Smartwatch vs Fitness Band: Which One Should You Get?

Smartwatch vs Fitness Band

In today’s high-tech world, everything has got minimized in sizes, but the utility has been skyrocketed. Smartwatch is a mini smart device that takes care of all your smartphone hustle on your wrist. Smartwatch can answer the call, receive & send text and can operate connected smartphones while fitness band is health-centered and most of them can only tell you about your running time, heart rate, calories you have burnt, steps you’ve taken, and distance covered.

Smartwatches are way too advanced than most versions of fitness bands; however, their utility remains distinct from each other. If you’re still confused and not able to decide which one you should go for, do not get stressed out here is the checklist of parameters that you must consider:

Smartwatches could be your number one choice if you are:

A gadget freak and want to look cooler in parties. Smartwatches are not every household belonging, so having one can make you instantly look techy in your circle.

A social media guy and you can’t help but keep checking notifications on your smartphone, a smartwatch will help you view messages, calls, etc. and giving ‘smart reply.’ It will not let you miss a moment happening around your digital friend circle.

Too busy in daily life and you have a number of meetings to attain every single day. Smartwatches let you keep your phone inside the pocket, which can give you a good grade, especially if you’re meeting your client and chances are you will get your deal done. It gives you alerts and you can prioritize who to answer instantly and who can wait without really need of seeing the phone.

A fan of a watch and don’t want to lag in the field of the latest technology.

A fitness-oriented and you want your Smartwatches to do the work of a fitness band, then you can go for a pricey smartwatch.

Pros of Smartwatch:

Smartwatches are trendy, and brands also keep on updating them now and then, so the quality of watches is always up-to-mark.

Smartwatches are quite catchy to eyes; they look stylish, and it is cool to operate them, especially in places you need a good first impression. Some smartwatches can work as a fitness tracker also, which makes them even more valuable.

Cons of Smartwatch:

Smartwatches could be tricky if you have not used it before it will take some time to adjust.

Smartwatches that support the fitness tracking system could be too expensive. It could be an uncomfortable little running with a Smartwatch, especially with its fiber screen.

Fitness band could be your number one choice if you are:

A fitness enthusiast and if you want to keep your exercise data with you throughout the day.

Fitness-oriented and do not want to spend too much on a Smartwatch. If you are on a tight budget and want a feel of Smartwatch without really paying the price of a Smartwatch. There are some fitness bands available in the market that can work GPS systems and can also be enough to operate email and calls.

Pros of Fitness Band or Fitness Tracker:

  • Basic Fitness bands are available at an affordable price as low as Rs.1000.
  • Fitness bands are very comfortable to wear, which makes doing physical activity easy. Fitness bands can also function, especially for a type of sport or activity.
  • Fitness band with a GPS can be handy as it allows the user to leave the fitness tracker at home and perform every function on mobile phones.

Cons of Fitness Band:

  • Fitness bands that are multifunctional and offer utilities such as GPS, Text messaging, Emails & Phones could be expensive, so you might want to go for a pricey smartwatch instead with a little more evolved version.
  • In a dilemma, whether to go for a Smartwatch or a Fitness band?
  • Or maybe you might be wondering if there are devices that can fulfill both the needs of the fitness band and Smartwatch in one package? Well, there are a couple of options we can suggest to you here. You can go for an OS by Google. OS devices let your Smartwatch perform everything without connecting it to your smartphone, which can make your world more accessible.

You can also go for an Apple smartwatch, but you will need an Apple smartphone device to run the function. Both of these options can be ideal for you if you want a smartwatch and a fitness tracker in the same wrist, in a single device but keep one thing in mind such devices would be expensive so go for them only if you are not worried about the budget too much.


In today’s world of health enthusiasts and high-tech devices fashion the need for Smartwatches and fitness bands have evolved like never before. People usually confused both types of wearables. Fitness bands are for tracking physical activity while Smartwatches are to minimize the smartphone and connect on wrist both have their importance and their separate consumers while some companies make wearables that function both as fitness band and Smartwatch.

You can go for expensive wearables that can function both, or if you don’t want to spend too much, you can specifically select between an essential/moderate fitness band or a primary/moderate Smartwatch.

Smartwatches or fitness band?

The decision could depend on your favoritism too. Standard Fitness bands are cheaper, while smartwatches begin with a relatively higher cost; your budget is the other parameter of decision. Finding analysis, fitness data, smartphone notifications on the wrist is something no one dislikes owning. Analyze your need and give it a go to your new fitness tracker or fully-fledged Smartwatch. I hope you have finally made your decision about what exactly you’re going to go for.

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