for the price

Price of Submariner Date starts from INR 592,000.00 and goes to INR 2,900,000.00

2. Best for the Gold Lovers: Submariner Yellow Gold

Rolex Submariner Steel Yellow Gold

When it comes to the varying designs for the Submariner, know for a fact that the Submariner Yellow Gold is possibly one of the most popular designs. The neutral shades of the white and gold look pretty amazing and match in well with any kind of outfit that you are possibly wearing.

The addition of the 18 ct gold alloys is what makes this such an amazing option that you absolutely wouldn’t regret spending your time on. The proportion of the varying metals in this is what further makes this an amazing option for you to look into.

Every single material used in this has been house tested to ensure the best state of the art looks without any compromise at all. Even this one comes with a stunning blue dial with gold hour hands that further add to the luxury unlike anything else.

The last but not the least in this that makes this such an amazing option is the Oyster bracelet that assures long-lasting benefits unlike anything else at all. The inclusion of the Glidelock along with the amazing Caliber 3135 movement is what makes this a worthy purchase unlike anything else.


  • Gold accents
  • Premium quality materials
  • 18 ct gold hour arms
  • Caliber 3135 movement
  • Comes with Glidelock


  • Not easily accessible

The price of Submariner Yellow Gold starts from INR 801,000 INR and goes to INR 5,230,000 INR.

3. Best for the Minimalists: Submariner Classic

Rolex Submariner Date

If you want the classic and the OG design and look when it comes to Submariner, this is the one that you do need to look into. The combination of the steel and black not just looks outstanding, it looks quite pleasant and complements any kind of look that you possibly need to go for.

The best thing about this watch that stands out has to be the Oystersteel that not just assures durability but also a very premium look unlike anything else. The same is from the 904L steel family, which further adds on to the overall results.

The sleek-looking black dial in this further adds a very amazing look to the overall thing. The readability with the black dial is one of the best things that stand out in this. Even in this, the hour arms are marked with the 18 ct gold that adds further elegance to the watch.

This specific one is equipped with the 3130 caliber movement. It is a self-winding mechanical movement that you wouldn’t regret purchasing at all. It has also passed through all the tests for the durability, ensuring that you wouldn’t have to regret purchasing at all.


  • Sleek and premium look
  • Stunning black dial
  • 18 ct hour arms
  • 3130 caliber movement
  • Better durability


  • Might not fit someone with thinner wrists

Price of Submariner Classic starts from 946,000 INR and goes to 3,200,000 INR.

4. Best For the Quirky Users: Submariner Green Dial

Rolex Submariner Date Hulk 116610LV

If you are someone who likes to do things out the box and even does the same with the watches that you wear, the Submariner with the Green dial is possibly something that you will adore having in your collection.

It is a statement piece and given how attractive the design is with the green dial and the oyster steel, you definitely wouldn’t regret buying this at all. It is also often termed as the “Date Hulk” model because of the design and the colour of the dial.

Apart from the sturdy and durable oyster steel, another factor with this that most stand out is the polished finish and the amazing design that you otherwise wouldn’t get with the other available variants.

The green dial is very distinctive for this model and one of a kind that you otherwise wouldn’t notice. The hour markers in this one are also labeled with the gold that further stands out in terms of the appearance. Even this one comes equipped with the 3135 caliber movement.


  • Sleek and unique design
  • Durable oyster steel for enhanced durability
  • 3135 caliber movement
  • 18 ct gold hour arms


  • Doesn’t sit well with every attire

Rolex submariner green price in India starts from 100,000 INR and goes to INR 1,110,000 INR.

5. Best for a Luxurious Look: Submariner Yellow Gold with Blue Dial

Rolex Submariner Date Ceramic Blue Dial 116613LB

Often classified under the submariner date gold, this is considered one of the very best options, especially when it comes round to the gold accents with the stunning blue dial which further makes this a worthy purchase amidst everything else.

It does have a very robust and one of a kind design that you normally wouldn’t notice with the other available variants. It comes built with the highest quality 18 carat gold for the price that you pay. It also has equally distributed loads of copper, silver, and platinum too, which further makes this a good option for you.

The stunning blue dial adds to the overall beauty of the watch, without any kind of compromise to the quality at all. Even this one has 18 ct gold hour arms that add to the premium look of the watch even further, unlike anything else.

The oyster bracelet in this watch is one of a kind and does have a good accent to it that you otherwise wouldn’t notice in the other models. Not only does the pure gold shades stand out in terms of the appearance, but they also look stunning with any type of look that you are going for.


  • Robust and premium design
  • Comes with 18-carat gold accents
  • Made from the best quality materials
  • Premium look
  • Oystersteel bracelet
  • 3135 caliber movement


  • Just has a unidirectional bezel movement

Price of Submariner Yellow Gold with Blue dial starts from 983,000 INR and goes to INR 2,390,000 INR.

Now after looking at the top models and Rolex submariner price in India, we know that you might have some queries on your mind. Worry not! We have got them covered!

1. How much does a Rolex Submariner start from?

If you have been planning on purchasing a Rolex Submariner, we would suggest that you first look through the available options and models. There are several different models, in terms of the categories and also in terms of the overall looks and the dials. The Submariner generally starts from $7500 for the No-date variant and you can find the costlier versions of the same with the date and the other customizations.

2. Is buying a Rolex Submariner a good option?

If you are looking for good quality and durable Rolex watch to add to your collection, the Rolex Submariner is one of the best available options that you can further look into. The watches do come with great resale value and also add as an amazing good for a collector who likes keeping stock of the Rolex watches.

Apart from the fact that it started gaining its popularity back during the 1980s mainly because of the design, the reason why it was considered such an amazing option for purchase was mainly because of how accessible it was. This was what made all the difference around. The quality of the material used along with the efficiency made it a worthy purchase.

4. Which is the best Rolex Submariner?

For those who are wondering, the Rolex “Hulk” Submariner or the one with the green dial is considered the most unique model in the market. Aside from the fact that it does come with a stunning look and feel, it is also integrated with some of the very best features that further make this a very worthy investment on your part, without any doubts at all.

5. Will Rolex Submariner’s value increase?

Ever since its launch back in 1994 till now, every single model included in the Rolex Submariner has undergone massive changes in terms of the appearance as well as the overall credibility. If you have been looking into buying one for the valuation it comes for, we would suggest that you do go for this one without further thoughts.


So, it was all about the Rolex Submariner Price in India, we hope that you like our recommendations.

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